Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inspiration Cafe Seeking Renovation Donations

If you admire the work that Inspiration Corporation does, you might want to express your appreciation in, shall we say, a generous manner. 

Seems that the Cafe, located in the McJunkin Building at Broadway and Wilson, has had to close temporarily to replace the floors in the kitchen and cafe, to the tune of an unexpected $30,000.  If you can donate anything to help defray the cost, there's a matching program that will double the amount of your donation.  Click here to donate.  You can follow the progress of the renovations at Inspiration Cafe's Facebook page, here.

Note:  This is not Inspiration Kitchens, aka Cafe Too, on Sheridan.  It's Inspiration Cafe, which serves meals to the homeless, the first project of Inspiration Corporation's founder, Lisa Nigro.


  1. Its important to get it opened up as soon as possible. Please give what you can.

  2. Donation made. Thanks for bringing this need to my attention.

  3. Thanks so much for helping us spread the word about the renovations. Basically, we found out that the floors in our kitchen were leaking, and water was pooling in the space below then leaking out into the alley behind the building.

    Repairs are going smoothly, and we're hoping to reopen the cafe by the end of April, but the budget hit was significant. Gifts will be very much appreciated!