Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You Letter From Molly Phelan

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  1. Molly chose not to congratulate James or wish him well. That speaks volumes about her personality and her true intentions. If she truly wanted to bring the community together after a divisive campaign, she would at least mention our next alderman.

    This may be the last that the 46th ward hears from Ms. Phelan.

  2. CR,

    the election is over. Let's try to leave the now unnecessary negativity behind.

    Now the necessary negativity I'm all for!

    It ain't necessary here.

  3. Nice letter, except there is no mention of uniting behind James - our alderman-elect. She just can't seem to bring herself to utter his name. That's too bad Molly.

  4. Well she did say "the common good" four times in the letter. She's clearly referring to James :)

    I'm glad she put out the letter but I'd still prefer to hear how she specifically will stay involved with improving the community.

  5. Yes when I read it, it jumped out to me that there was no mention of Capplemen.

    Or a phrase to the effect lets all work with him.

    She is a big narcissist like Shiller.

    Hope I never see her in Sidetrak again.

    I am not being negative Molly went negative and still hasn't stopped.

  6. Meow... not mentioning James... guess there will be a flyer in the mail soon for that..

  7. it took her over a week to write this????

  8. Looks to me as if it were more appropriate as a private letter to her campaign staff. It is not really a gracious letter of support for the ward and the new elected leader!

  9. This letter had to be written. It should have included other details. However it was written in haste so that Ms. Molly could attend the fundraiser at Navy Pier with other young Democrats in good standing. So as to make a nice and tidy Chicago machine presentation for the President when he speaks there in several hours.

  10. Good grief. I'm with IP. Stop being hyper-critical. You say you aren't being critical?

    I am not being negative Molly went negative and still hasn't stopped.

    That sounds like "she started it." Whatever. But you are definitely perpetuating the negativity by nit picking at her every move.

    Folks, we won. We got the alderman that we wanted. Please, just stop. Move on. Thank you.

  11. I voted for Cappleman, but Molly certainly brough some things to the table. As the campaign went on, it got more bitter on both sides, with similar charges being leveled at each side from the other camp. Bottom line is that Shiller's in the past, and someone who's not Shiller is our alderman. That should be a good starting point.

  12. Who cares what her thank you letter says? It wasn't addressed to me; I never supported her campaign.

  13. What a gracious letter. I am of the mindset that it is always best to focus on the positive. I would encourage you all to re-think your negative attitudes toward Ms. Phelan and especially toward our community. The rampant negativity in Uptown continues to astound me. I feel fortunate to live in this community and love my neighborhood. I am so eager for growth - for new businesses, for safer and cleaner streets, for the end of gang activity - but I feel the people in this community must choose to take a more positive approach to our future before we can ever get there. The negative attitudes and opinions only serve to give the greater Chicago area a negative impression of Uptown. Why would anyone want to move their business into our neighborhood if this is how we represent it? Why would anyone choose to relocate their family to Uptown? How will we ever progress if we continue to scare people away? It's time to re-think our attitudes and our approaches. I hope some of you will join me in this effort so that we can truly make our dreams of a more vibrant Uptown a reality.

  14. "The greatest change does not come from the politicians who lead, but the people who act for the common good."

    then why did she want to become a politian?

  15. Courtney - I completely agree with your comment regarding focusing on the positives in Uptown and not merely focusing on the negatives.

    For me personally, as someone who knows and respects both Molly and James, I found it disappointing the she didn't even mention the new alderman or wish him well. In the spirit of working together to make our neighborhood better, and supporting our alderman-elect.

    Going forward, I am excited about the future of our neighborhood under Alderman Cappleman. In the eight days since the election, he had already kept me (and many others in the ward) more updated on his plans and desire for community input than I saw in the last six years.

    I think political analysis and observation is one of the benefits of a blog like UU. We can educate, discuss, debate, and make a difference.

  16. Onward and upward folks. A monkey would do a better job than the current Alderperson and her staff. That statement echos across most of the city actually.

    Time to turn the page.

  17. I don't think it's negative to question politicians and criticize them or their motives.

    In fact living in Chicago for 11 years it amazes me people like Shiller, Burk etc keep getting elected.

    Seems like it would solve a lot of IL and Chicago problems if the politicians were questioned more and voted out.

    You get what you vote for. We have term limits it called elections.

    Shiller probably will get some appointed position somewhere and mess that up too. She is far from out of the picture.

    Molly probably will run again for Alderman or some form elected position.

    It's important to remember the past antics of these politicians.

    Wasn't there signs along the way with Blago?

    A lot of people don't pay much attention as long as they think someone is doing a good job.

  18. I'm glad she ran. Having an election doesn't mean you always have good options, so it is never a bad thing to have passionate people involved.

    The onus is on her to stay as involved in Uptown politics as she has been in the past, and I'm all for that.

    In my mind I imagine James' concession letter would have been a smidge more gracious, but I'm thankful I didn't have to read it!

  19. I fully agree with Irishpirate.

    Beyond that what can I say...I still believe in Molly, most of us here know that.

    This was not written in haste, and from what I read nobody should feel slighted.

    Molly is still our friend and neighbor...all of ours. We are not a District or a State...we are a neighborhood and that is why this election meant so much to us. We are close.

    I am going to leave another comment on the Wilson Station post, there seems to be some positive dialogue going on over there, and I will mention James.

    And I am very proud to have supported Molly Phelan.

  20. Yeh dudes, relax. It's a nice letter.

  21. More snark from the Molly-haters. Nice.

    There is something very wrong with that.

  22. "Rob Ross"....yeah, it's a nice letter.
    I sort of think she would have embraced/congratulated the winner somewhat?

    I'm looking forward to moving ahead.

  23. I find it funny that people get so hot and bothered by other people's posts. There are going to be comments that go against your beliefs. It's a blog people! Let's keep our eye on the ball and focus on really what's important mmmkay?