Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Resolute Consulting / "For A Better Chicago"

If your phone, like ours, has been ringing off the hook with no-message-left calls from "Resolute Consulting," it's actually the "For A Better Chicago PAC" trying to reach you with a survey about the upcoming aldermanic run-off.

The 46th Ward is one of three wards in which the mysterious PAC has not yet given funding to either of the candidates.
Its funding is shrouded in mystery, Mark Brown writes today in his column entitled We May Never Know Source of Campaign Funds Used to Shape City Council. "There’s nothing like official approval for secret campaign funds to make me feel all warm and fuzzy about our prospects for political reform in Illinois."


  1. I haven't seen that name on my Caller ID but I have had several messages left in the past week that I've come to realize were all from "For A Better Chicago." All were computer recordings asking me to take part in a "short 3 minute opinion poll." The first several times, the person or computer starting the recording did it while my outgoing voicemail greeting was still playing, so I only heard part of their "message." The last time it started later so I heard the whole thing including the identification of "For a Better Chicago." It's too bad I don't answer my land phone line anymore - I'm almost curious what this "poll" is about, though I suspect it's a push-poll designed not to "learn" my opinions but rather to change them.

  2. Who still has a caller ID unit that looks like that?

  3. Apparently they do at the UU offices

  4. I received a phone call from this group and participated in their 3 minute opinion poll. This was about 2 weeks ago.

    From what I recall it was computerized, took less than 3 minutes, asked if I were planning to vote in the upcoming election, and if so which candidate I would choose.

    I don't remember it being anything that tried to change my opinion. Instead it simply asked for it.