Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shooting At Winona/Sheridan On Monday Evening

Several readers told us about shots fired in the strip mall at 5062 Sheridan early Monday evening, frightening quite a few customers, residents, passersby and shop owners. The currency exchange window in the strip mall was shattered. There's been some lively discussion on our Facebook page.

We were forwarded an update from one of the 20th District's CAPS facilitators:

"Here is what the police have put together on the shooting last night near Winona and Sheridan at around 6:00pm.

Three Black Males were having a loud argument. They were located on Winona near or in the parking lot of the small strip mall located at the corner of Winona and Sheridan. One member of this group started to running East towards Sheridan while wildly shooting a gun over his shoulder. At Sheridan, he started to run South on Sheridan while still wildly shooting his gun. Thankfully he did not hit another person. He did hit windows or doors in 3 stores and hit 2 vehicles. The Police found 7 spent shell casings in the area.

Even thought the Police arrived by very quickly on the scene, all 3 of the Black Males were gone from the area. At this time, there are no leads on who these 3 individuals were."
If you have any information that might help the police to identify the suspects, please contact the 20th District police or call 911.

According to the events calendar for the 20th District, the next beat meeting for Beat 2024 -- where the shooting occurred -- isn't until the 3rd Thursday of June. However, we urge concerned residents to attend Beat 2023's meeting, which is May 12th at 7pm, at Kenmore Plaza, 5225 N Kenmore.  Foster divides the two beats, so those officers may be knowledgeable about about what happened and can update you and answer questions.


  1. Isn't there a cop cam near that corner?

  2. I actually walked by that group of men on the way to McDonalds and was inside ordering some food when the shots happened. They were rolling dice or something, and yelling loudly. I am guessing one of them decided they had been cheated and pulled out the gun and started shooting. I bet the shop owners will be quicker to call the police when there are people outside their businesses illegally gambling next time.

  3. I live pretty close to this corner a block east down Winona and managed to not hear a singled thing (was cooking up a storm). This particular spot corner is generally pretty quiet and the increased foot traffic to the new Dominicks has helped but until some of the problem buildings on Winthrop and Kenmore between Lawrence and Winona and the trouble building on Carmen are cleaned up, things like this will continue to happen from time to time. To those who saw the guys, are they the same thugs that lurk around Kenmore/Argyle all day or is this spillover/whack-a-mole from further south?

  4. You'd be surprised how many deaths occur over a game of dice. My best friend is a criminal defense attorney and I've worked for the Cook County Public Defender's Office, and it's amazing how many times some guy shoots another because the other guy beat him at dice and then laughed at him.

    Next time I hope it's the charming fellow who paced up and down Montrose at about 10 last night, screaming obscenities and threats into his phone. He had a hoodie on, but he very well may be the guy who was doing the same thing six months ago while wearing a black baseball cap with a rhinestone dollar sign on it.

  5. That corner is a real menace in so many ways. They have a teeny tiny parking lot that services a currency exchange, 2 restauarants, a store and a cleaners. Add to that that the convenience store is a hangout for taxi cab drivers who go in and out of there constantly all day long. It's a big mess. This has nothing to do with the shooting but had to say it.

  6. @crankcub, that corner is a bit of a clustertruck, but it stays pretty busy with legit business which I think typically helps to keep trouble elsewhere. It will be interesting to see what effect if any the new admiral will have on this little corner of Uptown. Side note, the $1 samosas at Shan are one of the best value snacks around.

  7. @Brutius -

    Call 911. If these fools are gambling they can play dice at home...Esp if they were yelling loudly and disturbing and disrespecting others.

    We keep saying again and again that we don't want to butt into other peoples' lives, and again and again we tell our tales the next day of how people we thought were up to no good shoot up our neighborhood. We get what we settle for.

    It sucks that we have people so disrespectful around us, but it is our current reality.

  8. I live at 5050 sheridan and witnessed 2 of them HIDING BEHIND MY CAR, while the other shot at them blowing out the window of the electronics store...

  9. $1 Samosas? I'm THERE. (If I don't get shot that is)

  10. There is a blue light camera on that corner.