Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turn On CLTV Tonight

James and Molly are on CLTV's "Politics Tonight" show RIGHT NOW, live.  It'll be rebroadcast at 9:30pm.  We'll try to get clips as soon as they're up.  Catch it live and phone in a question.


  1. I am starting to feel sorry for Molly - this CLTV interview with James & Molly showed Molly as more train wreck than candidate - and not ready for prime time.

    The earpiece thing with Phelan was odd - why couldn't they fix this during breaks?

    I was unimpressed by Molly's "I stood by" statement about her insinuations toward Cappleman on "decorator flower boxes". I was embarrassed for her when she remarked that her priority re: gays and lesbians in our ward should be "sensitivity" training - I think Molly could use that "sensitivity" training herself, plus a huge dose of humility and a bridled sense of entitlement.

    Phelan's attempt to explain her 90% outside-the-ward campaign contributions was blathering and incoherent, and her slur about so many endorsements going to Cappleman, supposedly because of his own donations to his endorsers, was contemptible.

    Anyway, this was a must-see interview for anyone still undecided about the 46th Ward run-off election - I thought the moderator was also quite even-handed, informed and as thorough as one can be in a 1/2 hour show.

  2. Will this be available online anytime soon?

  3. Oh Danny boy,

    Sounds like an interesting interview. Hopefully there will be a link up soon.

    As for Cappleman's donations to his endorsers I found donations to Mary Ann Smith, Heather Steans, Greg Harris and the 46th Ward Democrats in the state database. After adding them up and then subtracting for my alcohol level they seem to range from about $150-$250 per candidate/organization.

    I've made trips to the liquor store that amount to more than those donations. If Molly wants to play that game are her donations from Reilly "payback" for her donations to his campaign and the time she spent as a volunteer for his campaign.

    The decent part of me had hoped for a meaningful and well run campaign. Thankfully, the larger indecent part of my personality is loving the silliness and mudslinging!

    To rah loo rah loo rah.........