Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Place & Date Set For Aldermanic Debate

From the sponsors of the Great 46th Ward Debate between Molly and James:
"After decades under the Shiller regime, V (Voters’) Day happens on April 5—a day 46 ward residents will elect a new alderman. Undecided voters are invited to attend The Great 46 Ward Debate to hear the final two candidates speak, and ask questions before heading to the polls.

The Great 46 Ward Debate will be held:
  • Thursday, March 24
  • Doors open 6:30 PM, program starts promptly at 7 PM, concludes 8:30 PM
  • People’s Church of Chicago, 941 W. Lawrence
Sponsored by
  • Dover Street Neighbors
  • Graceland Wilson Neighbors
  • Beacon Block Club
  • Magnolia Malden Neighbors
  • Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association
  • North Uptown Neighbors Association
  • Buena Park Neighbors
  • Uptown Coalition For Responsible Development
  • Uptown Neighborhood Council
  • Grab Magazine
A special thanks to The People’s Church of Chicago for the use of their beautiful facility. Please visit The Great 46 Ward Debate Facebook page for more information.

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