Monday, February 28, 2011

Jesus People Now Supporting Phelan?

A reader writes in:
"Apparently, Jesus People USA is now backing Molly Phelan for Alderman (The wife of JPUSA leader Jon Trott allegedly proclaimed her support on Phelan's Facebook page). Not quite sure if she has made some promises to them or just kissed up to them since their shelter is a few doors down from her campaign office. This is very interesting development since JPUSA has been long-time and loyal supporters of Helen Shiller. Based on Molly's campaign, it seems very hard to believe they would support her based on her public campaign platform. Is she making promises to them?"


  1. I was actually wondering about this. With both candidates having views nowhere near Helen Shiller's, it kind of gives groups like this the power to sink a campaign.

    UU asks if Molly did something to get their endorsement, but isn't it also logical to wonder if maybe JPUSA knows their endorsement can be a negative mark for either candidate and they can use it to swing the election one way or another.

    How strange would it be if they were like "Cater to us or we will endorse you!"

    Please note, this isn't even speculation, it is all purely hypothetical. I am in no way saying that Molly or anyone else has had any contact with JPUSA or any other group. Just fun what if questions.

  2. Jon "The Non Leader of JPUSA" Trott and his wife are "friends" on Molly's personal Facebook page.

    Take that as you will.

    Personally, if I were running Phelan's campaign or Cappleman's for that matter I would want the JPUSA votes. I might not want that publicized though.

    To paraphrase Oddball in "Kelly's Heroes" there are some negative waves regarding the perception of JPUSA.

  3. Did I forget a link.

    I must be putting out negative waves.

  4. Jon Trott - For some reason, you have been the "public" voice for JPUSA in Uptown. I have heard you speak at several events around the neighborhood. Maybe you have the loudest voice in the organization.

    But, Jon is not the only JPUSA member who is clearly supporting Molly. There are at least two other JPUSA members who are supporting Molly according to their posts on her Facebook Wall.

    As Molly has been clear about limited affordable housing and TIF use, JPUSA support seems to go against what she stands for. I plan to ask her at the first debate how she managed to get their "support."

  5. Not too surprising. I am sure JPUSA is not all too happy about James wanting to license shelters (which I totally agree with).

    The question is, for their vote, is Molly willing to look the other way when it comes to code violations with their shelters (Sylvia Center), etc... just like Helen did?

    I would tend to think not, but if they're willing to back her...

  6. Well, at least nobody can say all of her support comes from outside the ward.....

  7. When are the debates? Has anything been set up? I sure would like to hear about them sooner than later..

  8. I feel like singing!

  9. Anonymous folks don't make good neighbors

    Some don't.

    Some, on the other hand, do.

    I've had plenty of positive interactions with a lot of folks (my neighors) along (and around) that particular stretch of Wilson - many of whom tell me they either are part of JPUSA, or live in the building.

    I've also held the door of the Friendly Towers for women on numerous occasions, passed a more than a few bucks on a cold day to a gentleman who'd asked for a little help ... heck, I even helped a woman with her spare tire right across the street.

    Next time you want to chastise people for throwing stones, might I recommend that you use better aim when throwing yours, sir?

  10. Yo, I don't think you understand Jon's statement if you are not able to see that by doing the things you proclaim to have done you have ceased to be anonymous.

  11. No one should be surprised at anything Ms Phelan does to get votes.

    When it was in her best interest to oppose Wilson Yard she opposed Wilson Yard.

    After the shock of losing that Phelan became the ward supervisor for the campaign of Terrence O'Brien for Cook County Board President. If O'Brien is not the worst politician holding executive office in our area he is certainly one of the worst.

    Phelan portrays herself as a reformer. What is the current amount of big out of ward donations she has received? Fifty thousand? More? Many of who donors have ties to Joseph Berrios and Michael J Madigan. If that is reform then we need a new definition for the word.

    I voted for Michael Carroll. I think he is an earnest and genuine person. Even after losing the race last week he is still out there volunteering at a local food bank.

    If Phelan loses in April does anyone really think you will ever here of her again?

    I plan to vote for James Cappelman. Win or lose I think he is a genuine and earnest man. He certainly knows the ward better based on his years of residence and service.

    At his core he seems to have some genuine beliefs. To steal an idea that was posted yesterday Phelan seems to think she is starring in her own movie.

    I was disappointed when Michael Carroll lost. If he can pick himself up and continue volunteering in the community the least I can do is vote for the better remaining candidate.

    That candidate is named Cappelman.

  12. Maybe she just went over there and asked them to vote for her.

  13. Phelan did say that she would support Sweet Home Chicago @ the ONE alderman forum, perhaps that had some influence?

  14. All I know, is that for the 20 odd years I've lived in seems we've been mired in the sludge of lack-of-progress. Whether it be the odd excitement about Fish Farms, Meth Clinics, or yet another nail salon.
    (a sole, and I do mean sole, exception was Target)

    I'm hoping the new Alderman helps to instill a pride of place up here.


  15. For those of you who weren't around in 2007 here are some photos I took of various JPUSA properties festooned in Shiller signs.

    I was called a "stalker" for doing it. My feelings were hurt.

    As for the Shamrock Shake image........he's back in all his minty goodness.

    Hey, go with it.

  16. Heres a link to an interesting story on JPUSA...

    "An arrhythmic heart beats in the breast of this commune, a blurred portent of something utterly rotten. The feeling is usually elusive, however, like indigestion without a culprit."

    Also, I dont know if "non leader" Jon Trott is still VP Cornerstone Communications (part of JPUSA that takes in $1.6 mill/year) but he was listed on this:

  17. I dont know who JPUSA is supporting in this one, but here are pics from the mayor's visit to their place on Clifton:

    I think Tr(otto) is in the 3rd one down...

  18. No matter who becomes the 46th's next alderman, JPUSA will be here. They have to have a decent relationship with the alderperson. So I suppose JPUSA is out testing the waters to see whether JC or MP will have the most open ears.

    JPUSA gets some city funding for the shelters they run and $$s for feeding programs. So it bodes well that they are looking out for the long term.

    Rather than getting all knotted up over JPUSA, I'd like to know if James or Molly are doin' the dance with ONE (Organization of the Northeast). Now there's a group to look out for.

    Pirate, you're so minty fresh.

  19. @ KOK,

    Why is Berrios so bad? Because he is an expert in tax appeals?

    I am glad you are voting for James. Don't feel like such a rebel though, he is a great guy and would make a great alderman.

    We should be happier than pigs in *&^* because we have two such fantastic choices.

    To the JPUSA bashers: Meh.....

  20. Gee, Gran-Pappy, I find your laissez-faire attitude towards JPUSA very strange now, considering that two years ago, under another name, you posted this:

    Ladies and gentleman,

    The Reason JPUSA doesn't like James is because he is gay. Not to be the 800 pound gorilla in the room....but it is the truth. I tried to get him an audience with them when he was running for office. (He does not know this.) That was the response I got.

    So the, the bottom line is, even though James might be more qualified to actually help the poor then Shiller, religion trumps the issue.

    I call it bigotry, they call it religion.

    January 9, 2009, 7:10pm

    followed by


    That was such a bad post. Based on some anger with JPUSA. The issues are not that simple. Sorry for regressing into an angry blogger....

    January 9, 2009, 7:20pm

    So because now JPUSA is BFFs with your candidate, they're just fine with you?? Wow. Just wow.

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  22. I personally wanted a business-oriented shark in Uptown to counter the foolishness that Uptown was subjected to with the Shilleristas the last 20 years. After I heard that the JP USA people supported Phelan, who I personally feel are basically pushing a hair tonic or fountain of youth in a bottle, I'm going to support Cappleman as I did in 2007.

  23. It's clear that Jason(granpappy) has a crush on Phelan. He is Molly's Mooshie. Mooshie who was over the top in her support of Mike Carroll.

    If JPUSA is supporting Phelan that doesn't surprise me. They should be glad that Cappleman is running and not me. He's a decent guy and will treat them fairly after being elected. Of course "fairly" probably scares them a bit.

    As for JPUSA's homophobia it's probably not too different than the Catholic Church's official view. Love the gay, hate the fact that they are gay.

    JPUSA is not the "God Hates Fags" church outta Kansas. I had neighbors who were ex JPUSA people and while they had mixed feelings about JPUSA I'm sure JPUSA doesn't approach the vileness of that Kansas family.

    JPUSA are a bunch of left wing Christians who just can't get over that sexual prudism thang. Personally, I'd take left wing Christians over right wing Christians any day.

    The left wingers generally don't espouse torture and the death penalty. I explained to a Wasilla Christian type one time that Jesus was tortured and the victim of the death penalty and I think her head almost exploded trying to compute the cognitive dissonance of it all.

    She was a Moody Bible student trying to "save me" while sitting next to me at a blood drive. I gave because I'm an all around great guy. She gave because she needed to know her blood type and couldn't afford the test.

    She was terrified of the needle and asked me why I gave. I said because "it's a good thing". Her response was "I'm already saved".

    GRRRRRRR, religion without good works. Faith without action.

    Jesus would not be happy.

  24. And while puppies are chasing their tails over the JPUSA pseudo-endorsement, it's interesting to note that UU has yet to post anything about CAPPLEMAN getting an up-front endorsement from the 46th Ward Democrats. As far as endorsements go, Democratic Committeeman Tom Sharp was actually very good about recapping Cappleman's accomplishments in his letter. C'mon, UU--check your mail!

  25. IP: LOL!! The Wasilla XTian type who is "already saved" will be so totally perplexed if The Rapture happens and she and her kind see you and Bill Clinton and The Gays passing around a bottle of fine Irish whiskey with Jesus...while they are left dancing with the devil and the Wasilla Woman as fire and brimstone rain down upon them.

    Just sayin'.

  26. I had no idea that UU was so biased ! Could you keep your editorializing about Cappelman and Phelan to yourselves and try to continue to serve Uptown in an explemplary even-minded manner.
    Sarcasm and petty opinions aren't needed.

  27. lally - how is UU biased? Did you read "A reader writes in" in small print directly before the paragraph introducing this story? That means someone sent them this story. That's why it's in quotes...

    Overreact much?

  28. @ Ken on Kenmore - Like you, I was torn between Michael Carroll and James Cappleman in the election. I find both of them to very geniune individuals who truly want the best for Uptown. In the end, I ended up supporting James, and given their similar passion for safe streets, I would hope that other Michael Carroll supporters would support and vote for James on April 5.

  29. Oh come on IP, I would be way more likely to have a crush on James.

  30. I don't want either and I live at JPUSA. No one tells me how to vote. I look at the records of the candidates and vote for who I want.

  31. and to IrishPirate I am Right wing and live at JPUSA and have Gay friends. Just because you do not agree with someones lifestyle does not mean you are homophobic. You can still be friends with folks you do not agree with.

  32. Marty,

    you're a bit late to this conversation.

    Actually I thought considering my well deserved reputation for sarcasm that I was being relatively nice to you JPUSA'ers.

    Now you may consider yourself "right wing", but based on the current definition of "right wing" outta Wasilla Alaska you're likely no more right wing than Barry Goldwater would be considered today. Hell, even Reagan wouldn't be considered pure enough by many self proclaimed right wingers today.

    In any case educate yourself and vote for the candidate of your choice.

  33. Go Marty! But you should vote anyway.... just sayin'.