Monday, March 14, 2011

Seems Like Old Times

Time to start voting in Election 2.0.

The polls for the 46th Ward aldermanic runoff are open from today until March 31st.  If you thought it was a short ballot on February 22, you won't believe this one: 

One office.

Two names.

That's it.

The polling place in the 46th Ward is Truman College, 1145 West Wilson.  You can vote Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pmHere's the list of polling places throughout the city; note that three of them are open seven days a week, including Welles Park, at Western and Sunnyside (2333 W Sunnyside).

So get out there, one last time.  Just five votes separated the two leading candidates in the February election, so every vote will count.  Make yours one of them.


  1. Welles Park is at Western, not California.

  2. The actual place for voting is in the building at 2300 W. Sunnyside.

    Just west of Lincoln Avenue at the far eastern end of the Park District building.

    Like Santa I know all and see all.

  3. Sorry... late night brain got Welles Park and Horner Park confused. The address has been corrected. UU regrets the error, blah, blah, blah.

  4. For those of us wondering if the early vote ballots are counted at the same time as Election Day ballots...yes, they are. I spoke with an election judge today at Welles Park, who explained to me that both types of completed ballots are counted at the same time and reported at the end of the voting day.