Thursday, March 3, 2011

Uptown's "Pop Culture Museum"

Gaper's Block features an interview with Ric Addy, proprietor of Shake Rattle & Read, now in its 46th year of business at the same Uptown location, right next to the Uptown Theatre. Read and learn, grasshoppers! Right here.


  1. 3/3/11 Warning nonrelated blog entry comment

    Trash Update for the week.

    Yesterday I filled one thirty gallon trash full of beer bottles, cans, etc alone for the east side of winthrop inbetween leland and lawrence. Would be nice if the Aragon or some local business had some recycling bins so I or possibly someone who actually lives in that vicinity could help clean up the area and recycle at the same time.

    As it stands I plunked the thirty gallon super heavy bag into the corner trash can.
    I hoping next week to do the west side of Winthrop.

  2. **oops trash bag...

    No need to thank me captn picard,
    just taking care of business....
    But I appreciate the sentiment...

    There is some super tall buildings on that block, and some single family houses, and a buddhist center, and a school?
    Weird Block, and overall a filth factory of garbage. But hopefully overtime that will change....