Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decipher This

Ahhh, the 4600 block of Broadway...
There has been a flurry of activity in the building that formerly housed "Da Spot" clothing store. This building has been in housing court for quite some time now and was the site of a  big Vice Lord gang/drug bust about a year ago. Looks like the owner is finally being forced to clean up his property, but some taggers are still showing their love for this spot in the form of a tag just above the Army Surplus store...complete with an arrow pointing to the building. The door to the apartments just above Gigio's are also sporting gang tags.
We hope our readers will call these tags in to graffiti blasters. The address for the "BTL" tag visible at the top of the Army Surplus is 4647 N. Broadway. The gang tags on the Gigio's building can be called in with 4643 N. Broadway.


  1. Again, I think the WORST part of this event is that it's an ugly tag. No skill or creativity... nothing that comes EVEN CLOSE to graffiti art.

    This is just ugly gang scribbles.

    Props for them getting up so high though.

  2. Wanna be gangsters on roofs is no good. They will likely just sit around and smoke weed 99% of the time. But, during the 1% of the time they are certain to do something incredibly stupid (as is their nature) and someone will no doubt get hurt.

    High, dumb and 14 is no way to go thru life. Countless have tried, countless have failed.