Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't Let Construction Keep You From Alma Pita

A reader writes in:
"There has been more construction on Wilson in the past year than in recent memory between Truman College's renovation, the new street lighting, and now alleys between Malden and Racine are torn up for AT&T work. I stopped into Alma Pita (Wilson & Magnolia) recently and the owner, Alma, mentioned that business has been down from the sidewalk being closed and all the equipment in front of her restaurant. I hope you will remind your readers to stop by this neighborhood gem and have a lamb curry or hummus sandwich. I'm sure Alma will appreciate it and your belly will thank you."


  1. Alma Pita is delicious. That is all.

  2. What is the AT&T work? Are they finally putting in U-verse?

  3. Sarah, they are! I asked the guy as I walked by from the red line to the clark street bus yesterday.

    Also Twintone, you speak the truth.

  4. It seems an odd choice from a Mediterranean place, but Alma makes one of the best turkey burgers I've ever had. I think I read it here first.