Monday, January 3, 2011

Truman Construction Nearing Completion

It looks as if some of the finishing touches for the Truman College parking structure are in place, like this sign on Wilson Avenue that will tell of parking availability within. According to Truman's Construction Update website, the total work is 75% finished, with the garage being 100% complete, "with the exception of tests on mechanical systems."

On that note, a neighbor mentions: "What's the deal with the new parking garage alarm at Truman college? On several occasions it has started going off in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning and has continued to go off for HOURS without being turned off. A police car even came by last week, checked out the garage and left, and still no one came to turn the alarm off. Not exactly a reassuring fact for those who plan to park their cars in the garage..."

We suggest anyone having similar problems contact or, as the Construction Update suggests.

This project has been such an imposition on the neighbors and businesses around the college that we can't wait for it to all be over.


  1. I receive their Spring class schedule and the cover says, "Truman's parking facility opens this spring". We might have a little more time to wait.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks the sign on Wilson showing the number of open spaces is a bit of an eye sore. When I first saw it there, I thought to myself, "surely that's not the permanent location for this sign???".

  3. @ AGoodOne....I kinda agree, but perhaps when the landscaping is done it won't look like such a sore thumb. I believe they were trying to mimic the minimal/modern architecture of the building, but it is just a bit stark. Its a done deal anyways.

    @ Bluestreak....I would guess what they implied in the schedule was that the garage would be open for the "Spring Semester" which starts very soon. Not the season of spring so many of us long far away......

    Seeing all of the improvements at Truman makes me want to take a class or two there, I miss my Truman days,its a great Community College.