Friday, February 11, 2011

One Less Vacant Storefront

The retail space in the Magnolia Gardens Condominium at Wilson and Magnolia has finally sold. The space at 1217 W. Wilson had been on the market since the building's completion in 2004.
What can we look forward to in the space? A beauty/nail salon according to the notice in the window. This will join the beauty salons already in the 1300 and 1100 blocks of Wilson.


  1. Just what we need.. ANOTHER beauty/nail salon in the neighborhood. Why don't we just convert the whole neighborhood into one BIG beauty/nail salon?

  2. Don't forget that Chicago Nails is also opening up soon in Wilson Yard.

  3. I guess Uptown could win the most beautiful women in the city award thanks to all the Beauty/nail salons that are here. I wish some quality clothing stores would open so I don`t have to travel to other wards to buy some.

  4. I'm surprised this building is allowing a beauty salon. I thought they were really strict regarding what can go into that retail space.

  5. Wow, she must be so proud of her ability to have high concentrations of things.....

    She's like a kid who only eats hot dogs and pizza, anything beyond that means she pouts, stomps her feet and runs off to her room/cave/den to sulk.

  6. What are all of you complaining about? There is only 1 nail salon between Lawrence and Wilson in this area. It is the one by Dunkin Donuts at Wilson and Broadway which I'm told by wife stinks. So I don't know what all you negative Nancies are complaining about? You are probably thinking about the beauty supply places and wig stores, which are entirely different. In both Andersonville and Lakeview there are several of these businesses, which I'm sure are the neighborhoods you compare us to.

  7. From UU's Facebook wall.

    I don't play on FB but thought Baby-Shill's argument was worth noting since, if you apply the free market forces vs. elitism argument to businesses such as .. say ... Wal-Mart ... well, things get a little murky, don't they?

    Brendan Shiller Definition of Market Forces:

    "The effect of supply and demand on trading within a free market"

    Definition of elitism: "The belief that society should be governed by a select group of gifted individuals"

    ...Definition of [Master] Planned Economy from Wikipedia: " an economic system in which the central government controls industry such that it makes major decisions regarding the production and distribution of goods and services"

    Hooray for whatever business decides to open up wherever and serve whatever customers are demanding its services.

  8. Gawd,

    I just get all tingly when a Shiller defends the free market system. Where is my copy of "The Wealth of Nations" when I need it?

    Interestingly a few years ago mama Shiller was enthralled with the idea of giving aldercritters the ability to limit the number of chain or franchised stores in an area.

    Mary Ann Smith was pushing the idea to try to keep such evil establishments off Clark Street in Andersonville.

    I think any chain that had more than 4-5 locations would have qualified for that aldermanic scrutiny.

    As for the nail emporium I hope it's successful. Like our Tattoo emporium on Broadway I will never enter, but one less vacant storefront is one less vacant storefront.

    It's good when people don't need to leave the neighborhood for basic services.

    You can't get your nails done and then scurry across the street to pick up some pharmaceutical supplies.

    It's a full service hood.

  9. I love that he got the definitions from Wikipedia!

  10. It's great to see a new business! Hopefully it'll be successful.

    Does anyone know the asking price of the space? How much is store rent on the block?

  11. I also heard from a guy working at the corner of Broadway & Leland that they were putting in a hair salon in the old Uptown Snack Shop space.

  12. Cell phone stores. Nail and hair salons. Convenience stores.

    Economic diversity, y'all.

  13. There is also a Haircuttery opening up at Wilson Yard (as well as another Subway).

  14. Cell phone stores. Nail and hair salons. Convenience stores.

    Economic diversity, y'all.

    Hey! Here's a cool suggestion. Pony up your own money and open the business of your own preference. 'Cause otherwise, you're thinly veiled comment helps no one, least of all a community that desperately doesn't need empty storefronts.

    In other words, put up or...well, you know the rest.

  15. Oh, relax.

    There wasn't anything thinly veiled, at all.

    By economic diversity, I mean that it'd be nice to see other types of stores, eateries and the like.

    Heck, 3 starbucks within 3 blocks is a little much.

    2 Subways around the corner from each other ... ?

    Point: regurgitating the same style of stores/shops/services is not representative of the kind of diverse economic base which will help the overall community.

  16. Oh - and as far as "putting up or ... ", I put up quite a bit already by purchasing property in this neighborhood, thank you very much.