Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally, Some Rulings From The Board Of Elections

The logjam at the Board of Elections is starting to ease.  Decisions are coming down, and we're finding out more about who'll be on the aldermanic ballots.

In the 46th Ward:
  • Both challenges to Janice V. Thomas were sustained, and she defaulted, so she's off the ballot
  • Bernard Noven's challenges against Scott Baskin, Caitlin McIntyre and Molly Phelan were overruled
  • Terrence Patrick Fowler's challenge against Molly Phelan was overruled
  • Bernard Noven's challenge against Michael Carroll is still pending
  • Rachel Roberson Augustin's challenge against Caitlin McIntyre is still pending
In the 47th Ward:
  • John Tuttle's challenge to Tom Jacks was overruled; his challenge to Matt Reichel is still pending.
  • Tom Jacks' challenge to Tom O'Donnell was overruled.
Just a few decisions left and we'll know who'll be on our ballots.  Early voting starts this month!


  1. SEVEN weeks till da first round of da election. I think this is a somewhat correct rundown of the candidates from a "bloc" voting point of view.

    Perhaps ELEVEN candidates.

    ONE gay woman.

    ONE ponytail.

    ONE cop.

    TWO gay men.

    TWO immigrants.

    TWO Asian descent.

    TWO black descent.

    THREE Irish sounding names.

    THREE lawyers.

    THREE Jewish names.

    FOUR women.

    SEVEN men.

    ELEVEN candidates may enter.

    Only TWO will survive.

    Prepare for an amusing SEVEN weeks boys and girls. Expect to see the campaign flyers piling up in your foyers and your walks through the neighborhood involving dodging candidates campaigning.

    Which is marginally better than dodging bullets.

    On to victory. Hurrah for us and to (insert location of choice here) to you.

  2. To run a campaign is like running a business. It needs to be direct and effective without breaking the bank. I hope UU would allow candidates to express their views in this medium. It is greener for the environment too.