Tuesday, April 5, 2011

As The Election Results Come In...

There are two good places to watch the election results come in after 7pm, either the Chicago Board of Election site, which seems the fastest to update, or the Chicago Tribune. Just keep refreshing the sites. Is it going to be a long night?

Chicago Board of Elections

Chicago Tribune Election Center Live Results

You twitter twits can use #46race to stay up to date.

And, as always, feel free to discuss the results here!


  1. In February 2/3 of 46th Ward precincts posted by 7:30.

    Eighty four percent by 7:40.

    Unless it's friggin close we should know within the hour.

    Results should come in quicker today with only 14 races.

  2. Pirate, I hope you are right.

  3. Where is Cappleman having his victory party?

  4. Alderman 46th Ward
    9 out of 47 precincts (19.15 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 824 42.23 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 1,127 57.77 %

  5. #s just posted..FYI 20% precincts in for 46th

  6. At least on my end: The official board of election site posted faster than the Tribune.

  7. Alderman 46th Ward
    26 out of 47 precincts (55.32 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 2,460 45.25 %

    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 2,976 54.75 %

  8. Cappleman's party is at Nick's Uptown on Sheridan.

  9. Good news so far.
    Earlier a Molly supporter, followed me up the stairs at Stockton (not good) saying "I'm your neighbor for Molly!"

    I said 'no thanks'

  10. Alderman 46th Ward
    30 out of 47 precincts (63.83 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 2,831 43.86 %

    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 3,624 56.14 %

  11. Bernie Stone getting trounced in da 50th.

    This looks good for Jimmy C and the Capplemaniacs but depending on which precincts are out........

  12. Alderman 46th Ward
    32 out of 47 precincts (68.09 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,045 44.12 %

    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 3,857 55.88 %

  13. According to WGN, ch. 353 on Comcast, Berny Stone just conceded.

  14. If these numbers hold up Phelan needs 75 percent of the remaining outstanding vote to win.

  15. Alderman 46th Ward
    34 out of 47 precincts (72.34 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,219 44.14 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,073 55.86 %

  16. Now Phelan needs 80 percent of the remaining vote.

    Seems likely that James Cappleman is our next aldercritter.

    Who shall we run against him in 2015?

    Down with the incumbent Cappleman!

    Or not.

  17. I want to take a quick poll.

    I've written a rather nasty comment directed at a number of characters in Uptown who've been annoying me for awhile.

    Should I post it?

    Or should I be a good pirate and let it disappear?

  18. Crush the IrishPirate!

    Cappleman is the MAN!

    Thank GOD he is winning!

    He fights/cares for the people
    whom haven't ANYTHING!

    God Bless Cappleman!

  19. 74%. Cappleman 56, Phelan 44

    Can I go and work out now?

  20. IP how about Shiller so we can get the epic battle we all anticipated before we knew she was stepping down?

  21. OH, IT's OVER!! Capplemaniac is the projected winner (my statistics background talking here). Stick a fork in both Helen and Molly...IT'S OVER!!

    See ya all at Nick's Uptown for the Victory Party!

  22. Only a 12-point difference in the 45th...WOW.

  23. 35 out of 47 precincts (74.47 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,306 44.00 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,208 56.00 %

  24. Che "Rymefest" Smith showing well against Cochran.

  25. 36 out of 47 precincts (76.60 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,384 43.64 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,371 56.36 %

  26. My apologies for asking if someone has already posted the info, but do they break down by precinct who got what votes? Would be very interesting. Depending on where these last 11 precincts are, maybe closer than its showing - although it doesn't look good for Phelan now.

  27. Not bad. 56% of the 6000 doors Miss Molly knocked on voted for her. Guess another 3000 wouldn't have hurt.

  28. 39 out of 47 precincts (82.98 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,659 44.06 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,646 55.94 %

  29. Molly doesn't seem to be closing the gap. (awww) Off to Nick's!

  30. I don't know.

    Churchill said something about being decent in victory.

    WWLD. What would Lincoln do?

    Shortly before his death Lincoln traveled to Richmond VA and sat at the desk of Jefferson Davis who fled the Confederate Capitol.

    Patton and Churchill pissed in the Rhine River in World War Two.

    Do I go over to Blood Alley and piss on Phelan's office. I mean it's Blood Alley. There might be a line.

    Hmmmmmm.......should I post or shouldn't I post.

    By the way I'm relatively nice to Molly in the post. It's the longer term Uptown cast of miscreants I really go after.


  31. IP, post it. I imagine that JPaulus' head is spinning and ready to explode about now...and whatever will the ijit who posts on the Trib and other sundry places under the moniker "What the Cappleman?" do now?


    And a certain yellow dog can slink back to Springfield with his tail between his legs.

  32. Guys, it ain't over 'til it's over. Let's wait a bit longer before declaring a winner.

    It all depends, I guess, on what precincts remain uncounted.

  33. 41 out of 47 precincts (87.23 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 3,772 44.12 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 4,778 55.88 %

  34. The good leprechaun on your shoulder is telling you to put it under your pillow. If it's not drenched in whiskey tomorrow morning, consider sending it then. Or not.

    Churchill and the English were right from time to time.

  35. Caring Neighbor,

    Phelan needs 85 percent of the remaining vote to pull this out.

    I don't think any precinct will go that heavily in her favor never mind the six remaining.

    Now about the "better angels of my nature".

  36. Ah, Pirate, as my departed grandpa used to say: "I'll believe the Cubs will win the pennant when they have a three game lead and there are two games left in the season."

    Cynicism travels through the DNA.

  37. I voted for James.

    But I'd like to thank both candidates for creating the situation where whoever the winner was going to be, that I felt we would be better off as a ward.

    This ward needed fresh blood and legitimate candidates, so it is a time for optimism regardless of if your candidate won or lost.

  38. 46 out of 47 precincts (97.87 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 4,283 44.20 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 5,406 55.80 %

  39. Welcome to the post-Shiller 46th Ward, neighbors! The Cappleman Era has begun!

  40. Sassy and Swisshammer,

    And you wonder why Uptown has gone to hell in a handbasket. You have politicians courting the gang vote and using them to achieve their goal. And the CVL's or GD's won't expect anything in return? These young lads are not doing this to experience the democratic process. Both Phelan and Cappelman should be ashamed.

  41. Sassy,

    you're right. I shall hold off on the post.

    Sorry folks, but Sassy is actually one of the more decent folks who posts here. Unlike me.

    This sums up my feelings at the moment!

    Cagney was da best!

  42. Does anyone have a live remote from the Riviera?

    It's got to be a bit grim.

  43. Cappleman just declared victory on his facebook page: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We have a lot of work to do but for now we celebrate"

  44. Can one precinct really have 1100+ votes for Phelan? Nope.

  45. Oh Happy Day! I think my property value just rose by 10%!!!

  46. "Hmmmmmm.......should I post or shouldn't I post."

    Sh*t or get off the pot, but don't debate about whether your should or not. Look at these pavlovian dogs around here!

  47. Alderman 46th Ward

    47 out of 47 precincts (100.00 %)

    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 4,422 44.56 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 5,502 55.44 %

  48. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

  49. To the bad people who supported Molly I may deal with you tomorrow in a comment. Perhaps not.

    To the good people who supported Molly I say know hope.

    Cappleman is a decent individual. He will be a good alderman. Perhaps even a great alderman. It's not as if there is much competition.

    Now Cappleman won and the ward is better off than with Shiller.

    If Phelan had won I would be unhappy about her victory, but satisfied that Shiller is no longer going to be an impediment to making this a better and safer ward for everyone.

    There are plenty of decent folks in this ward who want a safe ward with decent retail, jobs and housing.

    They come from all ethnic,religious and economic backgrounds. People basically want the same thing. Safety and a decent place to live.

  50. First off, well deserved congratulations to James!
    Your history here is well known, and now fully recognized!

    Secondly, thanks to Molly for your work with Wilson Yard. (God love you for taking on Helen's pet project).

    Thirdly, thanks to the folks at Uptown Update for inspiring me to want to learn more.

  51. Stef,

    I love it when a woman talks about drooling and Pavlov.

    Bon Apetit!

    Here is the post. Sorry, Sassy!





    What the Alderman Cappleman!

    Now my good friend FGFM suggested at the Chicago Reader that he would
    be laughing like someone who has oedipal relations with his mom after
    Cappleman lost. Who's laughing now?

    Marc Kaplan. Your Uptown is deader than your philosophy of class and
    race baiting.

    Helen Shiller......see Kaplan.

    Jon Trott. I've decided to play nice so I won't say anything to your two faced, passive aggressive,tattooed, aged hipster, wannabee Messiah self. I guess at the moment you really are a "blue Christian".

    Lord, I feel like the
    Lemon Joke Kid.

    Otto from JPUSA if you stay there I hope you become the next non leader. I prefer my leftist Christians be aggressive aggressive.

    JP Paulus. Why bother? Not worth the cells off my fingers to type.

    Dave Clarkin. Woof, woof.

    Molly Phelan. Let's look at the legions of pols who've lost races yet come back to win higher office. Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, both Daleys, President Obama and our own beloved Helen Shiller.

    Never trust a man who says trust me, but trust me there are worse things than losing an election.

    James Cappleman. Congrats. Sometimes hard work and the best candidate does win. Not often enough.

    Voters of the 46th Ward. My father thanks you. My mother thanks you. My sister thanks you and I thank you. Thank you! I gotta find that Cagney vid on Youtube.

    Now to the good people who supported Molly I say James will be a good alderman. I hope he's a great alderman. Let's give him a chance.

    Now to the bad people who supported Molly, some of who I mentioned above, I say thppppppt!

  52. Now, I hope Ms. Phelan's team will pull all those damned signs off of the dumpsters and utility poles in the ward's alleys!

  53. Yay, very exciting! Nick's is packed!

  54. What is the ground report from the Riv?

  55. Congrats to James. He and we deserve this. Now the focus moves to delivering on his vision and promises. When exactly is it the witch steps down from her thrown?

  56. @Mark With No Last Name - I worked at the Cappleman office when his workers were trained, taking everyone's information for their 1099s and turning people away if they arrived too late for the training. They were all recruited legitimately from Craigslist.

    Even if some bangers had decided to go the legitimate route and apply for the job without identifying themselves (and I admit, "Gang Affiliation?" wasn't one of our intake questions just as it isn't on any application you've ever filled out), there were damned few male workers anywhere close to that age.

    So, can't speak to Molly's staff, but for James', no way.

  57. I love I.P.'s latest comment......I REALLY love it.

  58. All right, pirate. The good leprechaun is telling you to go drink.

  59. @ Irish Pirate

    You are as gracious in victory as your heritage would suggest.

  60. Used to live in the ward. Was driving by Uplift this afternoon. Saw what I thought was a gang meeting. Nope, just 6-8 gangsters electioneering for Phelan. Later saw 2 electioneering for Cappelman. We can't be so naive to thing that gang members are not involved in the process. Just ask Gator Bradley.

  61. Congratulations, James Cappleman. May a 'flower pot' of hope be planted on every block of Uptown.

  62. As I've said before, I think Molly would have been a fine second choice, but thing James was the better option for post-Shiller Uptown.

    I also hope the Shiller-supporters (Kaplans, ONEs, etc.) will give James a chance; I've always believed he'd be a better choice for the down and out in our 'hood than Molly. Hopefully our community can start saying goodbye to the politicized class warfare of the past 10 years... if so, Uptown has a chance to shine.

    And, IP, here you go at the 34 second mark:


  63. Thank you James Cappleman. Thank you Molly Phelan. Thank you Yellow Dog Democrat. Most of all, thank you Irish Pirate and thank you Uptown Update.

  64. Seeing James and Richard elated, close to tears and hugging a packed room full of people I can only hope is the beginning of far reaching change that is soon to come...

    Thank you James

  65. The highest of all props need to go to Lauren Peters and Tressa Feher. Their fantastic skills in campaign management were what made this happen.

    Someone needs to hire both of these ladies if they don't already have post-race plans because they have invaluable talent.

  66. To Irish Pirate, who said of me,

    "Jon Trott. I've decided to play nice so I won't say anything to your two faced, passive aggressive, tattooed, aged hipster, wannabee Messiah self. I guess at the moment you really are a 'blue Christian.'"

    Thank you for being so nice.

    And may this aged hipster, passive-aggressive or not, congratulate you on your candidate's victory. Seriously.

  67. I see Molly carried the 22nd precinct with 78% of the vote. Let's see, that precinct is Wilson to Eastwood and Sheridan to Clarendon. There wouldn't be a large population of people living there that do exactly as they are told, is there?

    Molly took 5 out of 47 precincts and tied in 3.

  68. Congrats to James! Wish I were home to celebrate!

  69. "Never trust a man who says trust me, but trust me there are worse things than losing an election.

    James Cappleman. Congrats. Sometimes hard work and the best candidate does win. Not often enough."

    Well played. Well Played IP.

  70. I have a feeling a lot of folks who were on the fence jumped off when Kaplan endorsed Phelan.

  71. Sorry IP, I'm a Libertarian and none of my posts on UU ever go through because they don't support the UU agenda.

  72. what are all the uu posters going to bitch about now? I sure hope you are all right about Cappelman the savior...

  73. "There wouldn't be a large population of people living there that do exactly as they are told, is there?"

    Now, now.

    "Molly took 5 out of 47 precincts and tied in 3."

    I guess this means there are 5 other precincts where "people do exactly what they are told"?

    You're asking us to try to work w/ James... but then calling us... whatever... because we voted as we did. Sheesh! Your guy won! Blessings.

  74. Jon Trott, thanks for the congrats. KT - chill out. UU is the watchdog every neighborhood should have.

  75. Jon Trott,

    I think and hope you'll find Cappleman to be a good alderman. Holding social service agencies to some standards ain't a bad thing.

    It just may be something you aren't used to. I actually suspect he will be better for the people you claim to be concerned about than Phelan would have been. I don't think he sees a political future beyond Uptown. Molly is young enough and ambitious enough to have considered other offices.

    Otto, you ole libertarian palindrome you. I prefer aggressive aggressive to passive aggressive. UU even deletes a FEW of my comments on occasion.

    Now outside the JPUSA precinct Molly did no better than 59 percent in any precinct. Don't bs a bs'er. JPUSA votes almost as a bloc.

    In any case it's a new day for Uptown. Hopefully it will be a good day.

  76. Spent a day outside at St. Aug. not in vain. one of the last to leave Nicks and what a happy day! Sometimes the good guy wins! Hard to believe. I know blogger identity is anonymous, but wish I could know my neighbors better than a blog.

  77. Jon Trott, perhaps now you will stop spreading the bullcrap you have been on your little blog... you should be ashamed of yourself... when you make a deal with devil as you have, the devil eventually expects to be paid... have fun writing the check...

  78. Dear Jon,
    Molly taking the majority of votes in your precinct isn't what made me make that comment. The fact that she got 78% of the vote in the precinct is what made me raise my eyebrow. The next best precinct for Molly pulled in 56%. That 78% is a statistical outlier and it is logical to look at possible causes as to what precipitated it.

    James took the 5th with 75% but also had 4 other precincts in which he took 67%. He had a number of other precincts in the 60-70% range. That is why I have delved too deeply into that precinct. Looking at it, I see a school and a number of businesses.

  79. Jon - I have no doubt in my mind that James will be a much better alderman for ALL of us to work with over Molly. If you think for one minute Molly would have continued to work with you or the likes of Marc Kaplan after elected, you are sorely mistaken. She would have promised anyone anything just to get elected.

  80. Wilson Ave., my main suggestion in response to yours is that if you keep on wanting to postulate us as a group of zombies, we'll never really be able to climb out of that box as far as you are concerned. The box is one you decide to keep us in... and if we're in it, we'll always be "the evil other."

    The reality behind our vote is that we felt there were issues high on our list that one candidate was more sensitive to. I so hope and pray we were 100% wrong about that, and I'll be the first to cheer James on when he proves us wrong (and I honestly think he could after reading some of his comments on the Welles Park Bulldog site).

    One thing I would note... during the 11 candidate primary, our vote split at least three ways, a slight majority to Marc Kaplan, another major chunk to Emily Stewart, and a minor piece to Molly Phelan. That's one vote that wasn't very monolithic. If you were to go back and look at other votes, from President on down, you'd find widely (and sometimes wildly) variant patterns.

    BUT... let's go a layer deeper. If we are going to in fact see a new "normal" as far as Uptown and the 46th Ward goes, would it be possible to start by discarding the boxes we've got each other in?

    If not, and if I need to be kept in your "evil other" box, let me know and I will not post here anymore. I've had quite enough rage directed at me this week (you think UU makes it hot for me, you should see my Xian Right friends go after me and my "unchristian" liberal politics on my facebook page!).

    And hey... do I know that *I* have at times also put some of YOU in a box? Yep. I have. And I'm sorry for that. I just wish I knew exactly who I was apologizing to. At any rate, again, congrats on the big win which was impressive. And it's okay if you want to yell at me more... as long as there's some mutual respect offered amidst the yelling, I'll do my best to respond.

  81. Jon, your posts on here amuse me... you realize you are NO LONGER RELEVANT.. and suddenly you are a big poster on UU... your time has come and gone... you are no longer a power broker, you no longer have any power.. you are an impotent potentate... Please stop begging to be friends... it is sad, just sad.. and you know had Molly won you would continue to be full of both yourself and hate.. now go crawl into your soon to be "Many violations reported" buildings and get to work cleaning up the crap you have built in Uptown..

  82. Where can we find the vote distribution by precinct?

  83. I see the "no personal attacks" advisement has been lifted...

  84. I think we should lay off of Jon Trott for a bit. I would like to be taken out of the box I have been put into. Evil gentrifier.

  85. @new2uptown:

    Breakdown by precinct:

  86. Thanks Ray! It is interesting stuff

  87. Weeks ago I suggested that JPUSA would be better off supporting the likely winner, Cappleman. Did they listen to me? Nooooooooooo.

    Now Cappleman owes them nada, zip, zilch.

    That's ok, because he'll still likely treat them fairly. Which is likely something Jon and his Trottkeeteers aren't used to. Word to the unwise Jon. Next time you get graffiti on one of your buildings don't passive aggressively let it sit there. I suspect the new alderman won't appreciate that.

    Anyway for the moment I'll put my hammer away and let Jon out of his box. It's nice to see him sucking up to the new aldercritter. A slight chance from the almost manic mania he was in during the last week.

  88. P, I refuse to give anyone who spewed lies, whether it is Trott or Marc Kaplan, any leniency. My goal is on May 22 to have 311 on speed dial and start calling in as many code violations as I can find...that way, "the one whose name you dare not speak" can no longer protect them from city services. Everyone is entitled to respect and a safe environment. My goal is to make sure that everything under their control, is up to code... and all laws are being followed... if these codes and laws are good enough for us, they are good enough for them too. Perhaps their buildings are in great shape.. alone with the Mens Hotel on Wilson too..if that is the case, great! Everyone wins!

    Once I start seeing real progress made from a point of being genuine then I will back off a bit...they absolutely have no respect from me.. it has to be earned...

    oh yea, John and Marc..please say hi to "Lakeshore Laura" for us too.. I am looking forward to here congratlating James on his resounding victory in her column next week...

  89. Just ran into two young people outside Molly's locked office, waiting to get paid. I hope someone comes in today, and while they are at it maybe they will clean up the mountain of trash their dumpster has become.

  90. @ Jon,

    I, for one, appreciate what you had to say in your last post. Regardless of historical "boxes", I truly think James is the type of person that can bring folks together for a better uptown. I'm certain you will have your quibbles, but, from what I know of the man, I have no doubt you can have an honest, reconciled working relationship if you're willing.

    I've never really understood why there has been so much venom for him amongst various populations in our neighborhood... but I suppose politics does not excel at bringing out one's better angels, particularly in the heat of battle. Alas.

    We've got an incredibly diverse neighborhood and I think the majority of people in this community find that to be a tremendous asset -- something to be enhanced and lauded. Sure, there are those who'd prefer no one to own a condo and there are those who'd prefer to make this lincoln park north... but I believe they are a (vocal) minority, all told.

    Here's hoping for an opportunity for the community to start reconciling and moving forward as best we can. Given the number of Uptown community meetings I've been involved in these many years, this is clearly not gonna be trivial. But, again, here's hoping...

  91. Jon, I don't think any of us need to be in "a box" anymore. Fortunately, James is they type of guy who will work with everyone. I am sure we can all get along and be good neighbors.

    And - since Helen will be gone in just about a month, I think she will be taking many of those "boxes" with her. After all, she created them.

  92. miss kitty, I bow to your genuis and better angels...

  93. Anyone old enough to remember "Jack In The Box" burger joints?

    They had drive up windows and it was a new thang at the time. You gave your order to a clown with a speaker/microphone and drove up to the window.

    Apparently the closest one to Chicago is just outside St. Louis. They used to dot the Chicago area.

    I like the idea of a "Jon in the Box". You could walk up to it to order food and get religious responses in return.

    For example at the local "Jon in the Box" on Wilson you could walk up and order a burger and the reply could be "Would you like that supersized and are you saved?"

    Or perhaps "Would you like fries with that and eternal salvation?"

    Or possibly does that complete your order and are you willing to risk eternal damnation for your sins?"

    Really, that place would probably bring out the customers.

  94. miss kitty,

    do you think helen will actually be gone, or will she hang around and attend public meetings to become a thorn in James' side? It doesn't seem likely to me that she will fade into the background. She has been an activist most of her life. It wouldn't suprise me to see her rousing some rabbles.

  95. Ray, I'm sure she'll be around to taunt us some more, but she doesn't hold the keys to the ward anymore. It's like a weight has been lifted off of the 46th ward.

    In fact, I really hope her little piece of the pie on Carmen is redistricted out of the ward come this fall. One could hope.

    I think the fact that she did whatever the hell she wanted to with the ward, and only catered to select groups, is the reason why so many divisions exist in this community.

    So let her come to community meetings, let her rally with O.N.E. and what's left of Couraj. There's a new alderman that isn't going to look the other way when they try to do their social experimentations and wreak havoc on the rest of us.

  96. IP -- those "Jon in a box" places exist -- they're called Chik-Fil-A

  97. KT--I challenge you to point out anywhere where anyone has painted Cappleman to be a "savior". I supported him because I knew that he listened--and WILL listen--to many points of view and many concerns, and based on what I have observed over the years, he will act as alderman for the greater good of ALL of us. Not act for the good of a small percentage of the ward by itself.

    And really, that is the reason why there has been so much venom aimed at Cappleman for the past few years--everyone knew that he was no Helen Shiller, and the Mark Kaplans and the O.N.E.s and the Voice of the Peoples and, yes, the JPUSAs have always felt threatened by the prospect of them NOT being the only voices heard by the alderman. Let's face it--all of those people have had the luxury of riding the gravy train of largesse that Shiller smugly spent 20+ years "re-allocating" from the Average Joes and Average Jills...knowing quite well that Shiller wouldn't listen to Joe and Jill's concerns and would actively antagonize Joe and Jill for no other reason than that she could.

    It's gonna be rough for those groups, discovering that they aren't the only people who matter in the Republic of the 46th Ward...and since they failed to be reasonable with their reasonable neighbors by reaching out to find common ground while they still controlled things, they shouldn't be surprised now if and when they get told to take a long hike off a short dock in Montrose Harbor. Those who can't live by the Golden Rule can't expect more than reciprocation for what they handed out themselves...but I suspect that they will still, despite all the nasty behaviors and accusations they committed, STILL will have a place at the table with Cappleman. It's time for Voice, JPUSA, Kaplan, O.N.E., the shelters, and their ilk to step up to the plate and FINALLY be good neighbors--it is no longer a one-way street where that is concerned, and I think that Cappleman will say that everyone is welcome in Uptown--as long as people take responsibility for where they live and work (owners and renters and indigent alike), and that neighbors treat their neighbors as they wish to be treated themselves.

  98. We all fit in the box of douche bags trolling our neighborhood blog in the equivalent of our mom's basement.

    We're all one in this now.