Monday, January 31, 2011

WFCW Block Club Meets The Candidates Tuesday

Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac (WFCW) Block Club sends out the following message for a meeting Tuesday night:

"Greetings Neighbors,

Our next Block Club meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 1st 7:00pm at the Methodist Home (corner of Foster & Glenwood-1st floor meeting room).  We are pleased to have four Aldermanic candidates who are running for the 46th Ward position.
Please be sure to join us for this meeting and bring your questions, invite your neighbors too!  Please note the earlier time... 7:00pm."


  1. Why are there only four candidates for this debate? I would love to see Retta, Baskin and Carroll as well!

  2. These are the candidates that asked the club to speak to the members

  3. @ Karen
    I'm sure if you WANTED the other candidates to attend, they would have made the necessary arrangements.

    It's a shame you would hold a forum with only a few of them. It would lead some to believe that you have a separate agenda than trying to find the BEST candidate. After all, how much more work would it be to have them all there?

    I'd have stopped by, but, the weather being what it is, and with NO opportunity to meet ALL the candidates, I'll take a pass.

  4. @ COS
    I'm sure that if the other candidates WANTED to attend, they would have had their campaigns on top of this...and they would have been making arrangements. For all you and I know, the club may have extended invitations and the other candidates failed to respond or declined the invitations. Or maybe they had crystal balls and knew that we'd be hit with a blizzard.

    Don't jump to conclusions without knowing the full story.

  5. @Cone of Silence: Putting aside the weather, I don't get your ire. Why reward candidates who couldn't be bothered to take the same initiative that these 4 took? These candidates bothered to reach out to this block club and ask to speak to its members -- it would be falsely leveling the playing field to go out of the way to include others who didn't bother to make the same effort.

    This club is located in a remote and disconnected corner of the ward, thanks to gerrymandering that allows Shiller to live in Andersonville while pretending to be Helen on the Block. Personally, if I lived there, it would make a difference to my vote to know which candidates cared enough to reach out and get my perspective on the issues; I would definitely not appreciate a whitewash that obscured this distinction. This club didn't set out with the objective of hosting a comprehensive community forum -- it reacted to these candidates' initiative in caring about what these residents think, and was kind enough to invite others who may be interested.

    So, Cone, if you don't wish to go to a forum that has only a subset of candidates, that's your prerogative, but you shouldn't assume that everyone shares your perspective. Copping a self-righteous attitude doesn't help anything. It just makes you look like the whiny yuppie Helen keeps trying to paint her detractors as.

    (And, in the interests of full disclosure, I can't vote in the 46th, though thanks to the above-mentioned gerrymandering, I am probably impacted more by 46th ward policies than by 48th. So, I have no actual agenda, or bias toward any one candidate over the other. I just want to see someone elected who will fix things.

  6. Sorry for the delay in my response, but my Comcast internet connection has been down since Tuesday.

    @ bear60640
    I am NOT jumping to conclusions. I spoke directly to another candidate who told me they had contacted WFCW for an opportunity to speak to their members but no one ever responded to their request. Perhaps it is YOU who should not be jumping to conclusions about me or my comment.

    Ditto, to our non-46th Warder. Talk to the hand.