Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Clarendon Dog Park Construction Started

From Clarendon Park Neighbors block club:

"Clarendon Park Dog Owners -- Our new Dog Park is under construction! Yay!

Please take a look at the progress as the next few weeks go by.  The dog park is located just to the north of the Park District service building on Marine Drive, south of Wilson. Just walk straight across Clarendon Park to Marine Drive and look for the construction fence located roughly straight across the park from Sunnyside ave. 

This Dog Park could not have happened without the dedication of our many volunteers and the assistance of our outgoing Alderman Helen Shiller.  Thank you, Alderman Shiller.

We hope the dog park will become another place for neighbors to get together and get to know one another.  The increased traffic of dogs and dog owners should help to make Clarendon Park a safer place. 

In the coming weeks, we will plan an official unveiling as well as a naming contest, and a volunteer schedule to assist with the upkeep of the park.  If you are interested in helping us to make this dog park the best in the City, please let us know if you will be willing to volunteer some time or talent to the cause."

CPNA can be reached at cpnassoc@gmail.com.


  1. Yea! Awesome addition to Uptown! And keeps more eyes on the street too! Win/Win!

  2. Even if there is a large population of dog owners around here, as my lawn always shows, I hope they keep this Dog party place clean and healthly for residents who don`t have dogs. When we bike by the dog beach in the warm summer days you need to hold your nose or gag to death as you pass it by.

  3. Wiseguy -

    Mellow dramatic much? I bike year round and do not own a dog (so I'm not biased towards dog owners) but seriously, hold your breath or gag to death? I've been in the dog beach numerous times, you know what it smells like when your right there? The beach, water, sand, grilling etc.

    Being a biker maybe you can relate to what REALLY irritates the senses..exhaust. If you haven't already done so get on LSD during Bike the Drive, its the cleanest air you'll ever experience in Chicago and it's absolutely beautiful!

  4. @Wiseguy: Ever have the same problem by Puptown? I haven't. At Puptown the various dog owners are very good about cleaning up after their dogs and confronting others who are not as good. I'm confident we can emulate Puptown and keep the area clean and enjoyable for years to come.


  5. Just don't go by the trash cans. Those can smell for yards away in the summer.

    Uptown continues to be one of the best places for dogs