Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zoning Notice For Winthrop/Lawrence Parking Lot

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A reader sent in this zoning notice: 

"Received today [Tuesday].  Not sure if your readers know more details, but from what I read, it looks like it's to allow the Aragon parking lot to become a ... parking lot...." 

Anyone know enough zoningese to know what this is about?


  1. Maybe I'm still just a little peeved because a piece of wet trash blew into my face as I walked past this parking lot yesterday, but this parking lot, and the lot behind the Chase Bank/Kinetic playground on Winthrop is an eyesore and blight on the neighborhood. The owners seem to take zero responsibility for their customers who litter this area with empty bottles and more each and every time there is a concert.
    My assumption about this zoning change is that any hope of this lot being developed (as was the idea a few years ago) is dead. I can only hope that they will fix the broken, rusted and dangerous fence that leers into the sidewalk along the Lawrence side.
    As for the other lot (not sure if they are the same owners) maybe another reader knows: Is there a city ordinance that requires empty/parking lots to be fenced?

  2. Hey uptown proud i took last week off from picking up trash and litter on winthrop from lawrence to leland.

    Thanks for the heads up, I thought it would be a bit more to pickup.
    Why do you think Ive been riding chase's ***? Those guys if not talked to will tolerate littering, graffiti and loitering.

    I have called 311 to have graffiti removed from the chase parking lot sign, I have talked to the chase manager there and at the one in rogers park and people above them to let them know how clueless the people running that chase there are.

    I have cut down crime scene tape, I have thrown out a stupid plastic trash can that was in the way.

    I usually just pick up the sidewalk, the parking lot can be a bit much, I do pick it up a bit as well. I will see later today how it looks.

  3. Jeffo - Your weekly efforts have not gone unnoticed. I've taken on that block of Winthrop for two years now during the block club clean & green weekend. This year was much cleaner than the previous year, and I credit your weekly pick up.
    Still, I do not believe the owners need to show more neighborly respect and responsibility. Each and every winter, the lot behind Chase/Kinetic Playground plows their snow ONTO the sidewalk, creating an impasse. I'm able bodied, so while annoyed, I can navigate around it. Others, especially our senior neighbors and families with strollers encounter a wall of snow.

  4. - Uptown Proud

    They are two separate owners. The commercial spaces (The Kinetic, Chase, and two other vacants addresses) are from another owner.

  5. Chase rents their space on Lawrence they can talk to their landlord but that is about it. I have seen CleanSlate out there quite a bit picking up after concerts. I don't live right there but I do walk the neighborhood quite a bit and pick up trash all over uptown when I see it. If everyone did the same it would make littering less "acceptable" because there wouldn't be trash lying around.

  6. Yes, the parking lots need complete overhaul and repair. New asphalt, painted lines, and fences (for both) along with regular cleanup. If the lots remain as parking they should look presentable. Personally, I think we need more commercial in the area than more residential.

  7. Since the back of our building is directly across from this lot, I was very curious as to what this was about. I just called and spoke directly with Sylvia Michas, the signature attorney who said that currently the lot is under two zoning ordinances, RT-4 and B3-3. They are applying to put the lot under just the B3-3. This means the owner must be in compliance with zoning requirements, meaning secure fencing and landscaping. It is still to be used for the Aragon only. I mentioned the truck that had been parked there for at least two years where I've seen people living and she said that this change would definitely take care of this kind of problem. I really hope that's the case.

  8. Trash Update 4/26/11

    About 5 trips to the can, two to the one at Leland and 3 to Lawrence. Not super bad.

    Some corona bottles in a twelve pack carton in the parking lot.

    More crime scene or rather construction tape at the tree by chase, cut it off with my utility knife and threw it out.

    There are many times sketchy people hanging out in that parking lot and there was today. They had the trunk of an suv open and they were hanging out and they were watching me with disbelief as I was picking up garbage.

    People, I cant understand why anyone would live near this block and not pick it up and be on the landlords case about the parking lot. Some tuck pointing is in order for the chase building, you can see it by the parking lot.

    I can see a bunch of nice condos on leland and lawrence that overlook winthrop. Personally I dont look out my window at any trash at all, why should anyone?

    Glad to see that atleast the Aragon Parking Lot will be fixed up, its the least they can do. And then what the heck maybe the neigbors can use it to play street hockey if its nice out and there isnt a show.

  9. And by parking lot I mean chases parking lot.

    We all have a sphere of influence.
    I picked up all the trash one day and then cut up all the wood another day at the former synagogue site at 1239 w Pratt.
    Why? For attention and goodwill?
    NO. Because no one else was going to do it and My family and I have some property in Rogers Park.

    Some people just hope things will get better. Stop hoping things will get better and get out there and pick up your block. (This is just to the people who arent doing this already or people who arent disabled or have too much osteoarthritis)

    The same stretch of road to the east of Kenmore is looking better but toward the southwest corner it didnt look so hot.

    Pick it up People!
    The bangers and neredowells will give you dirty looks. SO WHAT!
    I have had a tough time keeping my area clean for awhile, those that litter sometimes will retaliate, but if you are persistent you will outlast them.

  10. The problem on that block is not the gangbangers or the neer-do-wells, it's the concertgoers.

    That block was sparkling last Saturday after TSN Clean & Green. There was a concert that night. Guess what it looked like on Sunday morning? Trashed. Completely trashed.

    It was brought up at CAPS and we got the information that the Aragon is supposed to be taking responsibility for cleaning up after concerts. If it is, it's not doing a very good job. Hopefully that will change.

    You're not the only one who cleans. We all do. But two concerts a weekend lead to a very trashed neighborhood. I find similar debris (mostly empty booze bottles) in front of my house every morning after a concert, and I live two blocks from the Aragon.

  11. Ok toniacita, i think i will call the Aragon then. Glad they are finally going to fix up their horrible parking lot, I hope.

  12. However Im not sure how its concertgoers doing all the litter.
    If so then why is just winthrop from leland to lawrence hit?

    Looking from the trash you can tell somewhat who threw it.

    Like Newports, who smokes Newports?
    Or Arizona drinks? Yuck!

    Also the area by the parking lot for Aragon wasnt too bad.

    There are alot of very large apt buildings there that can overwhelm a block. Tenants do tend to litter more than owners.... Ofcourse.

    I dont live there but I dont see Lawrence overly littered or winthrop north of lawrence.

    Keep the area cleaned up and maybe you wont have the sketchy people hangning out in the Chase Parking Lot so much.