Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tribune Endorses Phelan

The Trib's editorial board says:

46th Ward: Attorney Mary Anne "Molly" Phelan is our choice over Jim Cappleman, a clinical social worker and president of the Uptown Chicago Commission. Phelan would bring common sense to the City Council. She says Chicago schoolchildren need more hours and days in the classroom. She'll help citizens take on gangs and irresponsible landlords. She has a novel idea to get building owners to allow local artists to use empty storefront space. She wants to build on Uptown's diversity and its entertainment spots to create a destination neighborhood. Phelan is endorsed.


  1. "She has a novel idea to get building owners to allow local artists to use empty storefront space."

    So novel that Mary Ann Smith has been doing it in neighboring Edgewater for nearly a year now.

  2. And the Tribune always endorsed Shiller.....really?

  3. so the Trib endorsed Emily Stewart...who endorsed James did the Trib make a mistake in its 1st endorsement?

    This appears to be a poorly written endorsement consisting of cutting and pasting answers from a questionnaire she likely filled out--and the answers she claims are all things members of the Uptown community were working on years before she moved here.

    This is a lazily researched endorsement. Makes me really wonder how well written the rest of the paper is!

  4. Sassy I was going to comment on "novel"

    It is hardly novel if they do it everywhere.

  5. Commence the slagging of Molly Phelan by UU commentators!

  6. Whatever Tribune, where are you with your reporters at 5PM, 9PM, 1AM, and 3AM on an EVERYDAY basis with all the shootings and gang activity in the 46th ward? Maybe we should charge back to you the security camera initiatives and everything else here that our properties have privately invested in order to get help because our Alderman Shiller would not! Tribune, you don't live HERE and maybe YOU should!

  7. Have to look at the history here, but if the Trib endorsed Shiller in the past......I'm going to get a bit sick.

  8. Without getting into the merits of Phelan versus Cappleman, this is the lamest endorsement I've seen in a long time. It sheds absolutely zero light on why they are choosing one candidate OVER the other. I know there are fourteen races, but couldn't the editorial board be bothered to put together something more coherent and substantive?

  9. Here is the Chicago Tribune's endorsement in the General Election: 46th Ward: With the decision by Ald. Helen Shiller not to seek another term, Uptown is having an even more vigorous debate than usual about how to mesh its pockets of wealth and poverty. There's a wonderfully diverse field of 11 candidates. We enthusiastically endorse attorney Emily Stewart, who doesn't want the disadvantaged to be priced out of the community, but does demand that social service providers and landlords of affordable housing crack down on tenants and clients who break the law. Stewart's background in corporate finance will help her draw and retain businesses. Stewart wants to start a Budget and Fiscal Reform caucus of aldermen who are serious about getting the city's finances under control. There are at least three other strong candidates: attorney Mary Anne "Molly" Phelan; Scott Baskin, the CEO of Mark Shale; and James Cappleman, a social worker and neighborhood leader who ran a strong race against Shiller in 2007. Stewart would be a bright, young, fresh face for Chicago.

    Clearly, an entirely different person or board wrote the endorsement for the run-off. Their rationale for endorsing Molly is completely different from Emily (in fact, quite the opposite). It's hard to take this endorsement seriously when they can't even get the candidate's name correct, or call a recycled idea "novel."

  10. I realize that editorial board decisions are different/supposedly disconnected from a newspaper's reporting, but I will comment that the New York Times has covered our ward issues about as well as the Tribune of late.

    The Trib's opinion means much less than it may have 4 or 8 or more years ago. Don't forget Sam Zell (in no way a "progressive") still owns it, and I certainly think he and Molly share some political philosophies. Zell and Phelan also share a very strong dislike of them by many who have worked closely with them. Not quite like a Sarah Palin endorsing a Michelle Bachman, but similar reasoning.

  11. I could tear this endorsement apart, but I won't. Because I'm a fully self actualized person.

    In an earlier thread I said the only endorsement that ultimately matters is on election day. That being said newspaper endorsements can make a difference. So congrats Team Molly.

    In 2007 the Tribune endorsed Shiller and many of the pols endorsing Cappleman this election endorsed Shiller also. Make your own minds up folks. The only endorsement that should matter to you is the one you make on election day.

    Now if you're pro Cappleman get off your asses and help "Jim Cappleman" out. Donate some money. Pester your neighbors. Check out his website and see how you can volunteer.

    If you're pro Molly well stay home. Watch a movie. Take a well deserved vacation. Take Yellow Dog Democrat to the vet and have him checked out. Whatever you do stay the hell away from the polls.

    See, dat's me.........fully self actualized.

  12. I smell bacon. Anybody else smell bacon?

  13. Oh, one more thang.

    Ed "Council Wars/Darth Burke" has "endorsed" Phelan to the tune of $1000 dollars. Also the sky is falling. Molly got a big donation from someone in the ward also.

    Burke, Edward
    Occupation: Alderman
    Employer: City of Chicago 2660 West 51st Street
    Chicago, IL 60632 $1,500.00
    3/7/2011 1A
    Friends of Molly Phelan

    International Nursing & Rehab Center, LLC 4815 South Western Ave
    Chicago, IL 60609 $2,500.00
    3/7/2011 1A
    Friends of Molly Phelan

    Peden, Janet
    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Information Requested 4458 North Beacon
    Chicago, IL 60640 $1,000.00
    3/9/2011 1A
    Friends of Molly Phelan

  14. Terry O'Brien.

    Joe Berrios.

    and now

    Ed "F'n" Burke. Oops it was $1500

    Get off your asses people because some of the worst people in local politics are supporting Molly.

    Some of it is just the real estate tax attorney fraternity, but that doesn't explain all of it.

    So the Tribune endorses Molly.

    Well in World War Two the Tribune published the fact that our government had broken a secret Japanese code.

    Now the Tribune endorses Molly Phelan. See the connection?

    No, I don't see a connection, but I'm channeling my inner Glenn Beck.

    Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no.

    Learn from the Tao of
    "Animal House".

    D-Day (Bruce McGill): War's over, man. Wormer dropped the big one.

    Bluto: Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

    Otter (Tim Matheson): [whispering] Germans?

    Boon (Peter Riegert): Forget it, he's rolling.

    Bluto: And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough... [thinks hard] the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go! [runs out, alone; then returns] What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer -

    Otter: Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.

    Bluto: We're just the guys to do it.

    D-Day: Let's do it.

    Bluto: LET'S DO IT!!

  15. Molly Phelan wants to re-enforce gay stereotypes and has her volunteers threaten gay people in the ward - great endorsement Tribune! I love being pushed back in the closet. BTW - Who is JIM Cappleman? Will he be on the ballot when I vote early starting Monday at Truman College?

  16. "Molly Phelan wants to re-enforce gay stereotypes and has her volunteers threaten gay people in the ward"

    How dare you make such a slanderous statement!

  17. a Tribune endorsement holds much water...

  18. CP sez: "How dare you make such a slanderous statement!"

    Weeeeelllllll, Mary Ann was quoted herself regarding her view of how SHE would spend "her" menu money versus how James would spend "her" menu money (note my emphasis on how she already thinks our tax dollars is "hers" to do with as she wishes...isn't it OUR menu money?!?). That has previously been discussed here.

    I'm also guessing that whomever it was who was verbally assaulted and intimidated by Yellow Dog in the process of doing pre-election flyers...may have been perceived to be gay.

    How is that SLANDEROUS, CP?

  19. "I'm also guessing that whomever it was who was verbally assaulted and intimidated by Yellow Dog in the process of doing pre-election flyers...may have been perceived to be gay."

    AFLAC duck look.

    I think you should lay off the Tiger Blood.

  20. "I'm also guessing that whomever it was who was verbally assaulted and intimidated by Yellow Dog in the process of doing pre-election flyers...may have been perceived to be gay."

    Bear60640, that's seriously weak. James deserves better supporters than you.

  21. The Tribune has a long history of making right-leaning and wrong-headed endorsements. I believe they endorsed every Bush presidential election, for example. Their endorsement has almost become a black mark against candidates, for me and many other voters--especially on the left side of things.

    In other news, it seems to be very difficult to keep Cappleman signs in yards. I wonder if a Phelan supporter is vigilantly "liberating" them.

  22. "The Tribune has a long history of making right-leaning and wrong-headed endorsements."

    The Trib endorsed Emily Stewart last election. That crazy right winger!

  23. Technically, offthefence's comments would be considered libel, not slander, since they are published/broadcast.

    More disturbing is the notion being put forth by Phelan's critics -- and I'm going to guess by default Cappleman's supporters -- that Cappleman's plans are because he is gay or that people can look gay.

    The fact is, Phelan is not perpetuating a stereotype, she's stating clear facts. Cappleman actually said he wants to spend $1.3 million in taxpayer dollars on:

    "streetscaping, pedestrian lighting, planters, and public art"

    Streetscaping, for those not familiar with the term, includes such things as decorative lighting, planters, trees and median flower beds.

    Now, I have yet to hear anyone on this site, or anyone besides James Cappleman, say that they think we ought to be spending $1.3 million a year on those items in Uptown.

    I'll venture a guess that most voters in the ward -- even the majority of gay voters -- think that's just nuts. And they'd think it was just as nuts if it was proposed by a candidate who wasn't gay.

    And if anyone can tell us what gay people look like, I can't wait to hear.

  24. The person who was accosted by Dave Clarkin/Yellow Dog was in fact gay.

    Considering Yellow Dog's Mike Madigan political connections, it's kind of funny that the Cappleman worker he chose to go after had previously worked as a liaison to the GLBT community for Lisa Madigan in the November election.

    I'm not sure if people realize that after Clarkin did that, Molly promoted him to campaign manager for her run-off? I didn't hear about any apologies for the behavior of her paid staff, just about her promoting him.

  25. Steve,

    You are a fresh a breath air. Nice job pointing some facts that actually matter instead of spreading a bunch of slanderous BS.

  26. Steve -

    There is another person who thinks we should be spending the alderman menu funds on items to improve our streets - Miss Molly Phelan. She says "Phelan has pledged to use her $1.3 million aldermanic discretionary budget to improve public safety, working with police to improve lighting in crime hotspots and make other improvements."

    James also wants to improve lighting on the streets - as he plans to "Use the $1.3 million dollars in menu funds for improvements including more streetscaping, pedestrian lighting, planters, and public art to attract foot traffic in the area."

    Frankly, I read their plans as very similar - using money to improve the safety and appearance of our streets and sidewalks to be safer for neighbors and more attractive to businesses.

    The only reason that this has become an issues is that Miss Phelan lied about her own plans for the menu funds (she said she wanted to hire police officers, which is not a permitted use) and she blatantly misled a reporter about James's plans for the menu funds.

    Frankly, as a 46th ward resident, I welcome plans to make our streets brigher and more presentable to both neighbors and businesses.

    So, count me who don't see James (or Miss Phelan's plans) as nuts, but a good use of menu funds.

  27. Steve is correct, sorry about that, I wrote that in shock.

    "streetscaping, pedestrian lighting, planters, and public art"

    I actually don't think this is such a hair brained idea I like it. I am confused now, does this have something to do with my sexual orientation?

  28. "She has a novel idea to get building owners to allow local artists to use empty storefront space."

    I'd be more impressed with ideas on how to get stores in those store fronts insted of artists' work.

  29. "Steve",

    I know you're hunched over your computer in Phelan's office furiously looking for things to attack Cappleman or his supporters with, but perhaps it's time to take a look outside. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    As someone posted here a few days ago Phelan said something very similar to Cappleman's statement regarding lighting etc.

    I guess facts don't matter do they little doggie?

    As for Phelan running an anti-gay campaign that's absurd. Her campaign dog has clearly decided that being "tough on crime" is the road to victory and will run with that. Clarkin will take any Cappleman statement and distort it to fit his agenda. Clarkin considers himself a master at opposition research and planting stories in friendly media outlets.

    Expect a blurb in Sneed's column soon. As for Clarkin going all doberman on the Cappleman supporters over signs, that was likely just a stupid moment caused by stress. I doubt it had anything to do with the supporter's perceived sexual identity.

    As to "sign stealing" the most likely culprit for that is simply someone who doesn't like Cappleman. Not necessarily a Phelan supporter. People get weird around election time.

    Now I haven't seen many signs out at all so far. Perhaps tonight I will sneak out of my lair under the Pullman Tomb and scour the neighborhood for signs on trees and the public way that I can legally remove. Or perhaps not. Sounds too much like work.

  30. Steve,
    Yes, we can tell you what gay people look like, in general. Just like I can tell you what skateboarders look like, in general. There are exceptions to every norm, but anyone that doesn't see that the majority of the gay community (just like the majority of the skate community) shares some defining characteristics, is out of touch with reality.

  31. Another thing, everyone should stop complaining so much about YDD and Molly's campaign and get to work campaigning for James. I prefer to hear about the great plans James has for Uptown rather than each little thing that is wrong with Molly.

  32. The ironic thing about all of this is that Phelan can't use menu funds to hire police because it's not allowed. It's only allowed for infrastructure repair and streetscaping, just as Cappleman has always advocated.

    Perhaps if Phelan had more history of being involved in the ward, she would have known that. It's the reason why Phelan thinks she's the first one to come up with a plan for the entertainment district. She has no clue about the work involved by various elected officials and the community to get the Lawrence/Broadway Entertainment TIF passed.

  33. Holey Moley,

    Did you watch the earlier debate? I am not defending Molly, but what you say is not entirely true. In the debate she explained(very poorly) her plan to use menu funds for security in conjunction with the SSAs. James seemed to concede that she could do it but made a good point that there are other areas out side of that which also need security.

    Just wanted to point that out. So other people know. The garbage that is spread on here is ridiculous, I'm almost embarressed that I am currently supporting Cappleman.

  34. In this time of budget crisis and knowning how the machine uses this alder-manic discretionary budget to sway voters, I think that I would want a community leader fight for us to get rid of this waste in all 50th wards.

  35. Capstone, please, you know very well that Cappleman would not support mudslinging as he has not done it. So you should not be ashamed to support him. Leaves some of the ward out? Leaves OVER half of the ward out, including very dangerous parts! And if you have extra security in some spots, I think we have learned our lessons from the blue light cameras... What will happen? It will push the gang banging and drug dealing to a different block.

  36. Meg,

    Thanks for being one of the few here that can express points subjectively. Very good point.

  37. Why do safety and streetscaping need to be mutually exclusive? Why can't Uptown have both?

    Mary Ann Smith endorses Cappleman...
    Mary Ann Smith on Emanuel transition team...

    Ed Burke gives money to Phelan...
    Burke fought to keep Emanuel off ballot...

    Emanuel stays out of this race???? Agree with IP and council wars...But, why would Mayor elect stay out???

  38. According to the information that Molly Phelan’s campaign submitted to the Illinois Board of Elections (and thanks to Irish Pirate), Alderman Ed Burke made a contribution of $1,500 to her campaign for 46th ward alderman this week. More than the contributions that Molly has received from 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly, support and alignment from Alderman Ed Burke is rather troublesome. As with the Phelan family, the Burke family is heavily involved in the property tax appeal law business.

    Who is Alderman Ed Burke? Aside from the ringleader of the “Council Wars” in the 1980’s, he is also known as on of the most powerful and controversial aldermen. Here is a list of his notable qualities:

    · Alderman Ed Burke has maintained his employment as a property tax appeal attorney, earning hundreds of millions dollars a year from Chicago’s largest companies, while still working as Alderman.

    · Burke approval zoning changes in his ward to directly benefit him and his campaign associates to develop a townhome community on this site.

    · Burke's top political aide Peter J. Andrews was running a trucking company in the name of his wife and another woman to get work as a woman-owned firm under the city's scandal-ridden Hired Truck Program

    · Burke is the only Chicago alderman who has police officers assigned to him as bodyguards (a paid staff of six to keep him secure all at taxpayer cost)

    For a candidate that “is fed up with Machine politicians who commit crimes and waste taxpayer dollars,” it is ironic that she is taking campaign donations from the type of politician that she is admonishing during her campaign.

  39. Well apparently Rahmbo has decided to publicly stay out of the race.

    He did meet with Phelan. I don't know if he met with Cappleman.

    It's likely some of Molly's big money people got her a meeting with "da new mare".

    Emmanuel has supporters on both sides of the 46th race so he's probably decided to stay out of it.

    Now does he do something behind the scenes to support one candidate over another? Maybe, but my guess is he just sits back and watches. That's not his nature, but it's the smart move and Emmanuel is way smart. WAY.

  40. Another interesting "coincidence" regarding the Burke donation.

    On the same day he gave the Phelan campaign $1500 dollars a nursing home mere blocks from his ward office donated $2500 to her.

    That nursing homes donations seem to largely go to candidates and committees near and dear to Ed Burke's heart.

    Ed Burke. He's like a Shamrock Shake. He's minty and delicious. His main campaign fund also shows over 7 MILLION dollars in donations over the years. People must really dig Ed.

    Hell, why only $1500 Ed? I mean you're notoriously cheap, but for an honorary South Side Irish lass like Molly can't you part with a few more greenbacks? I get it. Better to hit up your friends to support her and keep the big money for yourself.

  41. Meg,

    James is not stupid. It is politics.

  42. It is Chicago politics..Ran into Sara Burke and she explained that her family and the Phelan family were friends. Possible... after the accusations on UU bloggers of having personal vendettas against Molly...I guess my disappointment in her campaign stems more from what I, again I see as a lack of her own self confidence to take on an election without the backing and deep pockets from connected politicians in Chicago. I would have liked to see her run on her own merit and not the checkbooks and clout of notorious politicians. It takes money, I know that... I guess ethics and morals would have been a welcome surprise. my opinion...She has become less Molly Phelan and more token Chicago Politician. Now, I expect to be let it fly.

  43. I must admit that I'm disappointed in Molly Phelan so far. I expect a lot more integrity from a graduate of The University of Notre Dame.

  44. Whether folks support Cappleman or Phelan, I would hope that Uptown residents want a community in which the democratic process can unfold without slander.

    The idea that my husband is homophobic is absurd. Just ask the gay members of our wedding party, or the Human Rights Campaign, to which he donates monthly as a sustaining member. For those who are suspicious of my husband's campaign experience, I note his advisory role for Jacob Meister, the only openly gay candidate for U.S. Senate.

    I don't expect all residents to agree on who the best candidate for alderman is, but I do expect to be able to raise our son in a community where no one falsely claims his father is homophobic.

    This kind of divisive politics stands in the way of positive changes for our community.

  45. Has the sun-times endorsed yet? Or Crains Buisnee? They are somthing like the WSJ of Chicago.

  46. Rebecca of Sheridan Park,

    you she wolf you! Defending your husband and child. Just in case your post disappears I'll repost it then tear it apart for gramer,puntuatin and spelingn.

    Rebecca said...

    Whether folks support Cappleman or Phelan, I would hope that Uptown residents want a community in which the democratic process can unfold without slander.

    The idea that my husband is homophobic is absurd. Just ask the gay members of our wedding party, or the Human Rights Campaign, to which he donates monthly as a sustaining member. For those who are suspicious of my husband's campaign experience, I note his advisory role for Jacob Meister, the only openly gay candidate for U.S. Senate.

    I don't expect all residents to agree on who the best candidate for alderman is, but I do expect to be able to raise our son in a community where no one falsely claims his father is homophobic.

    This kind of divisive politics stands in the way of positive changes for our community.
    March 12, 2011 12:17 PM

    Now on to the official IrishPirate response from my underground lair at the Pullman Tomb.

    You're wondering why your husband is accused of being homophobic?

    Well when said husband loudly confronts a much smaller gay man over perceived sign stealing, to the point of being perceived as a physical threat one can expect some repercussions.

    When the campaign said husband is affiliated with challenges voters on election day, some of whom are gay, you can expect some repercussions.

    When the candidate said husband is supporting mocks her gay opponent for supporting "decorative" flower pots, instead of crime fighting.....well you see where I'm going with this.

    When the candidate said husband is supporting suggests her gay opponent is buying endorsements, while she gets tens of thousands in dollars from outside the ward interests you can expect people's anger to get up. GRRRRRRR.

    It's like a Yellow Dog Democrat version of Karl Rove.

    As I said earlier I don't think the Phelan campaign is anti gay. It makes no sense to run a campaign like that in this ward. However, like many of the other criticisms of "Team Molly" it's been brought about by the way the campaign has been run.

    Now politics can be a dirty business. Like for instance if I were to point out the Phelan connections to Terry O'Brien, Joe Berrios, and Ed Burke some people might object to that. I feel dirty just typing those names.

    I need to go take a shower now. It's Saturday and time for my weekly shower anyway.

  47. Once last thing Rebecca, when your hubby pulls amateurish dog poop like this you can expect some repercussions.

  48. When this aldermanic race began, I was leaning toward supporting Phelan. I did not know the other candidates as well.

    I attended Phelan's campaign kick-off announcement event at Nick's with some neighbors, including a friend of Molly's from suburban childhood.

    All in our group left that event feeling hugely disappointed. Molly demonstrated a poor understanding of ward issues and gave little reason why we should support her.

    We - all 4 of us including Molly's friends - sneaked out of Nick's at the end so that we would not have to be asked what we thought of Molly's announcement/performance/prospects/hit up for money.

    Since that time, I have been disappointed with the Phelan campaign. If Phelan does not want to be perceived as "homophobic" (which Molly surely is not at her core) then don't resort to loaded terms and dishonest charges about your opponents preferring "decorator pots" over crime fighting or increased police. And be big enough to admit you could have chosen your words more carefully/accurately.

    Phelan's latest mailer to my home repeated her "slander" (the word of choice of Phelan folk) against Cappleman.

    Phelan also said in the CLTV interview "I did stand by" regarding her use of that false attack and its wording.

    Molly, put your big girl pants on and stand up to those who are trying to manipulate you with their money. Acknowledge that you could perhaps have chosen your words more carefully and accurately.

    That would enable many of us to feel good about you as a person and better about your as a possible alderman, and not feel remorse that we once supported you, and gave money to campaigns and causes you solicited us for.

  49. The attacks on Molly that I am reading give me little incentive to vote for Cappleman, how about some honest discourse on policy that would make one candidate better over the other? The smears are silly, I give the Trib zero credence, but I do believe we have two really good candidates, I need to choose the best one. Get a grip people, everyones attacks on Molly make me want to vote for her out of sympathy.

  50. Adriana.. if you vote for Molly out of sympathy then you are not the most intelligent person out there... dont be passive aggressive... if you like Molly, fine, state it.. dont play the "Molly is a victim" here please... it is just sad and belittles everyone.. including you

  51. I fail to understand how Any candidate here is the "sympathetic" candidate... Take stereotypes away...race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status...whatever is PC today for sexual orientation today...We have a chance to be a small voice for a larger democracy by not letting the political status quo vote for us. Let this election be decided By Our Ward!!! Come on Folks... Really!!! Whomever you support!

  52. Adrianna, let's discuss a few facts here.

    We had 11 candidates before and many voters got confused about who to support. We know how Phelan and Cappleman are alike, but now we get the chance to see how they compare.

    If you think it's unfair that Phelan gets picked on and Cappleman gets praised too much, then we're either witnessing a secret conspiracy all orchestrated by Cappleman to get elected (and if he's able to pull that off, he's one powerful dude) or perhaps it's something else.

    Attacks are going to be made about both candidates because that's just the way elections operate. If you want to attack Cappleman on something, attack away but keep it honest. If attacks on Phelan aren't honest, then show proof of the inaccuracy. Phelan had no problem with her public "flower pot" statement about Cappleman, so it's now too late to play victim.

    On a side note, it's rather curious that none of the other candidates have yet to throw their support behind Phelan and more than a few have endorsed Cappleman. One has to wonder why this is so.

  53. I am a personal friend of Dave Clarkin, not a political ally. I also happen to be gay. I cannot stand by while it's implied that he is a homophobe and not speak up on his behalf. I assure all of you who would like to paint him as such that you are completely and utterly mistaken and misguided in this view. I'm also very sorry that this is what has come out of an election that promises such hope and positive change in Uptown, no matter which candidate should finally win.

  54. Very simply, whenever I hear the "I have gay friends, so I could not possibly ever say or do anything that is offensive", I know that the person "with the gay friends" knows he's been caught.

    Proof is in the action - if he is truly not homophobic - and I trust that he is not - then he would not have let the Phalen campaign stick to her false "decorator flower pots" comment and also stick it back on Phelan's latest mailer. It's not the initial insensitivity of the Phelan campaign or of Dave Clarkin that is bothersome, it's the denial that Molly's remarks and statements in her mailer and on the CLTV debate and in Gay Chicago Magazine could possibly have been in poor taste, false or at least a misjudgment.

  55. I really wish all of you could know Molly. She's an amazing and wonderful person who is more suited for this job than anyone I could possibly imagine. It saddens me to see all of the ignorant one-sided comments from the readers on here. I own in Uptown and have known Molly for almost 20 years. I hope you take the time to really get to know here. She's by far the best thing that could ever happen to our great and wonderful neighborhood...

  56. 284b, one little problem with your reasoning. The very same thing has been said about Cappleman.

    A candidate's real integrity is tested in times of adversity, and Phelan's desperate attempt with promoting a gay stereotype by referring to Cappleman as too focused on decorative flower pots to a gay magazine wasn't a cool move, especially when her alternative to the use of menu funds isn't allowed.

    I'm all for getting to really know a candidate. I'm getting to know Phelan by her response to the media and the by the actions of those she has hired.