Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welles Park Bulldog Election Night Coverage

James Cappleman, Lauren Peters and Richard Thale hug, cry and dance on election night. Credit: Jane Rickard

Welles Park Bulldog covered the 46th Ward like no other with reaction from both campaigns

Read "Changing Demographics Spelled End of Shiller"

Read "Cappleman: I'll Reach Out"

Read "Waguespack: New Coalition of Progressives"

Read "Phelan Campaign: Proud of our Campaign"


  1. From the first article, something I hadn't heard before:

    "Following the General Election, Lauren Peters, Cappleman’s campaign manager, confided to The Bulldog that Cappleman was matching Phelan’s A-1 filings with their combination of large and small contributions."

  2. I applaud James Cappleman on his election night victory.

    His ideas about using NATO instead of American Forces to battle crime and slothfulness in Uptown are unique, yet contemporary.

    His visionary ideas of bringing business to Uptown by encouraging Big Pharma to open an iodine store on every corner are prescient, yet practical.

    His unusual ideas of putting the tunnels beneath Broadway and Lawrence back under mafia control are controversial, yet appealing to a powerful minority and clearly would be a boost to the burgeoning tourism.

    All Hail!

  3. Stu,

    take your meds and go back to sleep.

    Also if you're going to try to be funny......well be funny.

  4. For the first time in a very long time it feels good to say:

    " My alderman is..."

    Congrats Capplemaniacs. I had no idea until I read Marc Kaplans endorsment letter that James was infact partially responsible for cleaning up the 4700 block of Beacon. Between his actions and CPDs on Malden side that area has been a dare I say 'Beacon of light' reminding me in dark times that real and lasting change can take place on the other side of Wilson as well. Thank you and congrats.

    Alderman Cappleman (wow that felt good saying).

    Now the Witch is finally dead !

  5. Does this mean we won't get a Fish Farm across from Target now? Damnit!

  6. Life just isn't fair sometimes, Rob. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. We'll just have to trudge along in the face of such adversity. Say goodbye to the 3-4 jobs that would have created.

  7. Aquaponics is a self-contained system that would provide both fish and vegetables to our neighborhood.

    Make fun of Ms. Shiller's idea all you want, folks, but as the cost of oil continues to rise, our continued reliance on food that isn't grown locally may come back to bite us in the ass.

    In any event, support local growers as much as you can (though I wouldn't eat bupkis from Lake Michigan, if I were you.)

  8. @Toucan. I don't think it is a bad idea in concept. In fact, it may very well be common place not too far off.

    However, she was selling it as a job creator when it would have only created a few short term and fewer long term jobs. Also, I don't think the middle of a densely populated metro residential area is the best spot for such a project. Just my opinion.

  9. Honestly, one of the best pictures ever posted on UU!

  10. Thank you!

    Jane Rickard
    Welles Park Bulldog

  11. All four articles were great reading. How disappointing is it that this is the only substantive election week coverage that I saw anywhere? I checked both the Trib and Sun Times all last week and saw nothing. I really miss Lorraine Swanson's reporting. Her leaving Uptown was a huge loss.

    All this makes the reporting of Welles Park Bulldog all the more important. So for that I thank them.