Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Candidate Questionnaires

Cast your mind back... way back... all the way to January 29th, when there were 11 candidates running for 46th Ward alderman, and Borders was open for business.  That was the scene at the first Great Debate.  Due to the number of candidates and time constraints, not all the questions submitted from the community could be asked.

Now that it's down to two, the Great Debate has put James' and Molly's answers to community questions into one document.  You can access it here.  Scribd (the site that hosts it) will let you download it, scroll through it, and enlarge it on your computer screen.  If anyone should have any comments / questions regarding the questions, they can contact the following: 46thwardgreatdebate@gmail.com.

Some very good questions, and answers, if you're still making up your mind who to vote for.


  1. Interesting read. Nothing that hasn't been said before - except I found it interesting that Molly states that she did not campaign for James in 2007 because she found his campaign "intensely negative and personal."

    As opposed to Shiller's???

    Did you really pay attention to the 2007 campaign Molly?

  2. Miss Kitty,

    one phrase comes to mind regarding Molly, "pander bear".