Friday, May 6, 2011

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better... 46th Ward Style

This has to be a first:  The 46th Ward's theatres are booked tonight... with politicians and their supporters.  Both the outgoing and the incoming aldermen are partying it up a block apart from one another.
  • Ald. Shiller is being honored for her aldermanic career at The Aragon beginning with a meet and greet at 6pm and ending with dancing until 10pm.  You can see the invitation here.  We don't have any further details; not surprisingly, Uptown Update was not on her mailing list.
  • Meanwhile, just around the corner at The Riviera, Alderman-Elect Cappleman is throwing a Spring Jam concert and reception to pay down his campaign debt.  The concert features Lucky Jackson, the Bono Brothers Band and Trippin' Billies, and starts at 8pm (doors open at 7).  Tickets are just $20.  Before the show, there's a reception with an open bar when you can mingle and meet the bands, from 6pm until 7:30pm; it's $100 per person.  All details are here.  We understand there are still tickets available at the door to both events.
The only thing that could make this better would be an appearance by Rage Against The Machine...


  1. Very nice events! Everyone was very nice.

  2. As revolutions unfold in the Middle East, it is nice to instead see music and dancing as the alternative to bloodshed in this transition. The free beer was a nice touch, too.

  3. I went to the event and it was about what you'd expect...though the bar was open until almost 10...but the crowd seemed to clear out mostly by about 9 PM. There were two bartenders, but service was a bit slow. The food was a Mexican buffet. It was a tad crappy and seemed more like Cinco de Mayo leftovers. Let's just say Im glad I ate before I came. There were Shilleristas running around in berets (I'm not kidding, I snagged one). There was a high school marching band and speaches were made. Jan Schakowsky was there as were a couple judges. The multimedia clip show they were going to show had a tech glitch, so they skipped it and there were only two underpowered speakers up front, so almost no one could hear the event anyway. I have a few pictures from the event I'll e-mail to UU shortly. (I'm particularly proud of the one with my boyfriend appearing to eat her head--no joke). Shiller seemed in good spirits, despite her appearance, in my boyfriend's words, to look like Tracy Ullman's tired older sister.

  4. Also forgot to add, Helen's assistant? or is if staff/office manager? (can't remember her name0 had on a had so ridiculous that it rivaled Princess Beatrice's hat seen in the recent Royal wedding. My boyfriend commented, hilariously, that it made the woman look like Whoopie Goldberg's character "Guinan" from Star Trek: The Next Generation 9she wore some mighty crazy hats too...)