Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Movies In The Park -- Not Much Going On In 2011

Now that it's warm, and (for the moment) not wet, our thoughts turned to Movies in the Park.  Well, it's thin, really thin, in Uptown this summer!

Apparently the outgoing aldermen didn't set up anything before they left office in mid-May (and make no mistake, this has nothing to do with the incoming class -- the schedule was formalized in April).  There are three, count 'em, three movies in Uptown this summer.  No Cricket Hill, no Chase Park.  For a complete schedule of what's going on around the city, click here, but unless there are some last minute additions, we'll be traveling elsewhere with our blankets and popcorn:
  •  July 1st, Margate Park:  Inception
  • August 2, Gill Park:  Space Jam
  • August 26th, Clarendon Park:  2012

Thank you to the sharp-eyed reader who "discovered" the Gill Park movie that we overlooked!


  1. If you want a blast from the past. Go to the Space Jams website. It has never been updated from when it came out like 12 years ago.


  2. The previous alderman was able to co sponsor a sucessful Movies in the Park for the last 5 years because she got private sponsors/corporations to donate money in order to fund the events (ie Comcast, Chicago Cubs, Aldi,) . It is not her job to continue to do this now that she is not in office. Maybe Cappleman can work on it for next year. But you are wrong to blame her for why it is not happening this summer as much as you people like to blame her.

  3. Oooh, a usage of "you people." We are your neighbors, Yvonne. Not "you people."

    If Shiller cared about having movies in the park this summer, she would have made arrangements for it to happen, because it was finalized during her watch. When everything was set up, Shiller was alderman and James Cappleman was simply a private citizen.

    But it's okay, Yvonne, Shiller's not the only one who claimed to care so much about people having something to do for free during the summer, and then dropped the ball during her lame duck months. Smith and Schulter did the same "it's not my job" thing. S'okay. We're used to her not doing her job.

  4. This is so disappointing. Last year we had such a wonderful time at the local movies in the park. This year Despicable Me is playing all over the city and it's our daughter's favorite movie. We were really looking forward to being able to picnic and watch it with her around uptown. :(