Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Response From The CHA

A reader contacted the CHA about the SUV crash at Winthrop and Winona last night. Below is Jadine Chou's response. We really appreciate the openness and communication between Woodlawn Corporation and the community.

“CHA continues to have full time security at the Winthrop property mentioned in the posting. Camera footage from our building confirms that the guard was present at the building throughout the entire shift, including at the point when the incident occurred down the street.

The Uptown Update posting makes several references to CHA, private security and their role in this particular incident. The incident did not happen at, nor was related to, the CHA building. Please remember that the primary focus of private security is to oversee the CHA property. While we hope that their presence would have a halo effect for the neighborhood, the guards do not have legal jurisdiction beyond the boundaries of the property. Having said that, when possible, we cooperate very closely with Chicago Police when an incident in the neighborhood, such as this, does occur.

If there are any specific concerns related to the performance of the guards, please contact Jadine Chou. Your concerns will be investigated and your information will be kept confidential.”


  1. This is reasonable and quick. Good job CHA press people. We should figure out who actually made this response - they deserve a pat on the back.

  2. Jadine does a great job. She is the head of scattered site housing throughout Chicago, but makes a point to attend meetings, speak with people and respond to e-mails, personally. Definitely a rare gem.

  3. A nice response, but I think the CHA needs to share their video. My guess is that if the security guard was there as stated it will show he/she ducking and hiding while said event was unfolding. I was on hand for the incident and they were nowhere to be found for at least 30 minutes while we were outside.

  4. I would very much like to see the video tape and /or have confirmation the video tape is from the correct address. I do not doubt the CHA is telling the truth as they know it. However, I have learned from past official responses that the official record of events can vary widely from personal accounts. (For example, No evidence of or official record of shots fired, despite a vast number of residents in the neighborhood seeing it.)

    I do not think the security guard could have prevented the incident, nor do I believe the security guard is responsible for intervening. However, I do believe it was his or her responsibility to investigate what was obviously a safety concern that could have had a direct effect on the residents of the buildings.

    I witnessed the situation from my window, went outside to investigate the situation, called 911 and stayed outside until the police left. At no time did any security guard present themselves. Additionally, my husband and I walked in front of the CHA buildings, and witnessed the police walking behind the building in an attempt to locate the security guard so that they could be informed of the situation. Like my husband and I, the police didn't find anyone. Why did the security guard avoid the police and concerned neighbors?

  5. @ Jason. I totally agree. She has been great in working with the neighborhood association and makes herself available to residents. That is why I do not doubt her word.

  6. If you feel strongly that the tape should be released, submit a FOIA request to the CHA. If it differs from what Jadine said, I'm sure she's going to want to be the first to know about it.