Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here's A Surprise

And awayyyyy we go....

A reader writes that "A drug bust is currently going down in the J.J. Peppers parking lot, who would have thunk it?"

We drove past JJP Wednesday night and it was open for business again.  Apparently the parking lot is, too.  Good job, coppers.


  1. damn, they're open again??? any word on the drug bust? any real arrests?

  2. was just out walking about at 5 and drug business on lawrence seemed to be back up and running

  3. This 'strip mall' is bad news, unfortunately.

  4. I will say, the dry cleaners in the very corner though... They are AWESOME and do a great job and are very reasonably priced!

    I just want to make sure we do not cut off the nose to spite the face..there are some very good businesses that hire real people.... lets not paint the entire strip mall there as a bad thing...JJPeppers selling mini-bottle of cheap ass liquor and not taking any responsibility in the neighborhood is a is a bad thing... 2 restaurants, a dry cleaners, a laundromat and a phone store are NOT bad things...

    .. I actually hope folks go out of their way to support them in the next week just to say thanks for having a business in Uptown

  5. I've been using that dry cleaner for 15 years. Always friendly, fast & will make repairs to things I didn't even know were in need. Also totally affordable. She's put up with the drug dealing and pan handling all this time & she's been robbed (thus the scary Rottweiler replaced the Cocker Spaniel). Support her she's a good neighbor and business that can survive.

  6. Agreed, J&S Cleaners are great, but I don't have a big issue with JJ Peppers. Yes, the clientele is sketchy, but they are more proactive about moving those people in and out. Certainly more so than the S(&L?) Pantry across the street. Also, the "restaurants" just seem to be hang-outs to me. I wonder how good those places really are.