Friday, March 11, 2011

"Cairo Restaurant & Lounge" Coming Soon

We'll have a new dining option in Uptown coming sometime this spring. A reader spotted a building permit in the window of the former Wild Pug location at 4810 N. Broadway.
According to Uptown Business Partners' member directory, "Cairo Restaurant & Lounge" will feature "international food, live entertainment, special events, open late night, and high quality fresh food at reasonable prices."
Good news, indeed.


  1. It seems kind of a no brainer to have music similar to the Green Mill going on there as it's an automatic draw.

    I think a underground club in the basement area of the building across from Borders has an automatic sense of mystique and exclusivity which could be played upon to make a club like that go "viral". If done right.

  2. You mean I might actually get a decent falafel and schwarma down the street!? Yes!

  3. with or without rioting? How about with freedom.