Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wilson Magnolia Strip Mall For Sale

A reader writes in regarding the strip mall that is home to businesses like Three Harmony, Subway, and Advanced Spine & Sports Care:

"Who says values aren't rising?  The strip mall at 4544 Magnolia just came on the market at $3,290,000 and had sold previously in Jan of '07 for $2,400,000."
photo via Google StreetView


  1. Does that price include the gangbangers that hang out in front?

  2. Good luck to any potential owners on that strip of mall. In todays ecomony and in this part of Uptown you would need plenty of luck to get your money back if you ever did at all.

  3. Per a CAPS meeting last year, I believe that the owner from 2007 went into foreclosure and the property was purchased by a new owner from the bank in 2010 (who was being quite cooperative with the police regarding lighting/cameras/etc).

    Here's hoping the new landlord will be both proactive and involved on that corner.

  4. Bought in 2007 and they want to make an $800K profit in this market? What improvements have they made? What key long term tenants are there at that location to warrant someone spending this much money? This place will be on the market for years.