Friday, March 25, 2011

"Real Kitchen" Coming Soon At Clark & Montrose

A reader writes in regarding the former "Annette's Broaster To Go" space in the stripmall at Clark and Montrose:
"Here's another business to support in the hood. Awesome, real food. They open on April 1st and they could not be nicer guys. Super excited!!!

PS: Thanks for all the work you do for UU. I really appreciate it."

UU Note: Check out Real Kitchen's website for more info on what types of food (yum!) we can look forward to on opening day. Real Kitchen also has a Facebook page here.


  1. My sister stopped in and they gave her a preview - pork ribollit and a cupcake! She said the food is amazing. I am going to walk down there today to see if they are doing anymore "previews."

    So excited for this restaurant in our neighborhood!

  2. Real Kitchen was written up in Chicago Magazine's great Dish column this week as follows:

    "Real Kitchen (1433 W. Montrose Ave.; 773-281-2888) has some great resumés behind it. The chef, Nick Schmuck, was a saucier at Charlie Trotter’s. The sous chef, Shannon Dudas, was at North Pond. The pastry chef, Andrea C. Correa, has had stints at Trotter’s and El Bulli. So, of course, Real Kitchen’s specialty is . . . takeout. “It is going to be more of a café style,” Schmuck says. “The focus of the business during the day is going to be soups, salads, handmade sandwiches. At night, carryout food where everything is cold for you to heat up at home, like, say, Trotter’s To Go.” They plan to keep a dish on the menu only two or three days so that customers have fresh choices every time they visit. Now that fine-dining chefs have made it to takeout, we’d love to see what one could do at a 7-Eleven. We’re dying for a cherimoya-anise Big Gulp."

    If you like to keep on top of the city's restaurant scene, I definitely adding your name to the Dish weekly newsletter email list at:

  3. We've been lucky enough to try some of their previews and OH MY GOD, amazing, amazing, amazing. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They are masters and WOW, what a gift to the neighborhood!!! Quality grub, super sweet space and excellent human running the joint.

  4. Been to Real Kitchen a few times since they opened and will be going back. Favorite item so far was the spinach, mushroom, and artichoke lasagna - ridiculously good! Plus, the people there could not be nicer. Great addition to the neighborhood!