Friday, April 15, 2011

After Three+ Years... Work Begins On The Gill Park Co-Op

Last December, we lamented that the third anniversary of the fire at Gill Park Co-op had passed, and the building was still scorched, boarded up and had uninhabitable units.  Today we heard from two readers with the shocking and welcome news that finally, there is work being done on the building!
  • "After 3.25 years, it appears that work has begun to repair the fire damaged facade. Workers have power-washed the damaged section and now appear to be repairing the wall. Hopefully new windows will be next."
  • "Is this too much to hope for...a new Alderman AND repairs to the Gill Park Co-op? Saw the workers up there this afternoon and it sure looks like a repair job. I must be dreaming!"


  1. WOAH! I just walked past here on Tuesday and was shaking my head it was still a mess. glad to hear they finally are cleaning up this eye sore. next up, please clean up that nasty hotel chateau next door.

  2. Please don't judge EVERYTHING about the Chateau Hotel as being a "bad" building. The commercial spaces have some good locally-owned businesses; I am especially fond of the computer center where you can surf, print, etc. at a low hourly rate. The owners work very had at providing their goods and services. I only wish those infernal parking meters would go away; such a bummer having to interrupt e-mailing to "feed the beast."

  3. This has been in the works for a long time. Glad to see they are finally pulling the trigger on long awaited plans. The building will have significant work done if they do everything that was planned.