Friday, May 6, 2011

Every Rose Has Its Thorn...And Lots Of Trash

A reader writes in:
"On my way to Target yesterday I decided to take a picture of something that I've noticed for a while now. The triangle shaped rose garden outside of Aldi on Broadway is filled with trash. I don't think my camera phone captured it well, but trust me, it is there. I don't know if this falls under Clean Slate's duties or if the streetscape people take care of it, or if it belongs to Aldi. I am sure that a pole with a claw on the end could be used to pull most of it out. The planter is really bare at the southern end, not sure why those roses didn't make it. Hopefully this can be cleaned out soon. Thanks."

UU Note: And just because we can...enjoy this little ditty.


  1. The parking lot of Aldi's is also terrible with trash. I thought Target was going to help get rid of the "trash" in this area? The dopers from the methadone clinic like to loiter around this area.

  2. The 'Arai Campus' park in the 800 - 900 block of Leland is horrible too. I've picked up some trash and pulled some weekds but it really needs attention.

  3. I notice this every time I walk past! Is it just a matter of getting a group of people together with some gloves and a garbage bag? Because I would be completely willing to spend an hour or two cleaning up that triangle planter that has apparently become the area's garbage pit.

  4. Ugh. If I wanted to live in a 3rd world slum I would move. Who did not and does not teach their kids to put their trash in a garbage can?

    This simple act keeps the neighbor clean. A clean neighbor really does have a positive effect on the overall community attitude.

  5. Didn't this "rose garden" cost the taxpayers a ton of money via the TIF?

    It looks like Aldi isn't the only one letting their landscaping go to hell. The triangle by Bridgeview Bank's drive-thru used to look so beautiful. Now it is overgrown with dandelions and weeds. Really a shame.

  6. $50,000 in TIF (your) money to put the Aldi "garden" in.

  7. I second Kevin... I wish the school would spend a couple of dollars of all that TIF money and use it on the park behind the highschool.. there has been graffitti on the lampposts for a year... many of the bushes have died.. the flower garden part looks like a weed patch... ARAI is being a very bad neighbor to those of us that live in the neighborhood

  8. This looks like a job for the Nifty Nabber-Man!

    But seriously....who's job is it? Is that Aldi's property or part of the public space/parkway?

    If it's Aldi's property then shame on them, the person who took this photo was right, it is a mess, photo can't do justice.

    I forgot about that hair band Poison...I woulda been listinin' to Motorhead at da time....the 80's....

  9. *you cant reach

    I had a problem with Family Dollar in Rogers Park on Morse with their trash. I called the store and let them know and they were very rude. So I called another Family Dollar and found out who was the higher up, and I got in touch with them and then it was taken care of. I talked with the regional vice president.

    Thats how to get stuff done.
    Im also used to having a supportive aldermans office, which you guys are just getting now.
    Im sure the aldermans office there will be inundated with calls for quite some time, I think Cappelman will need a hardworking large staff to man the phones and all the problems of uptown.

    But luckily he also has the best neigborhood blog to clue him into the problems of the neigborhood.
    Atleast most of them.

  10. uhhhh.
    did anyone call aldi about this mess?

  11. I don't think it is Aldi property. Not sure, someone should know given all of the attention to detail on Wilson Yard.

    Maybe just wait until next week and start calling the Alderman's office about it.

    Or perhaps, some group, business, condo board, tenant association, or whatever could "adopt" the triangle. Rose bushes need maintenance. can just keep collecting trash.....

  12. well someone needs to step up.
    im already doing alot of trash pickup so i cant add anymore area to my pickup zone.

    either way if its just public parkway the neigboring business should be responsible.

    do you guys have a SSA?
    just talking about it isnt going to do much. that is step one.

    step two is pick it up or talk to someone who will do it.

  13. IF this is public property I can suggest to Tenant Leadreship that we adopt it and care for it. Besides the general clean-up rose bushes need TLC to thrive.
    I can't guarantee everyone here will jump on it but its worth a shot, a good chance.

    However if this is private property that is out of the question. Nobody is going to want to volunteer to maintain private commercial property.

    So does anybody here in the UU readership want to pitch in and find out for me if it is Aldi or City/Public property?

  14. In my post in Rogers Park,
    I state problems, the steps I took to remedy them and the results.

    But then again Im a landlord and resident so I have a huge financial stake in the community, so yeah Im going to be more proactive than the average citizen.

    so 5 days later we are hemming and hawing about the prospect of calling Aldi.

    Aldi needs to be called, any potential owner of nearby property and the aldermans office.
    Plus or Minus picking it up myself.

    I know Im nuts, but I picked up the former synagogue site at Rogers Park 1239 w Pratt all by my self. I also got rid of most of the wood debris myself.

    The rest of it was finally done by the owners.

    Stop hoping that things will get better and make things better.

  15. Final call:

    Does anybody out there know if this is private or public property?

    I could but will not research it all by myself because I do not live in Uptown all by myself. Fair?

    Many professionals read this, you've read my last post so...lemme know. If it is public property I can bring it up and maybe have a solution. A rose garden like that can be an asset, a beautiful accent instead of an eyesore right?

    Clean Slate is doing a good job as it is. Aldi is a skeleton staff and lets face it, not much help.

    A lot of research went into this WY wahoolie and someone can answer the question.

    Last call....public or private?

    Thank You!

  16. ::UPDATE::

    I was walking by this on the way to Target last night. While glancing at the litter that still plaques this garden I noticed a bit of freshly upturned dirt. Looking closer now....could that be...why yes it is....RAT TUNNELS!

    Rather then just complain on a blog I've called 311 so they can drop their green pellets. Feel free to do the same, more the merrier if it gets the job done.

    This is crazy that there seems to be no plan for maintaining this garden.

    As "uptown lady" said in her post this rose covered rats nest cost $50,000 in TIF funds, food for thought.

    But what a marquee location for a rat's nest........*sigh*