Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let The Endorsing Begin!

Aldermanic candidate James Cappleman received the endorsement of former challenger Emily Stewart today. Stewart came in third place with 2,027 votes.

Update:  There's now a list on the sidebar to the right of both Phelan and Cappleman endorsements.  We'll update it as new endorsements come in.  If you're aware of an endorsement and we don't have it listed, please send an email to, along with a link, if one is available.


  1. I'm a Cappleman supporter, so I'm glad to see this and expect it will be the first of many of the other candidates offering support for James.

    I voted for James over Molly or Emily because I preferred his plans for the ward and respect his character and history in the ward; however, I think Emily's endorsement shows his ability to build bridges/coalitions with all people inside the ward, even he doesn't agree them on every policy issue.

    Clearly a positive if he can get many of Emily's supporters to come out for him in April. Hope to see some of the other candidates lining up behind him, despite differences on some policy issues.

  2. This is good to see...two people with roots in the Ward coming together for the common good. Lots of experience living and doing good things in the Ward between those two.

    I had a call a little while ago, by the way...312 number..."Are you a registered voter? Will you be voting in the 46th Ward April runoff? Our girl has a plan for clearing out the bad elements in the neighborhood, and a crime plan and an economic development plan. Knowing that, will you be voting for our girl?" "" "Oh. OK. Thanks." *Click*


    Word of advice. I'm not the only person sick and tired of my phone ringing off the hook from the LAST two elections...and tired of getting my mailbox stuffed full of glossy unrecyclable political flyers every two days. Every time I get MORE of that stuff turns me off to the candidates who get wheelbarrows full of Chicago Machine money (from outside of the ward) to pay for the nonsense. Ditch the B.S. Get your behind out to talk with the people in the businesses and condo buildings and EL platforms and Voice-and-CHA buildings...tell us what you've done, what you've accomplished, what you want to do and why we should cast a vote for you. I'm not impressed by one-trick ponies. I'm not impressed by all the "connections" you have with existing Machine office holders. I'm not actually impressed by someone flaunting "power" and "connections" when someone hasn't been in the Ward very long and hasn't put down real roots to demonstrate a long-term committment to the Ward. Show me something tangible and real, and convince me why I should vote for you. OK?

  3. Bear,

    that's called a "push poll". It's the kind of heavy handed tactic that will backfire in this ward. Amateurish.

    Here's a potential script:


    "Hi, are you planning to vote in the aldermanic runoff?


    "Did you know candidate Molly Phelan has a super dooper plan to eliminate crime, reopen the Uptown Theater, cure gingivitis, and reduce property taxes?"

    "Why, no I didn't. What about whathisname........the other candidate.......what's his plan".

    "I'm SO GLAD you asked. Whathisname is currently out of town in Libya organizing a rescue mission for Colonel Gadhafi. He also brought a group of stray dogs to feed the Colonels mercenary forces and may bring Gadhafi and his mercenaries back to Uptown to live in the neighborhood.


    "Now who are you planning to vote for?"


    "Now who..........(click)

    As for Emily Stewart endorsing the Capplemaniac I'm glad to see it. I didn't agree with her on some things, but she is an impressive individual. It was nice to hear her grandfather was out removing her signs the day after the election. That family has class.

  4. Not a slight against James - or a plus for Molly - whatsoever, but ... whenever I see "Carol Ronen" three things come to mind:

    1 - 48th ward
    2 - Blago
    3 - Must be nice to have such a bloated pension (see #2).

    As a side note (nee - rant): what is up with the Dem Committee sites of the 46th and 48th wards having the URL of the committee person?

    Personally, that minuscule bit speaks volumes about these people.

    As a side-side note (nee - mini-rant): if you're going to feed your insatiable ego so much as to do the committee's/peoples' work under your own name, at least have the common decency to update the darned website every year or so.


  5. Emily campaigned for more subsidized housing for the 46th ward.
    should we assume James too supports this?

  6. @Uptown - No, no more than JPUSA's endorsement of Molly means that she supports it. That's why I said it was nice to see James able to get Emily's endorsement even though he disagrees with her on certain issues.

    James' position that he has consistently said at all of the candidate forums is that he does support tax incentives for the development of low income housing for neighborhoods throughout the city that currently have low percentages of poverty and low income housing [meaning NOT Uptown] and that he supports tax incentives for the development of MARKET rate housing for neighborhoods that already have high percentages of poverty and low income housing [including Uptown].

    This is the same concept as mixed-income is better in a single building than only low-income building [which CHA agrees with... Taylor Homes and Cabrini turned out not to be good models]. Same holds true for neighborhoods... mixed income is better than concentrating low income. And James recognizes that while affordable housing is important throughout the city, the 46th ward has done more than it's fair share.