Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Election Day Is Here

When we first posted the countdown clock, if memory serves, it read 410 days until aldermanic elections. What an innocent time. We had no clue any of Uptown's three aldermen would step down, let alone that all of them would retire at the same time. We thought Richard M. Daley would be Mayor For Life. We barely knew who Rahm Emanuel was. We had no idea there would be 20 contenders for three aldermanic posts, and not an incumbent in sight.

Oh, how times have changed.

It's going to be a busy day, so this is the place to open post.

A little Election Day/electioneering advice: If you see anyone being harassed, if you see voter fraud, if you see something that's not right, call the Board of Elections at 312-269-7870. You can post about it, and we encourage that, but it shouldn't be in lieu of calling the Board of Elections. You can cause someone shame by posting their wrongdoing -- but you can do something about it by calling the Board of Elections.

Have fun, be safe, and GET OUT TO VOTE if you haven't already.

Be patient with election volunteers, poll watchers and election judges. They are community members who only do this one day a year or so.

First and foremost, remember that 17 candidates, in three wards, will be also-rans in this election. Only three will win, and at most, six out of the twenty candidates will go into a run-off. There are going to be a lot of disappointed candidates and supporters when the results come in this evening. We'll all still be neighbors come February 23rd. no matter who we supported for alderman. Be kind to each other, okay?

Update: Election coverage from Chicago Breaking News focuses on Uptown.

Update: Gay Chicago Magazine's coverage "Showdown in the 46th"


  1. Good morning everyone! I just found the palm card that Phelan's people are passing out. On the top of the palm card "OFFICIAL" is written, and right below that it says "46th Ward Sample Ballot" and Phelan's name and ballot number were below Rahm and Mendoza's names and ballot numbers. This is totally unethical and perhaps even illegal. Voters are getting the false impression that Phelan is endorsed by both Rahm and Mendoza. This is misleading and just plain wrong. Another example of Phelan's unscrupulous tactics during this campaign!

  2. I got the same thing only it was just Mendoza. I asked the person handing it out and she said she didn't know who Molly was.


    Ready to start a campaign called anyone but Phelan.

  3. All parties are illegally electioneering outside of truman college. They must be 100' away. I called the Chicago Board of Elections. Representatives for Lam, Reti, Stewart, Phelan and Cappleman were all present.

  4. The day is here! Shiller will be history! Many thanks to Uptown Update for being THE place for information exchange and for bringing a great community together!

  5. Call the Board of Elections, folks! I did not get one of those because I voted early, but that is something you should call on.

  6. @ Larry

    Not sure what kind of ruler you were using, but when I was at Truman at 6:30, candidates Shapiro and Kaplan were there in person, along with a number of other representatives, and all were standing precisely 100' from Truman. They know EXACTLY where the line is, and the spot they stand in hasn't changed an inch in the 8 years I've voted there.

  7. Reps for Kaplan are right outside Truman as well..."he's for all the people", except they didn't realize I was a condo owner. Dummies...

  8. I vote at the Miriam on Malden. The group of folks running that site always seem to be a bit disorganized, and at times rude, but today the one man working the poll would scream out your name and address when you showed your ID to vote. I asked him why he was screaming out my name and address to everyone and he said it was for the poll watchers. Anyone else experience this? I found is extremely odd and a bit unethical.

  9. ===I asked him why he was screaming out my name and address to everyone and he said it was for the poll watchers.===

    They could be caging. Or they're identifying if their positive contacts are coming to the polls?

    Wonder which campaign is collecting this data for later in the day use?

  10. Miss Kitty,

    I had the same experience on Beacon this morning. I asked why, she said it was for the poll watchers so people don't vote twice. I asked how I could vote twice when they take my pre-printed stub out of the book and make me sign it. She said it's just what they were asked to do.

    Then the "poll watcher" looked for me on a list of hers, which she did not have my name in, and grabbed my attention after I voted asking me for the spelling of my name so she could write it down. Seemed fishy to me.

  11. From my experience, the judges announce the address of the voter so the poll watchers can verify it with their list to make sure that person lives in the precinct and are registered to vote. I wouldn't read too much into it. That has always been my experience.

  12. Voting on Winthrop near Lawrence is easy! I didn't have to show any ID when I voted this morning. I gave them my first and last name and they read out my full name and address as questions, to which I just answered, yes.

  13. My friend just called and told me that Streets and Sanitation vehicles were delivering food to campaign workers for Nowotny.

    That's illegal right?

    We called board of elections.

  14. I just saw Scott Baskin inside Truman College passing out his flyers. He should know better. This is illegal, and the Board of Election will be notified!

  15. Pollwatchers have the right to hear the election judges call the voters name and address. I am working as a pollwatcher right now and given the size and layout of the polling place the judges have to yell out the info for me to hear it. Annoying yes, intimidation or illegal no.

  16. Rob - I did. The BOE agrees that no ones name and address should be screamed out (as it was) to everyone in the room. They said they would be placing a call to those judges at the Miriam. Hopefully they clean up their act and quit acting like clowns (at that location) every election.

  17. I always find it so interesting that voting experiences in the ward can be so different depending on where you live/vote. Those of us on the more Southern part of the ward don't usually experience these types of things. But one way to avoid it all together regardless of where you live is to vote early.

    But even though some had to walk through a sea of volunteers and then have your name yelled out by vote watchers you have my thanks for getting out to vote! The chance for change is here today!

  18. The Vegetarian is correct.

    Early Voting is great. I got it out of the way weeks ago. Those folks generally know what they are doing compared to election day poll workers.

    Right now I sit in my place with nothing on but a snuggy and my favorite bunny slippers. Sipping wine and trying my best to annoy a few readers here.

    Life is good.

  19. Gordon - yes, not illegal. However, the size of the room at the Miriam hardly calls for someone to scream out anyone's information. Yes - scream. Not loud talking, scream. The rpom was not crowded either.

    The BOE said that poll watcher can be there to hear the information, but it should not be repeated if they miss it. My name and address was screamed out 3 times.

  20. TAKE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS! Pretty much everyone has camera's and/or a video component to their phone. PLEASE record anything you think is illegal.. i.e. Streets and Sans delivering food to Nowatneys supporters, Electioneering inside Truman College, etc.. It is FANTASTIC so many folks are calling into the Board of Elections.. let us help make their job easier too by having documented photos and videos whenever possible too! THanks!

  21. I saw Molly herself standing outside the Wilson red line last night. I was on my way to Target and although I do live in Uptown just not in her ward so I kept walking.

    I don't vote early because I vote in my bldg. Walked downstairs and I was #46 to vote and 347 walked in behind me. No yelling of the names or addresses, didn't ask for my ID. Just some bored and asleep volunteers. I was about to reach over the table to get my own ballott receipt until another volunteer handed it to me.

  22. IrishPirate said...

    "...trying my best to annoy a few readers here."

    February 22, 2011 10:20 AM

    The only thing you could do to annoy us would be to NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS ON HERE ALL DAY LONG.

    Boy, would that be annoying!

  23. IP, how come you're not out there doing some exit polling or taunting Kaplan supporters? Come on buddy, make yourself useful. =]

  24. Cone Of Silence said...

    "The only thing you could do to annoy us would be to NOT MAKE ANY COMMENTS ON HERE ALL DAY LONG.

    Boy, would that be annoying!"

    Well then I guess I'll just have to be non annoying and post frequently.

    How bout dat weather?

    I walked by the Sheridan EL last night and Molly's sister was out soliciting votes. I didn't have the heart to tell her I early voted for Cappleman. So earnest and so hopeful she was. Attractive too.

  25. Ray,

    let Kaplan supporters work for their candidate. I shall taunt them online. I'm thinking flying cows and Monty Python at the moment. Considering Kaplan's post election party will likely be held in an oversized closet at the Catholic Non Workers house I think my taunting would be unnecessary.

    I have a 40/20/40 prediction for tonight.

    I'll explain it after the polls close and we can see how off I am. I think Coney would say I'm way off no matter the accuracy of my prediction.

  26. IP,

    Maybe you could head up to the 46th ward office and make a video of Ms. Davis dancing around like a fool one last time. I will hold the memory of that video close to my heart for as long as I live in the 46th ward.

  27. A Kaplan supporter tried to give me a flyer when I walked to Truman to vote earlier. When I said "no, thank you" he said "aren't you going to vote?" I said yes, "but not for him." The campaigner then told me I needed to look deep into my heart, and then I would know what to do.

  28. Turnout is LOW... if you do not vote then you have no right to bitch for the next 4 years.. whomever you prefer...GO VOTE.. or Helens minions will overrun the good candidates running and the top 2 vote getters will be the two sides of Helens face... GO VOTE

  29. Does anyone know if the votes cast during early voting are tabulated along with the votes cast on Election Day? Or are they counted only if there's a runoff or extenuating circumstance?

  30. For those of you who don't remember the video Veggie speaks of, in January 2007 the Secretary of State's Office had a mobile van at Shiller's office offering State ID's and other office related services. Coincidentally, right during the voter registration period.

    I walked over there from my secret lair under the Pullman Tomb at Graceland Cemetery and videoed the van after receiving a tip from a reader of the website "What the Helen".

    A Shiller staffer mimicking a scene from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" pointed me out and started to get excited.

    Denice Davis came out and started dancing and I videoed it and posted it on YOUTUBE. Then at least one Shiller staffer tailed me as I made my escape before the po po showed up.

    I swear it was like a bad Hitchcock parody.

    My crime: Idiot with a camera videoing idiot dancing and inanimate van.

    Back in 2007 during the glorious "What the Helen" days of yore the Shilleristas found me quite annoying.

    I took photos of Shiller's 3-4 flat missing a required "management" sign. I took pics of the JPUSA Friendly Towers festooned in Shiller campaign signs.

    One JPUSA member said someone was taking photos of young girls outside the Cornerstone Shelter and suggested it might be me. It wasn't and I doubt any such photos were taken.

    Those folks are positively Freudian, aren't they?

    I was an all round PITA to the Shiller campaign.

    Threats of violence sent to my fake name email address from some unknown idiot(s).

    Those were the days........

    Things are better now.

    PS. I apparently deleted the video, but I still have the pics of the JPUSA building festooned in Shiller signs.

  31. "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

    I'll start work on the billboard.

  32. IP - why don't you round up some voters?

    I think all of UU readersnearly agree on one thing: we <3 IP's comments.

  33. People too close to the building, people too far from the reality! Man the election really brings the stickler out of people! Lighten up, folks. It doesn't matter if they are 99 or 100 feet away from the school. Just don't stand in my doorway!!

  34. Wasn't asked for ID when I voted this morning at 820 Belle Plaine. Aren't they supposed to check that you're you?

  35. I vote at the Methodist home on Ashland. The usual group of seniors were on hand, as well as a twentysomething young lady who was trying to take a NAP while manning her station at the front desk - at 9:00 am!

    Don't the trainers tell poll watchers and judges to go to bed EARLY the previous evening??

  36. Good lord! Its a mayoral and aldermanic election here in the 46th ward and for the first time in 20 years we have actual choices for candidates. I was only voter number 137 at my polling place as of 2:30 PM. There are 47 polling stations in my ward...get the hell out and VOTE people!!

  37. Bill/Mary: Nope.

    Voter ID came up a few years ago but was rejected.

    The gig is that you do have to provide ID if you're voting for the first time.

    If you've voted in the state before, there's no ID requirement.

  38. Easy yes or no answer needed for this question: Do the Phelan and Kaplan campaigns think it's right to bring in thugs and actual gang members to Uptown to work today?

    I walked into my polling place and felt that some of the "volunteers" were a little harsh, even hostile to me. Specifically the people who work for Kaplan and Molly. Kaplan's guys were confrontational, even intimidating. On the way out I saw some of them flashing gang signs. Really. Truman college, first thing in the morning. I could not have been the only one to have seen that.

    Molly's guys look like hired thugs. I don't want to speculate too much, but these fellows don't look like the type of people who were at the Kit-Kat club or Bar on Buena for her last events. Not regular donors, if you know what I mean. I think they are hired workers, probably because they can't get enough honest volunteers.

    Does Molly think it's right to pay thugs to come to Uptown from other areas to "learn the ropes" on how to work the street in our neighborhood?

    To be totally honest, both Kaplan's and Molly's campaigns remind me of the days of Schiller and her crowds. Hired thugs to intimidate and influence voters improperly. Sad to see this divisive type of campaigning continue for one more election cycle.

    This Uptowner hopes to see Cappleman and Carroll on April 5th. Fingers crossed. Watch it out there, only a few more hours left.

  39. According to a comment I saw posted in "Gay Chicago Magazine"...

    "Poll-watchers for 46th Ward candidate Molly Phelan are using blue-colored, internally generated voter information sheets at the precincts to identify and question voters who either voted early, or the campaign has identified as not a resident of that address.

    Karen Lazar, campaign manager for Phelan confirms they're indeed questioning the residency issue of potential voters in which the Phelan campaign as attempted to mail, visit or call the said voter registered at addresses on the Phelan blue sheet."

    Are they harrassing voters???

  40. Yo, just a minor correction from a former election judge. The voter's signature is their identification after the first time voting. Can't speak for all polling places, but I worked with a judge for years who was quite the stickler and even made voters re-sign their names if the signatures varied even slightly from the signature on record.

  41. TSN - nope, that's a pretty significant correction, actually.

    Thanks for keeping me in line.

  42. Brian,

    Pollwatchers are present to monitor for voter fraud, not harrass voters. Pollwatchers affiliations are not visibly identifiable and if they have any concerns they address them to the election judges, not to the voters themselves.

  43. I have little doubt that some of Kaplan's workers have certain legally unfortunate associations and like to speak with their hands.

    The description of Molly's workers as thugs is a bit much. More likely just off duty city worker types sent in by some of her supporters to help get out the vote.

    Even with the Shakman decree there are still thousands of local government workers who take election day off to drum up votes.

    Some of them may be a bit rough around the edges and speak in Chicagoese, but for the most part they aren't thugs.

    Thugs is a harsh word. Let's call them political junkies who got lost looking for the 19th Ward.

  44. Brian - I'm not about to speak for Molly, but I wonder if the blue card check is to prevent false voter packing from the SRO's? I've heard accusations that people "move in" to Uptown SRO's shortly before election day so they can vote for a particular candidate on election day and earn a delicious breakfast for their efforts. I don't know what Molly's doing, but if she's guarding against that practice, I have no problem with it.

  45. -IP

    Will we be seeing you at the Cappleman party @ Nick's? I could probably drum up some booty and Guiness for you?

  46. Go James Go!!! Seems it's going to be James and Molly...the next couple of weeks are going to be a hoot!!!