Friday, April 22, 2011

Love On A Rooftop

"Recovery of a Species"
copyright held by Jerry Goldner
Good news!  Looks like there's another generation of peregrine falcons set to be born high atop the Uptown Theatre, in a niche off the fire escapes on the Magnolia side.  The Chicago Peregrine Falcon Blog reports that, as of this week, Mama "Zoom" is sitting on a nest of four eggs.

But there's a soap opera aspect:  Zoom's long-time mate, Guy, is nowhere to be seen.  He's been replaced by his son Stan as the male half of the breeding pair.  Guy's fate is unknown.

We look forward to many swoops and flights from the Uptown Theatre as our endangered buddies stay in Uptown for another season.

Last year, Jerry Goldner sent us his magnificent mating falcon photo, Recovery of a Species, with which he won the first annual "Nature In Chicago" photo contest.  (You can read more about the contest and see the winning images here.)  This seems like an appropriate time to run it.  Congratulations, and thank you, Jerry.


  1. Thanks for sharing this image UU!
    I need to clarify that I won a spot on the Chicago Park District's First Annual "Nature in Chicago" Photo Contest & Exhibition and was not the sole winner.

    Please visit my website:

    And daily Nature in Chicago Blog:

  2. This is SO cool. And the photo is incredible. I wish these wonderful birds would 'help' our condo building, and all the destructive squirrels we have to deal with. :)

  3. Yeah, the photo is pretty brilliant. It almost looks like a painting- it's kind of unreal. Doesn't seem like something like that can exist in Uptown. I like it.

  4. Jerry,

    This is a moving and fascinating photo that captures these gracious creatures beautifully. Just amazing! Thank you for sharing it.

  5. This cam is in an eagles nest at the fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa. Mother Eagle and 2 babys.

  6. Actually Pepper, there are three chicks! Thanks for the link!

    Jerry, thanks so much for sharing the photo of the falcons, they're such amazing creatures!

    I do have an affinity for birds...

  7. I've been out there many times but can't figure where the nest is located. Might it possibly be by the uppermost door of the rear fire escape?

  8. Does anyone watch the nest at Ardmore and broadway on the mid-rise? I've seen one lonely bird hanging around from time to time but never two... Usually they're feeding the chicks by now.

  9. Speaking of peregrine falcons, UIC's resident female, Rosie, is currently incubating eggs. I wonder if the Uptown raptors are any of her previous broods?