Friday, February 4, 2011

Chicago Driver Survival Seminar

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 If you missed the Chicago Driver Survival Seminar sponsored by Ald. Tunney last month, you have another chance to attend it next Tuesday, right here in Uptown, sponsored by James Cappleman.

"The Chicago Driver Survival Seminar is a FREE, two hour motorist education boot camp to arm Chicago drivers with the basic tools of avoiding and fighting parking tickets, understanding and avoiding red light camera tickets, dealing with speeding and other traffic tickets, keeping the Denver boot off your car and keeping drivers up to speed on recent changes to driving laws.  The publisher of the Expired Meter, the Parking Ticket Geek, will discuss how to deal with parking ticket issues, the National Motorist Association's Barnet Fagel will speak to drivers about red light cameras and speeding tickets."

You can RSVP here, and, just like the seminars presented in the 44th Ward last month, and the 1st Ward this month, seating is limited.

Note:  Although some materials say that the seminar will be held at Cappleman campaign headquarters, it will be held at the National Pastime Theatre, 4139 N Broadway, the same location as the BPN-sponsored aldermanic debate last month.


  1. A tip to those wanting to survive driving in the city: WALK! RUN!RIDE A BIKE! RIDE A SKATEBOARD!

  2. CTP -- Good for you that you can get around that way. As for me, I'm disabled and can't walk without pain. I also have two kids under 6 who (for some reason) follow me around when I leave the house. It would be nice to rev up the old skateboard to get around, but that's not an option. Neither is the L, with its 50 or 60 stairs and lack of handicapped facilities. Enjoy it while you can, my friend. But remember that not everyone can.

  3. Follow and obey the parking laws and signs and you won`t have to worry About getting tickets. I cannot begin to tell you how many park and walk a way without paying but when they get a ticket they are the first to yell.

  4. Boohoo, I certainly agree with you and would not direct my previous comment toward anyone that is not physically able to ride or skate around the city. There are many instances, for even the most able bodied person like myself, when I need to use a vehicle. In your case, it is an absolute necessity, and the fact that our beloved wilson stop is not accessible to you is wrong. May I add, however, that 6 is a great age to buy some pads and get those kids skating! :)