Tuesday, April 26, 2011

46th Ward Aldermanic Service Office Closing This Week

A rare email blast from Ald. Shiller's office:

Ward Office Final Hours
Alderman Helen Shiller’s Ward Service Office, located at 4544 N. Broadway, will close to the public at 5pm on Friday, April 29th – with the exception of Monday, May 9th from 4pm until 7pm for the sole purpose of distributing Wrigley Field LV2 permits.  Beginning Monday, May 2nd, all calls to 773-878-4646 will be forwarded to Alderman Shiller’s City Hall office (312-744-6831). Alderman Shiller’s website, http://www.aldermanshiller.com/ will remain active through May 15th and afterward for an indefinite period of time.

Mayor Daley's Neighborhood Appreciation Tour
The Honorable Mayor Richard M. Daley invites you to attend his 46th Ward visit on his Neighborhood Appreciation Tour
Friday, April 29, 2011, 10:30am
Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course Concession
3600 N. Recreation (East of Lake Shore Dr.)


  1. So is this one last "screw you" to the residents of this ward? I've tried numerous times to get temp parking passes these past few weeks and they are never open this past month. Yet, she is still drawing a hefty salary and soon a large pension? This really needs to be exposed! Something needs to be done about her abuse of her power and this ward and this is (hopefully) the last chance. E-mail the networks and let's see if someone picks it up. I just e-mailed every news station (TV and radio). James can't take office soon enough! If Helen won't do her job then he needs to be appointed to start today!

  2. Yeah... but nobody gives a ***t.

    Look forward to May!

  3. OMG!! Shiller's ward "service" office is CLOSING?!? How long (or how much) has it been *open*???

    Tongue-in-cheek, of course. We all know the stories...good riddance. To Helen and Staff: don't let the door hit your *sses on your way out.

  4. Maybe she had to get out of the space by the end of the month because a quality retailer wants to rent it out for May 1st?

    Yeah right!

    I am sure if you call her "City Hall office number" you'll get the same type of service you have come to expect from her office... Nothing.

  5. Lets let the recent election move us forward. Don't get me wrong I agree with everyone's comments. The ward office disliked many of the ward residents just as much as many of us disliked the service we got.

    But in two weeks I strongly believe, things are going to change dramatically. Let any ward issues you have wait until then. Then it will be like calling so many other ward offices. People will be nice and do what they can to help you out! No baseball bats will even be necessary.

  6. All the retiring alderman have been asked to transfer their operations to City Hall after May 1st in order to save the city some money.

  7. Alderman Shiller's office is open to the public until Friday, April 29th at 5pm. According to their signage, the office is also open on Monday, May 9th 4-7pm. I was in there recently. It may look like a construction zone, but I still got what I needed.