Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sign Farms Flourish

There are considerably fewer signs around the polling places across the ward than there were on Election Day, but plenty still remain.  We did see Emily Stewart's grandfather out gathering her lawn signs this afternoon, which we thought was charming and neighborly.  Perhaps a community clean-up day soon might be a good idea?


  1. The various campaigns should coordinate by block and start taking the signs down.

    Might need a scraper for those campaigns that taped stuff to newsboxes,lightpoles etc.

    I'll have to find some Kaplan signs for a voodoo ceremony I have planned.

  2. That picture of Emily's signs in the garbage says it all about what a Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune endorsement gets you....

  3. Actually Grandpa Jason,

    Stewart ran a good campaign considering that she entered it well after Cappleman and Phelan had been planning on running and had fewer dollars.

    If Kaplan hadn't run she might have made the runoff versus one of the two eventual runoffees.

    The endorsements gave her momentum into the final weeks and her mailers were certainly memorable.

    I wouldn't mock big paper endorsements. If I were in the runoff I'd be working hard to get both papers to endorse me.

    We have six weeks to a runoff and both Molly and James should be planning to work hard, because no one can be certain of the outcome.

  4. I love the Andy Lam sign with the stick on it taped high atop the stop sign.

    Say what you will about Emily, at least she had people out gathering up her signs today. Good karma and shows respect for the neighborhood.

  5. Yes, Emily gained some more of my respect. And I really want to meet her grandpa :) He must be proud of her!

  6. Nothing against her, I just can't stand those papers.

  7. There's a fair amount of Molly signage, on Montrose on the Graceland side.
    I'm sure it will be cleared.
    I applaud all the candidates, and I applaud UU for your incredible coverage.

  8. At least in my partof the ward (southside!), the Emily Stewart and Michael Carroll signs were picked up. In fact, the Marc Kaplan sign is the only aldermanic sign that hasn't been removed from in front of my building. It and a Carol Moseley Braun sign stand alone, having outlived the campaigns of their namesakes.

  9. I generally liked what I learned about Emily. I simply disagreed with just about everything she said about affordable (or non-market) housing. She came across as the real deal, and I hope she stays involved and continues to be inclusive.

    I like James and Molly a lot, but one thing I really like about James in particular is his consistency in pointing to the facts and research when it comes to affordable housing. What I hear from him is that he wants to take steps that have been proven to actually WORK in other environments to try to improve conditions in Uptown.

    I look forward to more specifics to come!

    Oh, and thank you to the huge pool of candidates that ran. Because of you splitting the vote 8 ways to Tuesday (literally), our Ward now has a chance!

  10. Anyone else see Molly shaking hands at the Wilson L station yesterday afternoon? She was out there thanking people for voting. I did not vote for her, but think that is quite a smart campaign tactic - getting her face right back out there immediately after the vote.

  11. Emac,

    "I saw Jesus at McDonald's at midnight....
    said he wasn't doin' alright
    Said he didn't feel so fine fine fine
    said he's 'bout-'bout-bout to lose his mind"

    A hyperlink to this might cause metaphysical repercussion.

  12. Anyone ever see Molly campaign/visit the gerrymandered north end the 46th ward? (north of Lawrence) We saw everyone else except her.

  13. I also saw Molly yesterday afternoon when I exited the Wilson station onto Broadway. I congratulated her on making the runoff. She asked if she can count on me to vote for her in the runoff. I smiled and walked away.

  14. Molly was at the Sheridan stop this morning. I am not sure of the exact boundries of 44/46th Wards, but she was greeting people that were walking from Irving Park towards the Sheridan stop (so probably 46th Ward residents)

    It's going to be a close race - I would NOT be surprised if it's a very close race.

  15. Molly was in the North part of the 46th ward over the summer.