Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Shot On Sheridan

Things got bad around 11pm tonight:

"Tonight my husband and I witnessed a shooting at the corner of Sheridan and Gunnison St.  [UU Note: This is the corner where the Boys & Girls Club is.]  As we got off of the 151 Sheridan bus, we heard 2 gunshots and then 3 black males came running around the corner on Gunnison and Sheridan.  2 of the males were shot and the 3rd ran south on Sheridan towards Wilson, wearing a red Cincinnati Reds hat with white lettering.  The first police car arrived within 30 seconds and the ambulance was called.  Around 8 additional squad cars were on the scene within 5 minutes.  As we were walking home, it appeared that additional CPD were in the area looking for the shooter."

Another reader says:  "Shooting at 900 block of Gunnison.  2 shot, 1 in leg, 1 in abdomen.  Both went to Illinois Masonic.  A witness was found and provided some info to police."

Big sigh.  We're so sick of this.  Can't blame the cops:  they've been out in force all evening.  It's concerning that the victims were taken to Illinois Masonic, the trauma center, rather than to Weiss.

Update:  From our inbox-- "933 W. Gunnison has shell casings. The victim shot in the leg should be fine, the victim with gsw to the abdomen is a little questionable but my guess is he will survive. A third victim was taken to St. Francis, but unsure if they were struck by a bullet or injured in a different way.

A witness stated the offender is a male black approx 5'9" to 5'10" wearing an orange and white striped hoodie. These guys don't have tons of different outfits so he may wear that hoodie again so keep your eyes peeled and call police if you see someone matching that description."

Update 2:  From Chicago Breaking News, both men are in good condition.  Read the entire story here.


  1. correction: There was a third male shot near the alley on Gunnison before Sheridan road.

  2. 900 block of gunnison! right where the street light has been out for weeks. and we have called 311, and we have called 311, and we have called 311 and it is still dark! and then this happens, a shooting in a dark corner! clearly the 'carbon-consumptions' have found another dark corner for activity!

    i hope the south end of 48th ward will not be the forgotten land of the this ward administration too!

  3. I heard that the third person wasn't shot, but had some sort of other injury (although I didn't hear what kind). The 48th Ward setup a Facebook page, I suggest posting there, it is nice and public. Enough of us start posting, maybe something will get done about the issues. I am worried about us loosing cops. I haven't heard if we will or if we won't.

  4. That's funny the P Stones just happen to have a guy 5'9" to 5'10" who wears a Reds hat daily.

    Couldn't be the same guy. Nope.

    This is how summer works. These clowns shoot up the other gang territories and come about July-October the other gangs decide to pay them back and start gunning them down on Magnolia.

  5. Wow....I was walking to the Bruno Mars concert with my 10 year old niece around 7:30 pm and stood at the corner with a guy who matches that description. Then, when the concert got out and we were walking back, I saw all of the cop cars and thought something must have went down. I can't wait to move out of this neighborhood come July. This is ridiculous.

  6. Mabie someone attempted to rob them. I don't know, it just sounds weird. If 2 were shot, what happened to the 3rd one?? Why wasn't he shot too? Smh who knows.....

  7. Aside from all these fly by night organizations that came and went in our community, what about seriously getting a cease fire or safer foundation in uptown? I understand that there are " other neighborhoods" that are affected by gang violence than we are, but we are still affected.
    Im sure that there are young men who would benifet from one or both of these programs.( young women as well) I wasn't thinking out of the box when I used ro say " well, the south and west side have more problems than the north side so, they will get over it." No, it was ignorant thinking. I don't HAVE to accept this gang problem in my neighborhood. I think I was becoming complacent. In short, were fighting for everything else why not fight for a POSITIVE SOLID and a REAL organization such as safer foundation or cease fire in our community before it's too late. I see every one else getting "help" from my tax money.. Any intelligent sugestions? I don't need goverment funding, I'm solidly employed. Just a thought....

  8. Un-bias -- we've got Ceasefire. See UU story here.

    I for one would really like to know what they're doing and what successes they claim. Because it seems as bad as it's ever been to me.

  9. @gg, uh I'm dumbfounded. Why? I think but I'm not sure of specifics on exactly WHEN or IF it was going to be possible for c/f in uptown due to "funding" reasons and I remember also reading that c/f MIGHT be comming to uptown again. First off, I was unaware that there was a c/f in uptown to begin with alright? I'm not going ro jump into anything w/o knowing facts first.
    One thing For sure if you know for a fact that c/f is in our community I would like their info because I can't seem to find it. And you know what else? I for 2 would like to know exactly what their doing myself and I'm not scared to ask either. So pls if you have their info share it with me, I would really appreciate it.

  10. Ok, here is how Cease Fire will handle this situation. They will host a rally against gang violence after the shooting and have a “Gang Awareness Carnival” that promotes “Gang Unity”. Another gang shooting will occur shortly after and Cease Fire will reappear to host yet another inspirational rally, and thus and the cycle continues. If you need proof take a trip to the “birthplace” of Cease Fire, The Town of Cicero. Rallies, carnivals, free food for gang members and non-stop gang violence. All while you pay more taxes for this program and help the local gang “guru” live a comfortable life by collecting a check provided through tax payer dollars. So continue supporting this program and see what effects it has on gangs in the Uptown community.