Monday, January 24, 2011

Tribute To A Slain Officer

This is nice:  An honorary street designation commemorating CPD Officer Richard Francis, who was killed in the line of duty in 2008.  It was dedicated in 2009.

"Richard M. Francis Way" is located at Ashland and Leland, because Ofcr. Francis attended grade school at Our Lady of Lourdes parish, at that intersection.

A fitting and thoughtful tribute.


  1. A much better use of the honorary street sign than say, "Diana Princess of Wales Way".

  2. One of the best to come out of my alma mater...
    Our Lady of Lourdes. Pray for us!

  3. Rick was friend of mine for almost thirty years. He truly was a great Policeman and an even better person. His motto "life is good" was something that he muttered whenever you would see him and ask him how things were, how he was doing. I've been to many police funerals, have buried five close friends murdered at work during my career but Rick's murder hit me the hardest. Probably because he was such a nice man, a good man, so close to retirement. I still cannot believe that he's gone.

    This sign is a nice thing. Perhaps it will keep Rick's name and memory alive for years to come for those that were not as fortunate as I was for having known him.

    RIP brother.

  4. I recall the details of this murder, but what really stuck with me is what a decent man Richard Francis was. He got married relatively late in life and found some sense of familial happiness and then was murdered by a mentally ill woman.

    There are a whole lot of good cops out there and more than a few bad ones, but the guys killed in the last few years seemed to be genuinely good cops and good people.

    I hope the sign brings some small comfort to those that loved him.