Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reactions From LANA Block Club To Current Hospital Plan

This shows the proposed plan for the hospital, facing south from 814 West Lakeside.
Note how close the residences are to the ambulance and delivery bay,
which would be in operation 24 hours a day.

From Lakeside Neighbors Block Club:

"More info regarding Chicago Lakeshore. Lakeside Neighbors expressed our displeasure with the placement of the loading dock on Lakeside, which is a residential street. The condo association immediately across the street from this site expressed its concerns about it (letter in email below).
[UU Note: the letter objects to the ambulance bay/delivery alley being located within feet of existing residential buildings, citing the noise and 24-hour nature of ambulance drop-offs, and asks that the site design be reconfigured so that the ambulance/delivery access is moved away from people's homes, possibly onto Clarendon, rather than mere feet from residents' bedrooms.]
Chicago Lakeshore came back with this rendering, which is incorrect in scale - and makes it appear as if one would hardly notice the dock, or the delivery trucks, or the ambulances. The view is further obscured with autos - which will no longer be allowed to park on this portion of Lakeside, in order to accomodate comings and goings from the loading dock. Very misleading."
If you feel strongly about the current arrangement, please contact LANA, send a letter expressing your feelings, or show up at the hearing on Thursday to make your opinion known.

We can't help but think, with such a large parcel of empty land to play with (it takes up half a city block), that Lakeside's architects could come up with a plan showing more consideration to residents who've lived there long before the hospital thought of buying the property. C'mon, Chicago Lakeshore, order your architects back to the drawing board!

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