Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nick's Picks

Continuing our regular feature of book recommendations from Uptown Borders' sales manager, Nick Taylor:

Energy Work: The Secret of Healing and Spiritual Development
by Robert Bruce

Writers within the realm of metaphysics are often subject to dismissive comments from skeptics and non-believers alike. Such a position disallows for the benefits of energy practice. Certainly, as within any industry, there are those who simply seek to profit from the commercialization of hope, positive thoughts and the message of optimism. Yet, this truth does not invalidate the reality behind the exercises presented in this book.

An understanding of basic principles concerning quantum physics, a base level of physical intelligence and knowledge of the emerging sciences of both epigenetics and signal transduction brings new light to these often dubbed "new age" concepts.

Consider this simple technique, right now:

While seated I want you to focus your attention on your left knee. By this I don't mean look down at your knee with your eyes. First rub your knee slowly in circular motion for about 10 seconds. Next, take an overview of how your knee feels. Be aware of the blood moving around under your skin, the density of the bone, the air surrounding the outside and the connection on all three levels. Now move your focus to your left big toe, wiggle it a little and draw all of your focus to this one area of your body. Did you notice a slight hum about these areas of focus or a slight increase in temperature?

This change, or "hum," is due to a heightened level of concentrated awareness. Now, consider the quantum realm and that how in order to obtain any observable evidence regarding subatomic particles and their behavior, we must deal with the uncertainty principle. In this lies our understanding that the mere act of observation changes the behavior of that which is receiving our focus. Given the above example, one can rely upon relative intelligence to understand that our focusing on these isolated areas actually does cause biological effect effect on a cellular level which results in increased circulation, alleviation of tension and or reducing associated pains.

Bruce Lipton discuses related information in detail with his book The Biology of Belief and makes great argument for the influence of surrounding environments on biological makeup and the human potential to rise above our genetic heritage. His writings center on the aforementioned emerging sciences of epigenetics and signal transduction.

Just as a dancer or martial artist through practice develops their physical body awareness and physical body intelligence, anyone who so chooses can experience an increase in subtle body awareness or astral body intelligence. Everyone's skill level evolves differently and is influenced by their own inhibitors.

Energy is not a uncommon subject. It is discussed in many forms of treatment including Reiki, acupuncture, quantum healing, etc. Here Robert Bruce offers an illustrated instruction to those seeking self-healing or additional forms of alternative medicine revolving around "Tactile Imaging Techniques." As for my own experience, one day of engaging in his proposed practice resolved my fatigue better than any triple shot of mocha expresso ever has or ever will.

As I purchased the last copy of Energy Work in Uptown, here are links to both Borders and Amazon's websites.

- Nicholas Taylor, Sales Manager, Uptown Borders


  1. Anyone know of a good reiki practitioner here in Chicago? I went to one a long time ago for an issue and she helped a great deal. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name. I just know she was on the north side, possibly in Rogers Park. I lost all connections with the person who recommended her.

  2. My personal doctor, Phranque Wright, of Wright to the Point Acupuncture (www.wrightacupuncture.com) has a couple of local recommendations including Awakened Therapeutics at 4007 N Broadway.