Sunday, February 13, 2011

Got An Opinion On The Red Line? Tell The CTA

It's never a bad idea to tell the CTA how you feel about Uptown's stations, particularly Wilson, which was once the most grand and beautiful station of them all. Hard to believe with the state it's in these days. But the CTA is in the mood to listen, so please take a moment to send them an email.

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"Received this reminder from the CTA today; if CTA riders have any comments regarding the Red Line Rehab, please email your comments to the CTA. If you have something to say about the Red Line modernization project, you have until February 18 to tell the CTA what you want. You can email your comments to

We attended the CTA public meeting and learned at this early phase of the planning, they basically want rider input on which general plan riders support:
  1. No action, maintain status quo
  2. Basic rehab, minimal work for basic safety, 20 year life span
  3. Includes basic repair work and adds transfer stations at Loyola and Wilson for Purple Line, 20 year life span
  4. Major modern amenities, extend life of Red Line for 60-80 years, may include new Red line entrances/exits at Sunnyside
  5. Modern station amenities as # 4, however, would remove one of the 4-tracks, reducing to 3-tracks
  6. Modern station amenities, reroute Red Line trains to 2-track sub-way system from Addison to Loyola
Details on stations, entrances/exits, CTA shops, will covered in a later phase of the project."


  1. This is a joke right????

    It doesn't take a genius to understand that in order to revitalize the ward, you have to bring people into it. How do they do that? A safe and rehabbed El.

    I am not sure why this is so hard to do. I watched as open air drug dealing went on there this morning and police just drove right by. An undercover cop could make a living on that corner.

    This rehab will get buried with red tape however, as the city/cta has zero money. Status quo will continue, and the empty store fronts that litter this ward will stay just as they are.

    Rebuild the station, and move the drug dealers out. Ward will be well on its way to revitalization. The rest is just theater. Do it.

  2. Even if they fix up the station, it'll get all crusty and gross within a few years if the neighborhood around it remains in squalor. People will still be reluctant to use it if they don't feel safe there.

    I know when I first moved here in summer 09, the one and only time I wandered up to the wilson stop to use it, I turned around when I saw it and never went back.

  3. Yesterday at approx. 4:30 p.m. 2 black males were arrested at the Wilson el. I was stuck in traffic and heading south bound on Broadway.

  4. Thanks for this, and YES I've emailed my thoughts.
    Arguably, the 'gateway' to the 46th Ward is the Wilson L stop. It's puzzling to me, that the Ward Office is right here.
    Not sure how we can save this L stop.......

  5. What about 2-year Free Rent to small business owners who want to use their own money to renovate those stores. These empty stores are not generating revenue for anyone. There is very little hope from the current CTA administration.

  6. I just e-mailed the CTA about how difficult it is for seniors ( especially those who are using walkers or wheel chairs) to negotiate the stairs at the Sheridan Red Line/Wilson, too. Those of us who live at 4225 N. Sheridan have a really hard time. Can't they install an elevator???

  7. Ironically, the best way to preserve and restore the historic Wilson Red Line to get it out of the transporation business entirely. Keep the Lawrence station open, CLOSE the Wilson station, and construct a brand-new station at Montrose to space things better betweeen Lawrence and Sheridan. A new Montrose station will serve Truman College, Truman's parking garage, Target and Wilson Yard, Sheridan Park AND Buena Park; it would still be accessible to the #36 Broadway buses, and the #78 Montrose buses wouldn't have to be re-routed...and most importantly, the new Montrose station could be constructed without having service disruptions (close the Wilson station AFTER the Montrose station is opened). Then the CTA could sell the Wilson Station for a profit (instead of taking a loss like they did on Wilson Yards), and it would make for a GORGEOUS restaurant and/or upscale nightclub with parking after restoration.

  8. Sounds like a plan bear60640! Why not write up a formal outline of your idea and see if you can get some support for it? Hmmm...Uptown Station Gastropub! And, with Inspiration Corp down the street some kind of partnership could be developed too. Your idea sounds like a potential win-win for the community.