Friday, April 15, 2011

Truman Square Neighbors Clean & Green Saturday

Truman Square Neighbors block club reports that they had a fun and fine time at Fat Cat on Wednesday night, including visits from block club member James Cappleman and several previous block club presidents.  Trivia, food, drink, and raffles were enjoyed.

Tomorrow is the Truman Square Clean & Green"Now that the snow has melted, it's Spring Cleaning time.  The Winter tends to leave a treasure trove of fascinating objects on our lawns and sidewalks, and in our gutters.  Join together with your neighbors to help green up the neighborhood for about an hour.  The more people who participate, the quicker it goes, so tell your friends!  We will meet at the Aster Playlot (4600 block of Kenmore) at 10:30AM and spread out from there.  Garbage bags and limited tools will be supplied.  It's always a great idea to bring work gloves, if you have them."
Truman Square is bordered by Wilson, Broadway, Sheridan and Lawrence.


  1. What has the alderman elect done about the recent gunfire?

  2. The alderman-elect, just like private citizens Ameya Pawar and Rahm Emanuel, is surely concerned about the crime in Uptown, just as many other residents are. Just like any other private citizen, he has no power to stop it, aside from being an unpaid, unclouted community activist.

    If you are concerned about the crime, Jason, you should call 773-878-4646 and speak to the sitting alderman, who has 24 years of connections and who can draw upon all the authority of her office to hold meetings with the police commander, the social services, CeaseFire, the school boards, and the housing providers. Ask her what she's done about it over the past six terms. Ask her what she's done this month to earn her $8500 salary while children run into gunfire as they're released from school.

    Until May 16th, no alderman-elect has any authority to do anything more than you or I. There's only one alderman per ward, and right now the buck stops at 4554 N Broadway, at the office of Helen Shiller.

  3. Relax CN,

    I am obviously joking.

    I really do not expect the alderman-elect to be running around and screaming for justice at the scene of the shootings, just as I would never expect Molly to personally run over to a burning building to help out.

    I think you understand the point of my post. I simply doubt that commentators on Uptown Update will be screaming for James' head every time there is a shooting, as most did when Shiller was alderman. (As you know, I am no fan of Shiller.)

    A little sarcasm doesn't hurt.

    And that is Captain Jason to you... ;-) Meet me out for a drink at Crew.

  4. "I simply doubt that commentators on Uptown Update will be screaming for James' head every time there is a shooting, as most did when Shiller was alderman." CP2015

    Captain, give it a rest. It's harder to go after someone's head when they have a long history of promoting public safety issues. You can fault him for a lot of things, but you can't fault him for the work he's done in the neighborhood.

    Phelan and her team kept making some serious mistakes and they have no one to blame but themselves. What was suppose to have been an election too close to call turned out to be a huge win for Cappleman. Like it or not, Cappleman's team did some good campaigning.

    Whoever runs against Cappleman in 2015 will be running against an incumbent and as we all know in Chicago politics, they are much more difficult to beat. What will make it tougher, however, is that Cappleman has proven he's pretty good at campaigning. If I were you, I'd give up the 2015 after your name. It's already too late.

  5. Captain Jason Picard Gran 2015 Pappy -- I think when there is a shooting, we will not have to shout to James because he'll be responsive, proactive, and ready to listen to our concerns. As he has been for the past decade or so...

  6. HM,

    "You can fault him for a lot of things, but you can't fault him for the work he's done in the neighborhood."

    I was not faulting James for anything, I was making a comment on some of the comments I read on this blog.

    Also, I will not be intimidated by your vile threats and intimidation tactics!!! We will be victorious in 2015 and you-will-be assimilated!

  7. Intimidation and threats? Really? It was Phelan who mastered the use of intimidation and threats and look where it got her.

    There’s a difference between threats and reality. Given that Cappleman stunned big businesses and won by a huge margin, they will have cold feet about throwing their cash to anyone running against Cappleman in 2015. Whoever runs against him will have a tougher time raising money, and that’s reality, not a threat.

  8. Holy Moley,

    Jason is making a "funny".

    He was also going to run in 2011, but didn't.

    As for Alderman to be Cappleman let's give him some time in office before we declare him unbeatable.

    That being said if he runs THE alderman's office as well as he runs FOR office he will prove tough to beat.

    I fully hope and expect that he will be a good to great alderman. Considering the lack of competition that shouldn't be too difficult.

  9. IP, agreed. Anyone is beatable, but Cappleman just made it a little harder.

    Interesting that some of the strong Phelan supporters dismissed Cappleman's work in the community and faulted him for being too meek. Instead, they backed Phelan because she was so tough and smart.

    Cappleman showed himself to be tougher and smarter in running a campaign and Jason continues to whine. Get over it Jason.

  10. HM,

    Are you a computer programmed to spit out James Cappleman campaign spin when his name is ever printed on a blog?

    Thanks IP. You will be spared from the borg. (Unless you don't want to be.)