Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bar Off Buena

Who needs a patio permit anyway?  Looks like the old KFC at Broadway and Buena has turned into a late winter alfresco drinking destination.

With two empty, already-built fast food locations in Uptown (KFC and the former El Pollo Loco at Sheridan and Wilson), we wish a restaurateur or two would set up shop.  Both spaces already have parking and already have kitchens (the most expensive part of a restaurant build-out).  Here's hoping an upturn in the economy and a new administration will help lure some franchises or local entrepreneurs to Uptown.


  1. That KFC storefront has been empty for a few years. I am not sure why they have not been able to get another store in that space. It is a nice corner.

  2. Why did the KFC there close anyway? From what I recall it had a steady clientele.

  3. I wondered that myself, and looked it up awhile ago, since last March it's had 3 strikes against it....

    1) In the Buena Park Historic District - not a deal killer probably, but why try to remodel a building in a historic district when so many other spots are vacant.

    2) There are a lot of vacant spots all over and there's a reason why Uptown has half the businesses of the surrounding wards - though I believe the main source of this reason is leaving in May.

    3) It's been in foreclosure since March 2010.

    It's a good spot, and I bet something will eventually happen there but not right now.

  4. A developer bought the property to tear it down and build a very nice looking midrise condo building.

    Then the real estate market went bang and now it sits vacant and forlorn.

    At one point that KFC did a real good business. Unfortunately, KFC's are difficult to find around these parts.

    Fried chicken is proof that God exists and loves us. Apparently, the Almighty isn't a big fan of chickens though.

  5. I recall the KFC was closed down because some of the employees where caught selling drugs over the counter besides chicken.

  6. While they're at it, someone should clean up the Magnolia/Malden alley, esp. leading up to's always full of beer cans and other assorted trash. Last fall, there was a broken toilet left out there for at least a month.

  7. I walked past this today, it appears to have gotten some fresh paint, and much of the garbage was cleaned up. Hopefully this post did some good.