Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reminder: Montrose/Clarendon TIF Meeting June 7

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  1. Why is this flyer not posted on Cappleman's website?

  2. Jason...Really? Your issue is that they did not post it yet on a website? Cappleman forced the meetings, involved the block clubs, arranged the location, date and time...and you are bitching that he has not yet posted it on the website.. this after 24 years of Helen doing NOTHING to include the community?

    Why dont you quit whining, call Capplemans office and politely ask them to post it.. he has been in office all of a week.. give him a break...

  3. Rob,

    Please come off the ledge. It will be okay.

    Jason asked a question, a valid one. He didn't bitch, he didn't whine.

    I read the flier with great interest - and I was surprised that

    1) The vote that will take place has been expanded - anyone residing in the BPN or CPNA territory will be eligible.

    2) The vote is binding, at least in the eyes of our new alderman.

    I am at least skeptical enough to wonder about this. Is Sedgewick in agreement with this? I can't imagine they would be, given the lead up to this public mtg.

    The flier displays two websites - one is the developers website, and has not historically been where I go for the straight dope on this project.

    The second is Cappleman's new site. I went there, hoping to learn more, or indepently verify that this information is accurate.

    The website in informative, but doesn't mention this meeting, the vote, or the project. That is curious - if the Alderman's office created the flyer, why is this blog the only place that I see it?

    It is possible that the flyer was created by someone other than the Alerman's Office. Not all of us know James personally. I have no idea if he arranged this. Until reading this flyer - my info came (secondhand) from CPNA to this blog, and I recall it was Sedgewick forcing a zoning vote in City Council.

    Jason asked a question. We can't do that anymore?

  4. Eat the Rich, I believe Rob told Jason that if he contacted Capplemans office, he bet they would put it up on his site. Same for you, call the Aldermans office and ask them questions... just asking and complaining here really does nothing ....