Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alleged Sexual Abuse By Town Hall Officers

A woman is alleging that two 23rd District officers sexually assaulted her in her Rogers Park apartment, near the police station there.  We're sure there will much more revealed about this accusation in days to come.  Read about it here.


  1. If this is true, I would bet the police involved were high on drugs.

    It doesn't make sense otherwise.

    It's one thing for one cop to do this, but two doing it seems implausible, it requires two people to be crazy at the same time, and that can only occur, I imagine with drugs.

    I'm sure the two policeman regardless are involved in all kinds of other things besides this.

    That's probably the story we may never hear.

    They left a cell phone and clothing???!!!!!

  2. Do not for one minute allow this incident to shake your faith in the entire 023 District as a whole. The majority of Police Officers are honest, hard working, and dedicated to the community they serve. How fast do they drive to the scene when gang bangers fire shots ? How fast do they respond when you the citizen are in trouble ? You have enjoyed excellent Police service so please continue to support the Officers during this difficult time.

  3. What disgraceful behavior by these 2 officiers. Even if it turns out to be consenual sex, you are on duty and in uniform!
    I don't care how much "good" you have done for this city. From police beatings, robbing drug dealers, beating up bartenders ect.... nothing surprises me anymore. Then again I'm just a liberal tax paying yuppie don't ya know?

  4. @pepper: huh, what a neat concept! Don't judge a large group of people based on the actions of a small minority... If only more people used this restraint to hold back judgement in this community. Oh wait, bangers?!

  5. If this story is true it's amazing that these two idiots found one another.

    Picking up a drunk 22 year old, driving her home outside your district, and banging her on duty.

    It's too bad the vast majority of great to good to ok to not bad to so so cops get tarred by this alleged behavior.

  6. @ Stu Piddy...
    Two guys with the same lack of smarts and decision making ability being together is not as implausible as you might think. Cops spend HUGE amounts of time together in the beat car. Naturally, they gravitate towards partners whom they are compatible with.

    They don't have to be high on drugs to have done this. They would, however, have to go against EVERYTHING they were ever taught in the Academy and every bit of training or humanity that we are born and raised with. They simply are not fit to be a respected member of any police profession.

    @ pepperspraycommando...
    Of course you are correct that all should not be judged by the few. Rest assured that 99% of the comments posted on Second City Cop are FURIOUS at the behavior of these two officers and are calling for their firing or imprisonment. The other 1% are thinking more along the lines of wait for the investigation to be completed, or trying to figure out how these guys might have been set up by the woman. Many suspect there is more to the story that hasn't been made public BUT no one is justifying the officers' actions.

    Remember when ONE drunken off-duty idiot beat up a female bartender and the media got a hold of the taped footage from the security camera? Of course you do, because you've all seen that video 10 or 12 times! The media looks for ANY EXCUSE to replay that footage. If there was a video of these guys playing 'strip poker', you'd be seeing that on every broadcast right now, over and over. The damage done to the police/community trust during incidents like this is immeasurable.

    Some years ago, the standards for becoming a Police Officer in Chicago were lowered to allow more people the opportunity to join the Department. BIG mistake in my opinion, but I didn't have a vote. If you want a MORE intelligent, BETTER educated, HIGHER integrity police force, then restore the hiring standards that existed in the past.

  7. It appears they were liquored up because it's been reported they are on video buying liquor in uniform.

    They would have to be high, in my opinion, because to do what was described is too risky...there's a good chance at getting caught...if there were no chance at getting caught it would be much more common.

    Most police, I'm sorry are bad, very bad...probably 60% are just awful, nastry, brutush thugs.

    Just because one guy got caught on camera only indicates a random sample of this behavior got filmed and there could be no cover up.

    If they had not left their cell phone and collars at the womens house ...even with would have been covered up by the phoney Office of Professional Standards....they are a joke that anyone who has ever complained about the police knows.

  8. The vast majority of coppers are just normal decent people. Unfortunately political clout also permeates the CPD (and every level of Chicago and Crook County). This archaic system allows politics to run cover on idiots, and allows fools to rise to positions of power that they never should have been granted, it seems these two have "history" and possibly clout that has covered them before.

  9. @ Stu Piddy...
    I'll thank Caring Neighbor for borrowing one of their favorite quotes here from another post:

    "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks."

    I'm sorry, but I thought you were trying to speak intelligently on this topic but it appears you are as Stu Piddy as your moniker suggests.

    You know NOTHING about the police. The Office of Professional Standards has not existed for years and when they did, there was still a burden of proof that had to be met in order to sustain a complaint against an officer. Just because you don't LIKE your encounter with the police doesn't mean they did ANYTHING improper OR illegal. Of course you've already stated that "Most police, I'm sorry are bad, very bad...probably 60% are just awful, nastry, brutush thugs." It's my guess that if you are so capable of actually defining a percentage of these officers, then you must be having plenty of unfortunate encounters with them, which pretty much shows that the REAL character issue lies with YOU and not them.

  10. Irish Pirate, it's not surprising at all that these two idiots found each other. Goofs like these two tend to gravitate towards each other,one of the reasons being is because nobody else wants to work with them. They are cancers on the Police Department. We try to remove that cancer from the body but at times it just re-grows. But thank God, idiots like these two are in a minority no matter what trolls like stupid believe or post. I hope that the community in 023 does not give up and paint the entire 23rd District nor the rest of the CPD with the same brush that these two disgraces have been deservedly painted with. As a thirty year veteran of the CPD I can tell you with absolute certainty that the vast majority of Officers on the CPD are not like these two but instead are honest,ethical,moral, hardworking and go to work every single day knowing that it might be their last.

    Incidents like this sadden all of us but it saddens the majority of Police Officers in the CPD because of what the victim suffers through at the hands of her offenders and because of the damage they have done to the CPD. While people of lesser intellect like stupid will take the easy way out and make paint us a evil, I implore the thinking members of this forum and community to realize that we are not like these two, that they are an aberration and do not represent who and what we are.

  11. I have lived in the 023 area for at least a decade and I have seen these Officers in action to a degree that I can say with a fair amount of certainty that these are good hard working Police Officers and the majority of them do not deserve to be second guessed. The ones found to be dirty will be removed and the ones that show up for work every day and play by the rules will continue to serve the community. Thats how it works. The good Police Officer makes it through his career and draws a pension at the end.