Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Memorial For Sgt. Alan Haymaker

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One year ago, 23rd District police sergeant Alan Haymaker died while on duty when his squad car skidded on Lake Shore Drive as he was en route to a burglary call.

To commemorate his life and sacrifice, there will be a memorial at the site (4100 N Marine) just before 5am, the approximate time of the accident.  If you happen to be awake and in the area, please note the street closures in the flyer to the left (from 4:45-5:30am) and be respectful of the officers who are gathered there to remember their colleague.

Rest in peace, Sgt. Haymaker.


  1. I just reread the story.

    Wife, three kids, active in his Church. Sounds like a very good man was lost that day.

    Kinda puts some of our election silliness into perspective.