Friday, March 25, 2011

Before The Bank: 1955 At Clark & Leland

We came across this photo of Clark and Leland (facing east) from 1955, at the wonderful Chuckman's Collection of old Chicago images.  While much has changed at that corner, the view from the particular angle shown in the photo is remarkably unchanged.  With the exception of North Community Bank, the vintage cars, and the Clark Avenue trolley (!!), it's very much the same buildings in sight, both then and now.  All that's left of the trolley today are the tracks, which can be seen during pothole season.  (Note:  The building right behind the bank/empty lot is the site of one of the first telephone systems in the area, according to a plaque placed there in 1937.)

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  1. It makes me wish that Chicago was more like LA sometimes, in that LA didnt just replace all the their signs every 20 or so years all at once, I love the old yellow and black street signs.

    In LA in the old part of town alot of old street signs still, much more hodgepodge.