Monday, March 28, 2011

Final Candidate Debate Tonight At Truman

Just a reminder, in case you've forgotten, that tonight Ald. Shiller and Ald. Tunney will moderate a 46th Ward Candidate Debate between James Cappleman and Molly Phelan.

The fun all starts at Truman College, 1145 W Wilson, at 6:30pm and goes until 8pm.

If you have photos, please send them to us.  If you have comments, this is the place.

Please read (or reread) the "Note to Commenters" on the sidebar. Let's keep the discussion about the debate, not one last opportunity to wage a "Shilleristas vs. Yuppies" class war.  We've had enough of that over the years; we'd like to focus on the candidates, one of whom will become the alderman for the 46th Ward on May 16th.

Update:  Welles Park Bulldog is tweeting from the debate:


  1. So far the debate has spent a a large amount of time talking about the enhancements for tax takers rather than tax payers. I am sitting here wishing they would all shut the he'll up.

  2. I don't think Helen likes James, she was laying into him.

    Both candidates did very well.

  3. 200,000 less taxpayers in Chicago in the last 10 years and going bankrupt fast

  4. If Helen doesn't like James, then I support him even more. Wish I could have been there.

  5. @ Captain Picard... then I feel sorry for Molly if she wants to be the next Helen and made a deal with the devil to get her support

  6. Both had pros and cons. However this debate proved that either James or Molly is better than Helen.

  7. Either are an improvement over Helen.

    I tried to count the number of times Molly said "jobs" and "cultural diversity" but I lost count.

    Helen obviously doesn't like James as she really aimed her questions at him. Unfortunate for her as I think he would be more compassionate to her voter base, but anyway...

    Overall, I think this was the most polished I've seen Molly. James has been admirably consistent in all the debates.

    Quite a tame event. I figured it would be nuttier - but I still think it was a bad idea to have 2 alderman act as moderators.

  8. Heavy on spending ideas; more recycling options, survivor benefits for gay couples, longer office hours, more staff, remove parking meters in the park, remodel Clarendon Field House.

    And my personal favorite, using TIF dollars for Astroturf for Stockton School. Are they kidding?

    “What spending are you willing to cut?” Cue the Chirping Crickets

  9. Rob,

    Oooo..... you got me.

    Molly is not the next Helen.

  10. I am sorry that Molly's campaign has taken a turn towards negative
    attacks both in her mailings and her attack comments during the debates. It reminds me of Carol Mosely Braun calling her opponent "a crackhead". One thing about Rahm's campaign is that he did not lower himself to this attack mode and I respect him for that.

  11. The "lightning round" was by far the most efficient Uptown meeting I've ever been to. Started dragging a bit when we got into the meat of things.

    Other thoughts:

    -- Place was packed out; standing room only, maybe 200-300?

    -- Shiller went after James far harder than Molly on her follow-up questions, which surprised me.

    -- The Wilson Yard "isn't it awesome now, guys even though you previously dissed it" question brought a smile to my face. The one last shot by Shiller you knew was coming. Both candidates wiggled out of it pretty well.

    -- Molly seems to be becoming a better politician than James (always James' weak point as far as candidating, as far as I am concerned, though not necessarily a bad thing once in office).

    -- It'd be nice to have a debate format where they took shots at each other but also had a chance to defend themselves... too many one off jabs that had no chance to be answered.

    -- That LGBT quota question was not an easy one for Molly. Tunney forced her to actually say "no" rather than skirt around it in passive voice.

    -- Answers became particularly muddled after 8PM. Shiller got shut down by Tunney for one of her muddled follow-ups.

    Either one will be a fine alderman; my preference is still for James, based on his experience in dealing with crime, his ability to collaborate with the diversity in our ward and his clear passion for our community.

    OK, enough of these debates, let's vote and be done with it.

  12. Amen El! I am happy that James has not "gone negative." that's really annoying that Molly is doing that; we're all neighbors here.

  13. My favorite moment of the night was Shiller asking Molly and James what would their top three action items would be to deal with Uptown's crime....

    Both candidates avoided stated the obvious--"Now that you will no longer be alderman, the major obstacle to dealing with crime will be gone. We can now do our job to break down the barriers you created to dealing with the crime and the criminals that infest our community."

  14. I'm still getting over actually seeing Helen in public....

    Beyond that, good debate. There was obvious tension in the room. At one point some audience members nearly got into their own argument. Helen fails miserably when it comes to organizing her thoughts and it was painful to sit through her VERY long winded attempts at formulating questions. However, Tom and Helen dug deep with their questions which was a relief because the other debates leading up to this were getting beyond redundant and dull. Where James and Molly stand on issues is pretty clear now. They both have different visions for the ward. Molly is very focused on her entertainment capital of the Midwest whereas James is focused on improving the neighborhoods appearance and bringing in business which he hopes will help reduce crime.

    Both have good ideas, but in my opinion James just has far more experience in the trenches and it shows by his endorsements. Molly could have a future in politics and she could be good, this just is not her time.

  15. I wish I could have been there, but Katharine, I LOVE your observation!

    The tagline to this debate, should have been "whether it's Molly or James, things can only get better!"

  16. Well - one thing is for sure neither of the two candidates are anything like Schiller!
    Hopefully this means that Uptown will finally become a vital and viable part of Chicago ...

  17. As much as I'd like someone to put Helen in the hotseat and force her to answer some questions without running away or weaseling out, I'm glad to hear that the candidates treated her like the has-been that she is. Either candidate will be a huge improvement.

  18. I kept wanting to object to the form of the question whenever Helen asked one!

  19. I find James repeatedly mentioning Bryn Marw as a destination neighborhood to be completely underwhelming for a revitalized Uptown.
    I know he testified downtown 10 years ago in the creation of the TIF district. However, who is advocating foran entertainment district NOW? Besides the Mayor-elect Rahm that is.
    I support Molly because undertaking something as ambitious as the "music capital of the Midwest" we are going to need an Alderman who truly believes in it today as in right now, not 10 years ago and then moved on to the next project.
    Bryn Mawr is perhaps a better model for Wilson Avenue going west from Truman College perhaps. Broadway originally WAS an entertainment district am I wrong about that? It won't be easy to pull off even with the full support of the Mayor, but at least Molly is talking about making a serious and focused attempt.
    I was voting for Molly Phelan before this debate so of course I am speaking in her favor, as the irishpirate once said "its what I do".
    My impression at this debate in particular was that Molly had an easier time with the follow-ups because she answered the questions as they were asked. That is the language and custom of business and law, an ideal skill-set for creating a vibrant and happening entertainment district.
    That is why I am voting for Molly Phelan.

  20. If it wasn't for James Helen would have ran again.

    She knew she would lose and that is something her narcissistic personality couldn't handle.

    Says a lot about someone when they moderate a debate when they chose not run again. She is trying to have the last word. She thought she could get Nowotny to win.

    Either Molly or James would be better than Helen, heck a circus monkey could do a better job than Helen.

    Helen "You are fired". No matter how you see it that is what happened to you. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  21. I decided I want Tunney as Alderman. He actually answered a question for me about the Cubs..... gave me a straight answer. Wow.

  22. "RacineRacer', I love your story.

    That said, I agree with the Sun-Times endorsement:

    "Cappleman already has many long-standing, constructive relationships in the ward and has displayed a willingness to reach out to those with whom he disagrees."

  23. I support Molly because undertaking something as ambitious as the "music capital of the Midwest" we are going to need an Alderman who truly believes in it today as in right now, not 10 years ago and then moved on to the next project. - RR

    RR, I don't think you want to start comparing what Cappleman has done in the ward with what Phelan has done, ya think? She announced her biggest public safety accomplishment was being a CAPS facilitator but she neglected to mention anything she accomplished while being one. Talk is cheap. Tough on crime and she's DONE NOTHING.

  24. Really grateful for tonight's debate. I went in squarely undecided but leaning towards James who I voted for back in his first election against Helen. I'd voted for Emily Stewart in the general and have taken quite a bit of time to research both Molly and James. But I have to say, the debate sealed the deal for me to support Molly.

    I went in there ready to root for James but just found his performance at the debate, his articulation of the issues, and his solutions underwhelming in comparison to Molly. She was specific, focused and knowledgeable, and I got from her a solid balance between strong business and retail development and a commitment to keeping our neighborhood affordable and diverse.

    She also came across as someone who will know how to get things done and navigate the city council to bring resources back to our neighborhood. I liked how she prioritized a return-on-investment approach to TIF funding, and how she talked about opportunities to raise private funds where possible, especially regarding the entertainment district and her hope that it could feed private marketing dollars into el restoration at Lawrence.

    Those were the things I took from the debate this evening, and I'm really glad I went. Thanks to all who made it happen.

  25. Listening to Helen made me sick. Some of her follow-up questions were ironic and delusional in a sense. She went after james pretty tough. Molly is definitely more polished than James as far as presentation, but she is inexperienced. Her 'lawyer speak' makes her seem much more qualified than she is. Glad I voted for James, again.

  26. HOW MOLLY LOST 4 VOTES - also known as:

    "The FAILIN' of Molly Phelan"

    For the 2nd time this week I spoke personally with Molly - directly and bluntly - this time before the Truman College Forum and in the presence of Ald. Tom Tunney.

    Tonight, I approached Molly before the Forum as she was talking with Ald. Tunney (whom I worked for and supported 8 years ago and have known for a couple of decades).

    I asked Ald. Tunney if he could convince Molly to STOP her campaign's NEGATIVE, HOMOPHOBIC Attack lines (Ald. Tunney said he'd leave that up to Ward 46 Voters) ....

    These attacks have been repeated in phone calls to me from her FOP supporters, in her NEGATIVE ATTACK FLYER this weekend, and in her comments in the Debates.

    Phelan's incessant lies about Cappleman wanting to turn the Ward into one big "Decorative Planter" and her constant dissing (in her campaign-supported FOP phone calls) of "Halsted Street", etc. is unprecedented in recent lakefront politics.

    Tonight I had to wonder, what the hell does Molly know about AIDS issues? At least Shiller could be counted on as a knowledgeable leader in that arena - but Molly, obviously, starts from a pretty blank slate.

    At the debates Molly has barely been able to pronounce "LGBT" and tonight she came up with the ALWAYS OFFENSIVE "Sexual PREFERENCE" comment.

    That comment generally reveals that someone is absolutely ignorant of gay issues and, if Molly has any gay friends, they have failed to educate her.

    What cultural diversity can she ensure when she repeatedly reveals herself as a cultural buffoon?

    By the way, when I spoke to Molly before the People's Church debate and asked her to please to stop using her snide and offensive homophobic lines, she called over Dave Clarkin to rescue her.

    Clarkin's "diplomatic skills" made it worse, and Molly lost 4 votes in attendance at that debate from my precinct - all 4 were undecided straight females who heard my conversation with Molly and were ticked off by her stubborn refusal to stop her homophobic slanders and her repeat of them during that debate.

    Keep it up Phelan, because you are truly now
    F A I L I N'

    - and losing votes you previously had - including my vote until a few months ago after attending to your Campaign Kick Off event at Nick's.

  27. Helen's hate for James is so pure; it seethed in every sentence muttered. I think she'd support a serial killer and rapist before she'd ever say a good thing about James.

  28. While Molly's "Music capital of the Midwest" goal is admirable, I think that if the streets are safe, restaurants/businesses moved in, the music scene would come on it's own. It is obvious that Molly's political aspirations reach beyond the 46th Ward alderman office - good for her, but the issues in Uptown are too complex for a rookie. I don't need someone here cutting their teeth. Needless to say, I think James is a better fit to lead and contiue to make positive changes in 46. Also, the negative lit coming to my house from Molly's office is disgusting, really people? Such a turn off. p.s. I also LOVE that Helen can't stand James - it is sort of like an endorsement in reverse

  29. Music capital of the midwest? really? sounds like another big empty campaign promise to me. sounds really warm and fuzzy and might gain her a few votes. But don't expect anything to come of it. I'd be happy if we could get the movie theater that Helen once promised us. Just my $.02.

  30. I went to this event and honestly, Helen is such a mess that it is embarrassing. Just to see them sitting up there; three of them in neat suits, sitting attentively, and then Helen, slouched in her seat, wild hair straggling over a shirt that looked like a pajama top, rustling through and dropping loose papers in her lap, rarely making eye contact with the candidates, at one point checking her phone...and her rambling, incoherent questions were equally disorganized. I can imagine her in City Hall. It's painful.

    P.S. I wish one of the candidates had the gall to interrupt her as she did them, saying, "Helen, get to the point! What is your question?")

  31. I don't know the details of how Mol plans to turn Uptown into a Music/Entertainment destination. We don't even have "Bucket Boys" playing in the neighborhood. We are BLOCKS away from Wrigley and people going to the game park all over our neighborhood. We could capitalize on that aspect. Getting "shushed" at The Green Mill isn't my idea of a great night out. Uptown doesn't even have a street festival. You have to go out of your way in the City throughout the summer to NOT find one. Unfortunately, we are at the baby stepping stage here. (reminds me of the movie What About Bob). I don't disagree with James using Bryn Mawr as an example. It is a huge improvement over what we have now. Just improving the LOOK of awnings would help.

  32. @ Buena Parker: Speaking to someone directly and bluntly implies you have an axe to grind. If you think Molly is homophobic, well, I wish you could have been at my house this past Sunday. 25 of my closest gay friends, several living with HIV met with Molly, for the third time, and heard her talk about her plans for the ward. She is not homophobic. She has a plan to stem the violence in the Ward, making it safer. In my mind, that should be the most important item the candidates focus on. The fact that the Broadway/Wilson shooters were just sentenced should be a vivid reminder of what's going on. As you will remember, that shooting occurred in broad daylight and almost claimed the life of a baby and a mother. Finally, with regard to AIDS issues, what do you want her to do, starting talking about Viral Loads, CD4 counts and ART? 90% of America doesn't even know what that is. Bottom line is Molly is smart, she's dedicated and will serve the 46th with pride. As a gay man, working in the HIV/AIDS field, she has my total support and more importantly, my vote.

  33. We now have Rib Fest, and the Green Mill is great -- attracts people from all over.

  34. She has a plan to stem the violence in the Ward, making it safer. In my mind, that should be the most important item the candidates focus on. -Jefe70

    There are plans and then there is experience. Jefe70, when you met with Phelan, did she name any specific thing she did to address crime in the 46th Ward? She was a CAPS beat facilitator so surely she can name one thing she did, right? Just one. I have yet to see a history of real action. It's all been talk from an attorney.

    Cappleman, on the other hand, runs circles around her and he's never been a CAPS beat facilitator. Kind of says it all, don't you think?

  35. @Jefe70,
    Molly is smart, and that is the problem. Half the time I can't tell if she is a puppet for her friends and donors or if she would be a "Im right, who needs voter input" type of alderman. Her knowledge of 'law' and the ability to throw around some legal jargon at these debates makes her come off way more qualified than she is. My favorite part of the debate was her rebuttal to James in response to him saying that she could not identify one thing she has done to collaborate with the communnity to fight crime.

    Molly (stumbling and mumbling) "I, uh, was on the Buena Park Neighborhoo, er, I was the caps liason for the Buena Park Neighborhood from 2007..."

    She doesn't even know what she did.
    James has experience, and much more, he seems to ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE HERE. He's been here, working for Uptown, for years. Molly just popped up. And I am surprised how many people she has brainwashed already! VOTE FOR JAMES!

  36. Jefe - What do I want in my alderman?

    Someone who knows what they are talking about and demonstrates the ability and interest to learn what they do not know. This is not Molly.

    If I believed that you had 25 gay friends, or 25 friends who supported Molly and voted in our Ward, why can't one of them educate Molly that "sexual preference" is offensive terminology?

    Why can't one of them tell Molly what "LGBT" means or at least how to pronounce it?

    Your statement about your personal comfort with the ignorance by a 46th Ward Alderman about AIDS was obnoxious - I think anyone who has ever known someone impacted by AIDS will vote against such pride in one's ignorance. What rock did you crawl out from under to say such a thing.

    As for "axes" and "grinding" - I had only positive regard for Molly (and supported her and her causes) until I began to see her in action as a candidate.

    Speaking bluntly and directly to a politician who is asking for our vote and our pay check - is called being an authentic person and an authentic citizen - try it some time and your life will improve.

  37. "Jefe 70", hosting a candidate in your home indicates that you already have a significant tilt towards that candidate. Your snide dismissal of "Buena Parker"'s points completely ignores the continued homophobic phone calls and campaign flyers that Molly's campaign has been showering the ward with over the past several weeks. Do you seriously think that Molly has more of an understanding of LGBT issues than James? Or any other significant issues, for that matter? She comes off at these forums/debates as a political dilettante with little connection to our ward, while James has been steeped in ward activism for years. The "entertainment capital of the Midwest"? Really? How about being able to walk up Broadway north of Montrose without fearing for your life? Let's look at common-sense solutions to real problems, not unlikely and currently not even vaguely attainable fantasies. And to imply that she is more focused than James on containing crime in the ward is patently absurd. What has she ever done prior to this campaign to address that problem? The last thing this ward needs is an alderman who is until recently completely uninvested in the ward and likely to be using this campaign as a political steppingstone.

  38. OMG. Everyone, please give it a rest! I'm sure all of you are very passionate about your opinion and which candidate you support. But, neither of you is going to persuade the other one at this point. That is obvious.

    Sometimes, you have to agree to disagree.

    Can we have the election now, please? Then, we can go about our usual business which is complaining about 1 civic leader at a time.

  39. Can we have the election now, please? Then, we can go about our usual business which is complaining about 1 civic leader at a time.

    Well, I hope to God James wins, because I don't know if I can take four more years of bitching about "the alderman."

  40. I truly don't believe there are ANY undecided people still posting here regarding the election.

    What we do have is the same people who supported Cappleman over the past weeks posting pro Cappleman stuff and the smaller number of Phelan supporters posting pro Molly stuff.

    The only real difference is that a number of "new" Molly supporters have magically appeared. Most of whom can trace their appearance on blogger to way back in March 2011.

    Amazingly some of those people use very similar writing styles to each other and to other "older" Molly supporters who disappeared.

    Just sayin'.

    If you're for Cappleman then get out there and work for him. Talk to your neighbors, volunteer, give a few bucks.

    Posting here and thinking you're going to change minds is unrealistic.

  41. Helen's hate for James is so pure; it seethed in every sentence muttered.

    I understand why Helen would hate or dislike Molly. Molly *sued her* twice.

    Can anyone characterize the reason for a (possibly more sweeping) hatred or dislike of James? Is it because she thinks James runs Uptown Update and has run a gorilla internet campaign against her?

    This is an honest question for which I'd really like to know the answer.

  42. If I had to guess Sassy, I'd say it's the years of James's constant challenges to her. She knows he'd be a better alderman to her (claimed)core constituency than she's been and she doesn't want her scam exposed. If Molly wins and the low income take a hit, she'll be vindicated. If James wins and the low income residents' lives are improved, Helen's legacy takes the hit.

  43. Sassy,

    guerrilla, not gorilla. Think Che and not Magilla Gorilla.

    My guess is Shiller simply knows Cappleman better. He ran against and debated her four years ago. Phelan is a relative newcomer to the ward.

    I have a hard time picturing her even voting in this race. The cognitive dissonance she must be feeling has to be overwhelming.

    If she votes for Cappleman she votes for the guy who essentially has been running against her for 4+ years. If she votes for Phelan she is voting for someone clearly aligned with the worst elements in the Democratic Party. Think Burke and O'Brien.

    Some part of her must loathe the idea of Burke having influence in this ward and the plethora of real estate interests who back Molly and are waiting for an economic recovery.

    Which "devil" will she support. The devil she knows less or the devil she knows a bit better.

    I don't know.

    Perhaps Lakeview Laura will enlighten us next Monday in her column.

  44. Sassy:

    My read is that Shiller hates James because:

    1) Shiller hasn't gotten over the election 4 years ago

    2) she blames him more than Molly for ending her political career (Molly lost the lawsuit for Wilson Yards; Cappleman's focus on Ward 46 Crime issues over the years finally has succeeded in creating the groundswell to finally made it clear that Helen could not win in 2011 (a poll last year told Shiller so),

    3) she considers Cappleman a more serious person to replace her and to change the negative direction of the ward, and

    4) Molly has demonstrated a willingness to FLIP-FLOP - depending on whatever talking point gives her a momentary debating edge - on most issues that Helen holds dear - housing, support for TIFs, ensuring that homeless shelters are safe (Cappleman) or unsafe and un-monitored (Molly & Helen), etc. It's hard to hit a FLIP-FLOPPING target.

    Good question - I'm eager to hear others' assessment (some of Helen's bitterness is probably too Freudian for me to begin to address).

  45. Sassy, guerrilla, not gorilla.

    LOL! Right. No more blogging under the influence of sick kids for me!!! You seem to do well blogging under the influence of a good Irish stout. I'll return next time that way, God willing!

  46. IrishPirate, I can only assume I'm one of the new Molly supporters you're referring to. I've been lurking on these boards for a long time but never felt compelled to jump into the fray until now. I did because I was really surprised to be as swayed as I was at that debate and to come out feeling as strongly as I did about Molly being the right person to lead Uptown.

    I've lived in Uptown since 2007, and worked in the neighborhood since 2001. For the years Unique So Chic was open, I purchased every birthday and wedding and housewarming gift I gave from Tim's fantastic store, and I've bought more turkey burgers from Alma at Alma Pita than I care to admit. I've been to CAPS meetings, and I won a cake doing a mean cake walk at my block party last year. Love me some Uptown.

    Anyway, I was as surprised as anyone to experience that debate as I did and to come out a strong Molly supporter. I was really disappointed in James' performance and I don't think it had anything to do with Helen's follow-up questions. The candidates were both given the questions in advance so had adequate time to prepare really focused answers that hit their key plans. So many of James' answers were sort of difficult to follow and unfocused. I actually didn't think Helen was being unfair asking him to clarify what he meant by "I'd talk to the people who are directly affected by cuts in services" as his strategy around budget cuts - talk to them about what? and when? as a way to evaluate the proposed cuts and decide what to support and what not to support? as a way of helping them move forward once things are cut? Nothing was specific enough for me. I think it's great that he wants to make 311 more efficient and that it'll reduce the number of phone calls to the alderman's office - but what's the larger point of what that achieves - he wasn't able to communicate that. I'm even in full support of neighborhood beautification and he had such an opportunity to make a strong argument for WHY neighborhood beautification is important - does he believe it will help bring in retail? does he believe it will improve home values? Molly's been hitting him with the comparison of her plan to use funds to improve public safety. If that's not a fair comparison, he had every opportunity yesterday to make that point when he was talking about neighborhood beautification. He didn't. And when he answered the question about his staffing priorities, he seemed simply overwhelmed by how much there was to accomplish saying "it's not enough staff at all" and he named five or six jobs for three positions without helping us understand how he was planning to prioritize.

    All of this led me to feel so much less confident with James than I had coming in.

    On the other hand, Molly seemed to communicate - look, there's a lot to get done, we're not going to be able to do everything, but here are my priorities. And she kept hitting those priorities and, to me, those priorities felt balanced in the right away. I went into the debate concerned that Molly wasn't going to be balanced around the issue of keeping the neighborhood affordable, but a lot of what she said allayed my fears.

    For me, it was even in how they answered the questions around using TIFs for the Stockton astroturf - I appreciated Molly's response of not accepting the premise of the question and saying - I'd need a lot more information than what you're giving me to answer the question and here's my priority around evaluating TIFs.

    She came out of the evening the confident, reasonable candidate for me.

    I'm certainly not here trying to convince anyone away from James. I'm just sharing my impressions of the debate.

  47. Heather,

    I have an "eye" for writing styles. I also have some programs that you can compare writing samples to "predict" whether the same person wrote two pieces of writing.

    There are also websites that do similar things regarding a writer's gender.

    The programs and sites aren't perfect and wouldn't be admissible in a criminal court, but they have provided some interesting results regarding various posters at this site.

    If anyone remembers the novel "Primary Colors", which was a take off on Bill Clinton, the writer was outed because of such software.

    Now I haven't compared your writing yet, but someone else who is posting here likely posted under another name until last month. One program shows the probability of that being true from 85% to 97% depending on the writing samples being compared.

    Now if I compare my writing to the newer samples the odds of me having been the early writers are less than 5% or so.

    Take that as you will.

    For the purposes of this I'll say that you are as the Irish might say "gen you ine".

    Some others are playing reindeer games.

    In one week and a few hours we should know who the next aldercritter will be.

    I suspect and hope it will be Cappleman, but let the best person win.

    PS That would be Cappleman by the way.

  48. Heather, if you were such a faithful patron of Unique so Chique you would know that the owner of the store was Rob Davis. He wasn't hard to miss, he was there all day, every day.

  49. Oh, Sam, do pardon my error. Rob's partner at Unique was Jay whose first name is actually Tim, so I spent a long time thinking they were Tim and Jay and calling Rob by the wrong name. Old habits die hard, apparently.

    Comments like yours are why I spent so much time lurking and never jumping in. Congrats on ferreting me out as an "imposter."

    IP, totally fascinating about the software. I'm so behind the times in the technology. Yep, either way after April 5 we'll all only have one person to complain about. That's an improvement over the current situation, no?

  50. Charlene,

    the only bird I acknowledge is here.

    As for a "mole" I only can quote from "the mole" in "South Park":

    The Mole: Now, did you bring the mirror?
    Stan: Check!
    The Mole: Did you bring the rope?
    Stan: Check!
    The Mole: Did you bring the buttfor?
    Stan: What's a buttfor?
    The Mole: For pooping, silly.

    The Mole: If anything goes wrong, make a sound like a dying giraffe.
    Stan: What's a dying giraffe sound like?
    The Mole: WUUUUUaahhh! WUUUaaaaaaahhhhh!

    There are people on both sides posting under multiple id's.

    Sometimes it's obvious. Other times they are a bit more creative.

    In any case if you support Cappleman get out there and talk to your neighbors and make sure you vote. I fully expect more silliness over the next six days.

    I knew this type of stuff was going to happen once I asked around about Dave Clarkin who went by "Yellow Dog Democrat" here before he was outed. This has all the hallmarks of machine politics. You don't work for Mike Madigan without learning how to obfuscate and play some games.

    Signs being posted all over to include on private property without permission. Distortion. Massive amount of outside fundraising. Push polls and more.

    If you can take Tuesday off see if you can volunteer for the Cappleman campaign. I fully expect more of the "voter challenge" crap we had on February 22nd from Campaign Phelan.

    Now on election night I expect Cappleman will win, but those of us who support him must assume it's going to be a one vote race.

    On Tuesday I expect Campaign Phelan may have HUNDREDS of "volunteers" out there. Many of them will likely be attorneys challenging voters. With only 16 Ward races the shamrock powers that be can send their flying minions in to do battle.

    Even though I didn't vote for either Mike Carroll or Emily Stewart I wish they had made the runoff against Cappleman. The tone of the race would have been better.

    Right now we have distortions, huge outside money, and political mercenaries trying to decide the outcome.

    It truly sucks.