Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kids, Kites & Dogs ... And Hopefully Sun & Wind

Saturday, May 7th, is going to be a fun day at Montrose Harbor, so we're hoping for good weather.
  • The day kicks off with the 17th Annual "Bark In the Park" fundraiser walk for the Anti-Cruelty Society.  The walk is at 9am, but the day begins at 8am and continues through noon with booths, a doggie fashion show, raffles, an obstacle course, microchipping, "ask the vet" and a ton of other activities for Fidos and owners.  You can read more about it, as well as sign up to participate in the walk.  Lots more information is here.
  • Then, like the day isn't cute enough already, there's the annual "Kids and Kites" festival from 10am-4pm.  If you've never been, the sight of the Uptown's skies filled with kites of all sizes and descriptions is unforgettable.  (We love the Flying Purple People Eater... or maybe it's a giant cat.)  More information is here.

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