Friday, April 15, 2011

Mark Your Calendars

The swearing in of three new Uptown aldermen (and, oh yeah, a new mayor) takes place in Millennium Park on May 16th.  You can get concert tickets for May 14th and read about the inauguration plans here.

Ald.-elect James Cappleman tells us:  "We will be planning a day of service project in the 46th ward for Saturday [May 14th] and also planning an event on Monday evening [May 16th] in the ward.  Details are still being worked out."  Stay tuned!


  1. I continue to be impressed with James' ideas and commitment to service and our community.

    I have no idea if the idea of a "Service Project" on inauguration day is new or novel, but it is new to me!

    Thanks for bringing this to the 46th.


    There is a secret aldermanic initiation rite later this month. It sounds like something outta "Animal House".

    I feel dirty, I refuse to hyperlink.

  3. On the verge of his inauguration, I thought it only right to share a good “story” on James "Shiller Killer" Cappelman before the doubters have a chance to negatize him apart.

    Just yesterday I was walking my dog on Kenmore south of Lawrence. As I was waiting for my dog to do his business, I noticed Cappelman heading north on Kenmore holding trash he’d picked up on the street (Rap Snacks wrapper and a bottle and a paper plate, I think). He put them in the trash bin on the corner and headed toward the el.

    He’s starting small but he IS already doing something for the neighborhood.

  4. "Starting small"? Cappleman's been actively involved for a good 10 years!

  5. I meant officially starting. chill there, Ingrid, we're on the same team.